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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Ahmed Adel Sorour

    No views 2 likes
    Youtube ur drunk go home!

  2. So early lmao

  3. Where za squad?!?

  4. It’s 2 in the morning decided to go take a nap till 6, and then I saw Circon notification and I had to click

  5. Here for tits

  6. Gareth Fairclough

    TVP sexy times!

  7. I’m early let me make a joke

    Circon is balanced

  8. First Circon Youtube video I saw on the stream

  9. Two vids one day? You are spoiling us.

  10. It's not what you think

    3-5-7. Time for some balanced and fair gameplay.

  11. Wait just how long is circons beard anyway? I ever noticed till now that it’s actually really long ?

  12. So that’s Cent AX, T-62A and TVP 50/51 all three marked in what…..4 days? 5? Well done sir, well done.

  13. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    When you gonna plat up with Skill?

  14. “Where is our arty even firing??” *arty indicates*

  15. ImTheJuggernaught

    Mr Circon, bring me your memes… Make them the dankest, that I’ve ever seen…

  16. “Fuck you bitch” Oh, that’s hot huehuehue…

  17. “Circon never plays tier 10s, he is a sealclubber”

    *Guards, show him the exit*

  18. I enjoyed that, felt good

  19. Can someone provide me with the link to his gun mark mod?


  21. @Circonflexes
    I gotta lame question. Is d1 counter position for their push down 1 line for a td with enough speed to go there unspotted? He is probably safe from arty, and has good side shots.

  22. Last replay of 1.0?

  23. Now to 3-mark the TVP VTU. The challenge isn’t getting three marks. It’s in doing it without losing your mind.

  24. Daaaaaaaaamn son.

  25. I guess that the enemy artillery didn’t have XVM :))) ?????

  26. Enemy team: “Report TVP for hacks!!!” ??????

  27. BestViewedWithCable

    @Circonflexes You sent the red team to rape therapy

  28. Circon was having such a good game and then gets balanced by a Russian tank asdfbhljkadlksj ?????

  29. Making credits at tier 10??? Hello?? WG??? Ya I think, Circon is beating your system ?????

  30. i want this tank so bad. I got all the way to the VTU and just had to stop. it hurt to bad to play in tier 10 battles with that thing

  31. flawless as always.

  32. I was not aware that they added PvE in World of Tanks

  33. How does the tvp T9/10 compare to the T54E1?

  34. To pmakijaa in chat at the start: Man, I miss the Chaffee Death Race game mode. It was so dumb, and so fun.

  35. That clip on the conqueror was just dirty.

  36. Two criticals and a miss from 70metres at a t8 arty good job WG

  37. Yeah, not even once arty hit him on mid.. but when im playin that spot, always skycancer is flying to me…

  38. Savage Adidas Tracksuit Slavaboo

    Do you wanna be my loooooove… Puppet 5:57 !

  39. Meme-trecking across the world of tanks, only going forwards cuz we can’t find reverse…

  40. you need more enemies lol

  41. can you please upload videos 720p, my PC is slow and i cant play 720p 60 ? 🙁

  42. 666th like. yeah boy

  43. Oh, hi Mark!

  44. Mr Circon, bring me some memes
    *dum dum dum dum*
    Make them the dankest that I’ve ever seen
    *dum dum dum dum*

  45. Imagine the meme overload if Circon and Skill4ltu played together….

  46. Its a fun tank to play against. ******* disgusting

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