Climbing the ranks with GERMAN TANKS / War Thunder

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Source: Thunder. Official channel.

Today we discuss the vehicles one of the first nations of Thunder. Coming straight from Germany!

The German tech tree contains a lot interesting vehicles: from lightly-armoured self-propelled guns to the heaviest tank clad in the thickest of armour… and all the way to the most modern MBTs.



  1. also, you keep saying… great tank at its BR… my experience is your top BR are usually at the bottom of the BR in a game

  2. Tiger II vs t54…. such a happy life for the Germans….

  3. im still waiting for that SturmTiger 🙂

  4. Glorious mg42 and mg3 are great :v

  5. Way too many choppers at the start of Tank battles guys it’s getting to
    the point people just give up and leave the game this is grossly unfair
    and not any fun at all for most especially with the disparity of how
    hard it is to hit a chopper as apposed to a plane? with SPAA I start
    every match SPAA due to chopper spam ruining the start for most teams.

  6. The BLITZKRIEG Gamer

    This didn’t help, at all. ?‍♂️

  7. They left out the squeezy boi! It’s great at flanking, heavily underestimated, and can go through any tank at it’s teir (if you know the weakpoints) yes it may be fragile but I wish they didn’t leave it out

  8. 5:15 yeah right??? Lots of fun at 6.7

  9. Best German?????????

  10. Tiger E better than H1

    *CHANGE* *MY* *MIND*

  11. they said “dont get too cocky” – more russian bias confirmed?

  12. PLS nerf them

  13. 3:38 i expected him to say “welcome to the 3rd reich”

  14. The germans are a bit cheese in term of weakspots. Normaly i have to fight +1 br and not always funny, especialy if you are slow and easy target for postwar wechile and ammonution, ther just melt your steel armor as trumpetcopper. Guns are good, and accurate handly gundepression mostly. I like the Dicker max and co, just ther are sensitive to pilot maniac in RB-s ther practicly not playing tanks just jumping in plane. I have not see the Hetzer its great fun! My mean trouble white german i meat 99% the counterdevelopment , not the initialy “first contact” wechiles.

  15. Ze Dicker Max. Ze best Panzer in ze vorld.

  16. American tanks;
    1-4 BR: pain
    4.7-5.7: J u m b o
    6-7.7: ok I guess
    7.7-11: *cue fortunate son*

  17. Italian tanks at the start are a struggle

  18. Talks about good pz. 3 armor
    *me in a m4a1*
    *what Armour?*

  19. You don’t roll r in German.

  20. will have more subs than pewdiepie yeet

    3:39 welcome to the third reich

  21. After 4.7 they will make you shoot tanks from 60’s

  22. IT RHYMES!!!

  23. kugel and coelian? :0

  24. Everything locked behind a wall of thousands of hours of grinding XP and GE. Love it.

  25. when you play 5.7 vs 6.7…………..

  26. 1000 subs without any videos

    I basicly penetrate german tanks from the front plate on rank 2 ez

  27. Tiger h1 and e “amazing armor” LMAO! Blame the balancing

  28. best armor, best guns, best speed? russian bias smh my head pls nerf and add another rape prem

  29. „Premium Aufklärungs-Panzer“ lol wo sind deutsche in den Kommentaren?

  30. The way he spells out the german tank names ruined the first 2 minutes of this video.
    In 2:07 onwards he gets it right, but for gods sake starting off the video with “Pee-Zed-Kay-Pee-Eff” is just… No.

  31. Nazi clown卐卐Jevil the

    So why the German army lost the war if they have powerful tank?

  32. We all love taiwan
    Because that have a lot plane(bird)

  33. decent armor at rank 4 ( 6.0-6.7 ) ? dont make me laugh . the armor makes no sense after rank 3 cuz ww2 tanks vs modern whiecles and tigers face apfsds and heatfs GJ 馬鹿外国人

  34. No it’s pronounced “yagd” say it. Yagd. Ya ya ya ya ya

  35. Leopard 2A5 and 2A6 please

  36. Your game is trash fix it

  37. First time i hop into a tiger i was a bit overconfident because i am a rather enthusiast off WW2 went to the first checkpoint and got moed down by a IS-2 because i couldnt kill him

  38. Climping Rangs with money

  39. I wish you can fix your game. 2.5 vs 3.5 what

  40. Kv2 vs pz.iv f2

  41. I was wondering War Thunder that Can you add M4 748 (a) to Ps4 as a Bundle?

  42. Tiger H1 Heavy tank

    The wirbelwind is quite annoying


    Mis pobres Alemanes están tan mal en el juego, que me da vergüenza la nerfear que tienen y aún así son mejores que los rusos

  44. That pronunciation tho ??

  45. jacked tiger

  46. Maybe worth to mention that Tiger II cant pen T-35/85 ‘s turret 😀

  47. The German tech tree… With scout tanks that can’t scout… When will they fix this?

  48. I know a good meme for War thunder, everyone knows how Italy can see themselves but how about the Italians being able to fight the Germans in Realistic battles

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