CLICK OR TREAT!!! World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

It’s Halloween 2021 and you know what that means… Time some World of Tanks Artillery gameplay featuring Mar3iN_Bishop in the FV304!



  1. Since 3 day I’m playing with Spg’s for missions. I should say I’m a light tank player and i hate SPG missions.. i cant stand how crunchyy these missions are. Just based on RNG, I wish wargaming nerf the missions..

  2. Not Even a Nice Person

    I sold my Bert after nerf and bought back the Bishop. Way slower but I do much more DMG now.

  3. retarted tank for retarted people

  4. Guy is classic clicker bot …

  5. I am a simple man. When I see arty on the enemy team, I shoot HE at them and let them have a taste of their own shells.

  6. I love Bert. It’s not a SPG. It’s a blind LT that throws pebbles over anything.

  7. I miss playing triple Bert platoons before they were nerfed years ago.

  8. I knew they were fast, I NEVER KNEW until now that they went that fast!!!!

  9. Bert the Avenger!

  10. mark angelo abelgas

    Crusader SP is more cringed 140mm with Good accuracy and reload time 🧐👍

  11. Is Bert the Avenger really an spg?

  12. Don’t make videos with SPGs pls

  13. Triangle society dictator

    Artillery needs to be removed

  14. Aah, this explains why I’ve got two Kalabanovs in arties – I did wonder how I’d done that (Asian server, user Big_Red_Tomato).

  15. Ahh yes the no skill class of WoT 😊

  16. I loved your content, but more and more its click bait or low quality interesting type. Try to turn to beginning of your channel.

  17. I dont like arty only players, always at the back of the map, but i respect this person with all my heart, arty player that knows how to play, move and position themselves correctly, a big gg on my part there

  18. “it’s been at least a year since I featured a SPG”. Yeah quacky, that’s because WG killed that tech tree deader than road kill during hunting season!!!

  19. Lets not talk about the prenium french artilery…. this sh*it is still not nerfed after all this years and the arty nerf

  20. I also got my only kolobanov medal driving a US SPG in an assault mode at def side.

  21. I love arties and I wish you show more replays like this . now with arty nurfffed to hell its hard to get a good game with arty . arty play is hard.

  22. Used to enjoy playing this but lately I am the only arty on my team on a map which I have to decide to support one side and neglect the other due to the range while the enemy has something long range that can support their whole map. Very disappointing with the MM and RNG. Keep up the good work and God bless.

  23. i have this arty in console is tier 8 premium! is fun but need to change positions and stay close to your team.

  24. I thought maybe this is a video where QB won’t mention the line “to all intents and purposes” but, I spoke too soon.

  25. Clickybaby

  26. Fantastic to see Bert on top where he belongs!

  27. So many arty lovers in this chat wtf no wonder so many people stopped playing wot

  28. Slow Clap intensifies

  29. i dont play for 2 years now but i have 18k in m53m55 of battles 😀

  30. when the player has a SPG name in they’re name you know it’s a monster

  31. This is how arty should be, low damage, but a fast rate of fire

  32. Man, I miss the old FV304 with better mobility, a smaller model and better gun handling. Oh, and better penetration as well.

  33. I recently came across a player who played over 30k games in the Bishop… No kidding

  34. Lucky pigeon

  35. this thing is f’ing annoying, even more than the lefefe

  36. Jullian J. Weskier

    People still want SPGs nerfed today. All of them.

  37. Τρύπιο Κοάλα


  38. So many arty clowns here… disgusting

  39. Bert was even more sneaky when it was physically smaller!

  40. You could have mentioned that he wasn’t too polite in the chat though 😉

  41. My only kolobanovs I got in crusader sp

  42. Thank you WG for killing fun games like this. Anyways amazing play by that player.

  43. Ah yes, the Rheinmetall Borsig SPG according to our good friend Quacky Baby

  44. I’ve never been angry being hit by one of these. When I’m stationary enough and they managed to get close enough it’s absolutely fair. Unlike most of the other higher tier artillery places which all play the same.

  45. In blitz there is one player who played 109k games in T95

  46. the cellulon triptometer

    Since the HE nerf the trick with arty is to hit, and the British arty line has amazing accuracy(small aiming circle) combined with a very fast rate of fire is still one of the few arty lines worth playing.

  47. bert was once shorter in height before that makes it useful as scout in later time of the game

  48. idk how people play arties only…the gameplay is so stale and boring…these kinds of players disgust me

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