Climbing the ranks: JAPANESE PLANES / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

This our newest video in the series about the most interesting vehicles that a nation has to offer… but this time we soar up to the skies. This the first “Climbing the ranks” video featuring aircraft! And we just had to kick it off with the planes of the tech tree.

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  1. Solomon Martell-Bundock

    Is the Aichi D3A still in the tech tree?

  2. My favorite fighter: A6M3, Shiden Kai and Raiden.
    Favorite bomber: D3A, B5N2
    Favorite jet: none (didn’t reach it yet)

  3. Back in WT community! What did i miss?

    ps. Please include this in hotline

  4. Christopher Albert

    after 1.89…kamov ka 50 yes or no

  5. SuperWaffle 1776

    I swear I heard third Reich at 3:42

  6. KI-61- Hei favorite plane of the game.

  7. Electro Creeper

    Did anyone notice that they made the zero even better than before?

  8. Soviet aircraft now?

  9. Correction: it was the A6M2 Model 21, not the Model 11, that was giving the Allies such a hard time. The Model 11 was only the pre-production series, and while incredibly deadly in their own right were few in number and didn’t see much action before being phased out for the production model.

  10. John Carlos Garcia

    So are you going to release your game for free for mobile users?

  11. Can you put enduring to replace air rb

  12. Add bob semple

  13. You left out /any/ US call signs for the aircraft, a major mistake that takes much of the flavor of the game away.:(

  14. Kommandant Killcode

    Hello Bruce, I was wondering if Hull break would be revisited? I believe that Hull breakage from a armor piercing round hitting the gun break or tracks should never happen. Also there are tanks like the VFW with no hullbreak on them.

  15. R2Y2

  16. I want the Po2 back

  17. Underrated Wolf

    j2 series are the best

  18. And Bob Semple when?


  20. 3:10 yet not potent enough to kill a carrier in one hit unlike american torpedoes, making them not all that useful. (One btd can kill 2 japanese carriers, while you need a h8k to kill one carrier)

  21. Blitzar Kritzar

    A5M is literally godmode

  22. shibasaburoX 柴三郎X

    You forgot the J7W1 !

  23. Yılmaz DALKIRAN

    My fav is A7M2.

  24. People complain about the repair cost, but for me, the A6M5 Ko and Otsu is easier plane to stay alive than to get shot due to the excellent mobility at 750km, you can turn with 14~15G, and never rip the wings off. And they put out fire usually, have good guns against fighters.
    I mean it’s only A6M5 Otsu and Ko which move like they are in AB mode in RB.

  25. Ralpheal Yuan Pandes Canlas

    Is the update 2.62 going to be something special for the me262?

  26. I think it would be awesome to get camouflage nets for vehicles or camouflaged texture on the bodywork

  27. Give the Russkies the BTR! even if it only has the 30mm auto cannon, i want it and i imagine a lot of others do as well. Wheeled so can help negate flanking Italians and its a slow firing 30 like the American Bradley and Brit Warrior so its not fast like the BMP and lets be honest. Other than the ATGM the BMP has, the BTR is better. Hell you could also add the American LAV which is a wheeled Inf support vehicle but carries ATGMs and has a a relatively small auto cannon

  28. This game need major FIX

  29. Do you think we’ll ever get modern jets?

  30. Fun fact about the Ki-83: at the moment, it is the single fastest climbing prop plane in War Thunder, taking 3 and a half minutes to reach 6 kilometers when carrying 30 minutes of fuel


  32. Phillip Ferreira

    Okay so Xbox trailer… global conflict, assuming that this is essentially world war mode, and that previous to its release there was a world war tab on Xbox under the battles tab, and now it’s gone. A true slap in the face. Your player base drops on Xbox due to poor support, so you force cross platform, now Xbox players have a half life game but are expected to compete with pc players, still pay the same price for all premium transactions, but we lack content. Tournaments events sim battles, custom camo, replay system, and any website support for your live account. If you are going to force cross platform the least you could do is optimize the game and bring the support and content lever on par with the competition. If you didn’t force cross platform then we would still be slightly more content.

  33. No mention of the D4Y series? It’s easily my favorite dive bomber in the game, it’s faster and more maneuverable that almost any plane at 3.0 and can carry 3x 250 kg bombs.

  34. John Carlos Philippe Garcia

    What do you think of adding your game on mobile devices? If yes will it be free?

  35. But why does the Japanese outclass the speedy Fw 190 even diving at 800km/h.

    • Japan has some really good and even decent aircraft. Problem is that you’ll rarely here about because they got deployed near the end of the war when it was far to late or they belonged to the imperial Japanese army which no one talks about ever for some reason.

  36. I’m sorry sir But I’m a Kamikaze Pilot

  37. Stalin is disappointed in your recent decisions


  38. I see you glazed over the Ki 200

  39. Wauw, no premium, plus. Top notch. My favourite is the plane you forgot to mention J7W Shinden

  40. 3:27 *Disappearing Wings WHAAAAA??*

  41. they actually came out here with the “right now” oop they definitely adding the MiG-21

  42. Didier Calderon

    Do American aircraft next

  43. 刺客來亂的

    6:48 are sure that isn’t just a ME-262 with a Japanese paint job?

    • The Kikka and Me-262 have quite different airframes and engine although the initial test version of the 262 did use the BMW 003 engine that was similar to its Japanese copy: The Ne-20 Unless of course you want to call the Tu-4 a repainted B-29.

      inb4 r/woosh

    • 刺客來亂的

      hannibal kills XD

  44. Dude.. Do you even know repair cost of it?!? fix repair costs!!

    • nikolai Vasilev

      japs tech was mostly expensive after WWII…and even during WWII,it shouldn’t be much of a surprise.So,no….Not to mention what these aircrafts give in the game…so,again,NO !

  45. Clariid Fisherman


  46. Is the T2 related to F4?

  47. Zero pilots be all good until the fuel tank sets on fire

  48. super muñecos 777

    Add to argentina

  49. Make parts and fpe free

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