Climbing the ranks with US AIRCRAFT / War Thunder

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This another video in the series showing you the most interesting picks in the trees of different nations, and today we're going to speak about American aircraft!

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  1. Climbing the ranks with US Aircraft? No no no. A better title would be LIBERATING the ranks with MURICAN Aircraft!

  2. Missed the B25

  3. M41D.M41A3 please~~

  4. Anyone notice how far off those shots were that killed the F-84 at 5:54?

  5. Sarodore The Dragon

    everyone talks about the B29 here, Try being an F100 pilot fighting entire teams of the far superior Mitsubishi T-2

    • But do you deal with 44k repair cost only to fight against jets in prop bomber (I understand your point, just the b29 case seems a bit worst)

    • Sarodore The Dragon

      @REAPERFELL SaNS well i can tell you this you lose about 15-20 k with it a match

    • @Sarodore The Dragon rip, I know that doesn’t feel good(rip balance in wt if it ever existed)

  6. No P-51 Mustang, I’m extremely disappointed, but good vid anyway

  7. War Thunder please add match recording playback to console

  8. “Strike aircraft” Yeah that pretty much sums up what the devs think planes are for. Explains a lot about air RB.
    They didn’t even mention America’s two best props.

  9. Gaijin: *immediately shows three premium aircrafts*

    Experienced players: *claps slowly*

  10. Happy 4th of July

  11. Mr. Flocionovici

    I like hedgehogs

  12. p-40 gang

  13. Do you plan on coming to Oshkosh 2019 air show or any other air show in the near future?

  14. BTD-1

  15. Why do you not add sweden into the game ?????

    , you may say that well sweden was not in the war , yes but we made our own tanks and jets and ships , so why not add sweden into the game?!

    • I think that would be an interesting idea mostly because it adds more to the game and grants the opportunity of seeing Russian v Sweden matches in game

    • Joshua Sandacz = yeah plus in World of tanks they have all ready starten with swedish tanks

  16. I like the A36 apache

  17. Can I please have tri colour smoke please

  18. gaijin fix Hispano’s sparking with air belts. Several hundred rounds impact a JU 288 and it flies off home

  19. the fliyng pancake

  20. Please do one for the RAF

  21. I love th b34

  22. It has great speed for a bomber of its br

  23. alexander messer

    7:27 WTF?

  24. I’m still on rank 1 with my American aircraft. The plane that I have with the highest battle ranking is currently the PBY-5 Catalina, which has a battle ranking of 2

  25. for anyone complaining aout b29 repair costs yall never have played tarkov talk to me about costs of dying

    • Dude, these are totally different games, what if you 190 cost 100k so that even a six kill game would be unprofitable if you died in the end, and, btw, tarkov isnt a vechicle command mmo

  26. Climbing the ranks: with the same gamemodes with unbalanced maps imbalance top tier and civil war mode activated

  27. Do British aircraft

  28. ……wait did this guy’s just ignore the entire P-51 line…. seriously?

  29. American logic 101.

    If you made an excellent Fighter plane but it can’t ground strike, you are a failure to both your nation and your family.

  30. The most popular planes in the american tech tree is the p51(and the p 47s) and u just dont bat an eye on them. Why u showing the b29 when nobody is playing this plane becouse of ur stuiped SL repair cost system

  31. German planes?

  32. Last time I played War Thunder I was 15000 rp from getting the f86 but I got bored of the grind and never played again.

  33. What’s the point of mentioning the b29? It’s too expensive and gets killed with 2-3 shots.

  34. Cmon Gaijin, own up. The community is wanting changes and you’re not even considering? I mean I dont want to disrespect you, but cmon. Get your head on straight and start reading suggestions and comments

  35. I like to call the P47 in Arcade cancer because I saw a lot of spawncamping with it

  36. Everyone complaining in a b29, have you seen fmt? The bomber god

  37. P51d tha best

  38. I thought that the b-25 had rockets it would be nice

  39. Emil Scale Modelling

    I seem to be a good pilot of the thunderbolt when i mainly use it in combined. If i have a good day and focus i will dominate the sky in that thing.

  40. And in the end go get shoot down by tunguska even tho you are in light speed

  41. William Phillips

    The A-36 is probably my favorite US plane. Add the extra gun pods for 10x .50cal and watch your score go up – point, shoot, boom.

  42. I’m personaly a huge fan of the thunderbolts and the mustangs.

  43. Do every nations PLEEEAAAASE!!!

  44. The Cat With a Top Hat

    Wow, A Hellcat needing both Tiny Tims for a ship, thats a rare occurrence.

  45. Love taking out my a-20-g with a few friends and sneaking up on to the enemy bases

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