Climbing An ENTIRE MOUNTAIN | Type 93 Technical (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

Climbing An ENTIRE MOUNTAIN | Type 93 Technical (War Thunder)



  1. missed opportunity to use the Wings of the bomber as a ramp…..

  2. Almost to 1mil

  3. Just because is Japan doesnt means that Fuji mountain lol

    If you want to climb Fuji, use the map, Japanese Port, is a naval map and actually has the Fuji, Gentlespie has a map already of it

  4. Angel Marciel Arias

    Can you use the discount link for ps4??

  5. Ah yes, the green tea truck doing its thing.

  6. DylanDapperVlogs


  7. War Thunder: Horizons 4

  8. Farhan Rahmaddani

    The real snowruner

  9. Phly, have you heard of Bo Time gaming? Another war thunder youtuber.

  10. i just wanted this cor for racing );

  11. Vertopian Gaming

    forced towing of an enemy needs to be a thing

  12. lots of fun….. 2.10 Snow Runner!!!!!

  13. this is madmax with a ph

  14. OMG, one of the funniest vids you have done! Well played!

  15. Anyone else get all five drops but link the wrong account

  16. This is why you’re the best WT youtuber

  17. You're Pretty Good

    Phillip J Phly, 2020

  18. Mahendra Vladimir

    When you playing Snowrunner & The Dirt in War Thunder :

  19. This time Kowalowe brought me here

  20. Maximilian Schmitz

    19:05 Gaijin write that down

  21. we needed officer locust to deal with this high speed chase

  22. I was on the stream

  23. Phly: meticulously edit out all swear words. Also Phly, opens vid with casual “Penis in my butt!”

  24. The anime Betrail at 21:15 xD

  25. Crossfire Games

    Phly, Please check out the Wyvern S4 and it’s Red angle Rockets, they’re like Tiny Tim’s but with Tea N Tea

  26. Get the maus up there

  27. Operator Dokkaebi

    What’s the name of the map

  28. Alberich the Eternal

    Hey Commander Phly … i think you have no vid on the swedish j8a plane… it has 4, 8mm machine guns with 23 mm pen…. soooo get some low tier phun tier I guess

  29. Juliansnake1000

    PhlyDaily: it’s 4PM, Type 93! Time to accelerate and crash everywhere!

    Type 93 crew: Yes, dad.

  30. You’ve been hit by

    You’ve been struck by

    An R3

  31. I want race (I on R3-T20-FA-HS)

  32. Finally, warthunder become fun

  33. Filthy act at a Reasonable price

    Fast and war thunderious

  34. Warthunder should give a new decal for Type 93 :藤原とうふ店(自家用)

  35. Dang that looks fun, wish PS4 allowed those type of CBs

  36. I actualy kill hanz with th 75 mm

  37. lol phly was anxious at the intro

  38. PPoomers in the chat bois

  39. Reminds me of that old cartoon by Hanna Barbera called “Wacky Races with Phil as Dick Dastardly!!!

  40. How do i get into this type of match,looks fun!!

  41. YouTube lost Joe Rogan to Spotify and… Now Phly to Twitch TV?

  42. jeremy Herobrine

    try running explore the moutain range by northy and get up the mountains this could be fun

  43. I’m sexually attracted to you Phly.

  44. I love this so much 😂😂😂

  45. 2:55 flashbacks to Halflife 2 anyone?..

  46. Could you put in the “show more box” the music that you put in your vids 🙂

  47. Are you rioting out there too phly?

  48. hey mom and dad, im on youtubes

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