Cliff diving.

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Source: SirCircon



    naftiagion squid
    im in 10 vievs got damn


  3. Александър Хаджидимитров


  4. Hey Circon

  5. Fifth yay Ima meme

  6. I love your streams Circon. Keep the great work up ;D

  7. In World of Tanks climbs and boost are called boosts. Proceed with discussion.

  8. How come circon can zoom out so far?

  9. christopher holladay

    Yesterday a scorpion on my team shot me and tried to track me so I pushed him off the hill into deep water on erlinberg. There were 5 tanks around me and the guy told them to report me. But those around me saw what he did and then they said reported him for trying to team kill I laughed my ass off at him. The ones were watching me said he deserved it.

  10. Hey circon what’s the zoom out mod u use called?

  11. Do you ever get stream sniped Circon?

  12. Could you have fired HE on the T-71? Im not to familiar with the armour scheme on that one.

  13. First of all, fcuk you for calling climbers ass-holes and second, is your zoom out legal?

  14. Circon the damage farmer 2k17

  15. Circon can you pin this comment for no reason pls

  16. what’s the song in the beginning?

  17. Thanks for sharing the song too man. love it

  18. Gary van der Merwe

    Why no xvm?

  19. First bitches! I’ve already got the bottle of MemeSauze and I’m rubbin it on my nerples as I type this! Woo it’s getting steamy in here fellas!

  20. I recognize almost every song from his videos, Circon has a good taste in music.

  21. Сергей Ассиковский

    The report system doesn’t work unless you use all four reports on a player))))

  22. i was top tier on this map with type 64 easy 3k dmg and 10 kills 😀

  23. When is wargaming gonna start handing down bans for people who suicide? Honestly I’ve been waiting 6 years for them to do this to scumbags arty players and no swedish tds are doing the same shit with their bullshit camo and dpm lol

  24. DarknessInferno15

    Can anyone tell me why he never platoons with anyone anymore? Or am I just missing these streams?

  25. Am i the only one who genuinely dislikes the practice of drowning the vehicle when the game is going bad? Sure it’s dumb as fuck when enemy does it, but i am talking about one self. I mean i have drowned my self one or two times by accident, and even then it was like ”quickly alt+f4, and pretend it did not happen” It’s genuinely embarrassing thing to do.

  26. Love that little jab at XVM at the end, I don’t think that mod should exist either.

  27. did that poor ass comet get set on fire twice in a row from above?

  28. What is the name of that band, at the beginning?

    The sound reminds me of Electric Wizard

  29. I want this ModPack

  30. I’m sseing a lot of people drowning themselves lately, not only Swedish tds. Heavy tanks, meds, mostly Russian ones, like ISs and T-34s

  31. why haven’t you found a new game to play??

  32. What’s this autoaim?

  33. >suiciding in 2017

  34. That surfin bird joke in the chat was going so well lmao 😀

  35. Disappointed, no cliff dive on top of an enemy tank

  36. Time to nerf TDs and give them stun mechanics I guess. After all, they never nerfed the FV215B – we all know that tank is *really* artillery after all.

  37. Heya Circon! Did you hear about the new tier 10 french TD and the buffs to the Foch 155 (which is going to become a reward tank)?

    Don’t fear the HE my friend, and let the feast begin.

  38. Circon do a video where you use the 105mm howitzer on the M46 Patton

  39. where does he get the music ?

  40. When this tank will be avalible to purchase?? Ffs im waiting for so long

  41. i have a question.. why does ppl decide to drown instead of being shoot at? wouldn’t the cost of repair the same or the same as if you lose the tank/game?

  42. Circon roasted XVM users ? thank you

  43. hey wait circon what if they only allow spg to get to cliff and use it be pretty funny

  44. hey circon do a fv305 spg and climb a hill on a map be pretty funny

  45. 3:17 those are some slow heat shell velocities

  46. “Cliff diving” is more of a hill slide than anything

  47. Just realized, circon have 666 videos

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