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Source: SirCircon

Take the cliff in a flatpanzer.
Upload your replays here: !


  1. Wtf circon 360p ?

  2. Too early for HD XD

  3. Omfg I was the t71. Remix frey
    Look at 2:50 you can see the whol world bit of my chat.

  4. I was going crazy that I saw him

  5. when you click so early that only 240p was available

  6. 152 views = ISU-152 = 260mm pen = (6 / 2 = 3) = Half-Life 3 Confirmed.

  7. One o those blind shots hit man you ended with 2629 but results say 2827

  8. Focus fire arty FTW

  9. Sebastien van Tiggele

    The flatpanzer is such a good machine, got 3 marks in less than 70 games, I loved mine

  10. am I the only one that likes the idea of arty? it’s excellent at keeping players honest in their strategy and tactics. spotted? better know how to get unspotted and still play aggressively.

  11. why did i laugh so hard at the title

  12. More flatpanzer memes please

  13. TROPIC Agario and more

    I’m iearly I would tell you a joke about the tog….

    But it’s to long

  14. BEST INTRO EVER! Kappa

  15. From wich stream is this?

  16. Q @ Circon: why dont you play WT anymore? last time i saw it you were playing the Pz V Panther

  17. you hit 1 of the blind shots

  18. To be fair, you did get 4 kills in 3 minutes.. the arties turning to you was the right call to try and salvage the match for their team.

  19. Sebastiaan De Vries

    5 skilled crew… heel knap, heb dat op geen enkele tank

  20. What crosshair do u use

  21. Circon i like your plays a lot.But could you make a video with stock tank and stock crew?
    Just wanna see how real it is!For us ,not Unicum players!

  22. wsh theyd just remove arty already

  23. can we talk about how that’s the Pz IV/70 and not the Pz IV, which looks different?

  24. Why not change your channel name to Circonflexes? You can keep this channel and just give it the alias.

  25. You are watching his second screen without THUNDRU CHEAT MOD. You can clearly see him using thundermod. Nobody is tat good to know exactly the point where enemytank can be hit behind a house and the corner of the house behind the bush. I realy like watching replays but do it without cheatmods.

  26. The purple, YouTuber, Twitch-streamer who is sitting in the open taking shots at everything is *surprised* that enemy artillery clicked him. Sounds legit.

  27. Luiz Felipe Rodrigues

    Is this fat guy still making a living out of this game ? LoL

  28. I never did well in this tank. SO this will be a good vid to watch.

  29. Alliterate alternating Illusions

    You know a TD is bad when it has to load that many Gold rounds to do well

  30. 220 damage at tier 6 with a 4.2 second reload, meanwhile at tier 10 300 damage for 7 second reload on the T-100 LT. Brilliant balance

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