Close game! – T-34-1 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Having a great, close game in T-34-1! The tier 7 chinese has some potential..


  1. Perfectly spiced, just how I like my memes.

  2. This is a very spicy game, enjoy <3

  3. Careful Circon, if your gaming is this on fire your mic might go up in flames

  4. The Sanity Assassin

    seriously serious game… honest

  5. Circon, you’ve got to stop playing tanks like this! You’re gonna convince Wargaming that they don’t need to be buffed!

    • do you really think WG would do jack shit to buff the chinese meds, even knowing that they suck major ass. These tanks have been underpowered and even further powercreeped for YEARS now and WG never did anything about it.

    • WG: “Chinese tanks are mediocre? BUFF THE RUSSIANS!!!”

    • T-34-1 isnt that bad to be honest, but T-34-2 is simply not an upgrade and everything from there on is trash.

  6. If you lose viewers to Gojira they shouldn’t have been there in the first place >:(

    • what is a Gojira song? why would people leave? I don’t get the meme

    • @Beroun Gojira is a French progressive death metal band, they’re extremely talented, but people don’t really like metal overall, if you wanna check some of their songs I really recommend The Axe, Gift Of Guilt or Oroborus

  7. Jūšțīň Hēłłēř

    The most dangerous celebration is too early. That is why you never celebrate too early.

  8. I love the T-34-1 – it’s absolutely hilarious ambushing people with the crazy camoflage it has. Also the gun is punchy and has really good pen, plus it’s mobile AND has decent turret armour. The only bad things about it are the gun handling and DPM, which are both terrible granted, but I think this tank is perfectly balanced

  9. This is an A+ replay. Incredible example of patience, focus, and skill. Wow man that was fun to watch.

  10. Syahareen Sha Rani

    There’s a reason why you win against that T-34/100 he can’t hit your hull due to is gun depression is pretty bad but the only thing he can shoot you is your cupola all and all both T-34-1 and T-34/100 has bad gun depression

    • Not to mention that the T-34-1 is significantly lower-profile, both with the turret and hull. It makes facehugging tanks with less than 6 degrees of gun depression rather hilarious.

  11. Shinyone Incarnate

    I’d like this map better, if they put the east side back in.

  12. 12:18 – 23 months…..almost 3 years……i nearly lost my shit. <3

  13. scorpion g probably had 6th sense going off

  14. I mean… It has good mobility and good turret armour. So it has some good stuff about it.

  15. T-34-1 is shit?
    Granted the Chinese medium line isn’t good, that thing is hands down the best of the line, tier for tier AND a pretty decent tier 7 tank overall.

  16. A close game? All I’ve been seeing lately are blow outs.

  17. That was the longest aim time I have ever seen for the tracking of a KV-85 in my life.


  18. Foch makeup what?

  19. Old Mountain Hermit

    8:56 Circon is a god, the golden god. His rage knows no bounds.

  20. That song you played at 11, is there an possibility it was Knebel front Till Lindemann? Just curious to know…

  21. This video is showing as 0:06 duration in my inbox. lol

  22. exploding hammer festival, utterly insane.

  23. Jessie that gaymer

    When I clicked on this video. The length of it said “0:06”

  24. codygree GodOfBattle WoT

    Youtube says the video is 6sec long poggies

  25. Why do i miss the streams where circon listens to gojira :'(

  26. Can someone link me that clip of the mic on fire? I wanna see it

  27. yoy can zoom the fukk out as mutch as you want.idontcare,im still playing this stupid game 🙂

  28. Came from twitch

  29. The KV-13 with the 122mm derp has a faster aiming time than this POS. Russian bias cyka blyat

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