Clubbing the Seal Clubbers – World of Tanks

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  1. ArtyPreventsCamping


  2. Cristi23_2016[5FPS ]

    The Best WOT player

  3. Who wants to see Lemming play the SPGs? Like this one so he can see it

  4. @lemming what all tanks you grinding out on EU

  5. I recently saw someone with 26k games in the Cromwell B, IIRC he had about 30k total

  6. their called Twinks

  7. The information value of your vidz are certainly above average. Many thanks for that. Explaining ur moves and thoughts is highly appreciated. But please, could u reduce that constant giggling? It’s close to be annoying and only distracts from the good content.

    • Yeah, how dare he enjoy himself while playing a game… everyone should be miserable!!

    • Where did I say that he should not enjoy himself or demand to be miserable?

    • Juan Zulu he is recording this over his stream, so all the commentaries are in fact first hand experience.

    • Yes. I know. And I find this extremely cool. Respect for that. Not many can play so good and speak their mind at the same time. And for sure there are also emotions involved. I just wanted to point towards one single element which, if tackled, could make his vidz even better.

  8. I have recently changed my server from NA to EU and I hate the fact that people think I am a reroll. Did you have same experience too? Does that even count as rerolling? I was forced to make a new account ..

    • Im about to do that as well. Transfer from asia to na server. Too bad wot doesnt allow us to transfer our accounts from one server to another. Just waiting to get bombarded with reroll spams. Imho it still counts as rerolling since youve pretty much kept your skills intact while discarding your bad habits ie win rate. Hopefully wargamer can implement a rating system where your recent win rate/wn8 etc is the one that shows up on your account.

    • You are a reroll, but it’s not even your fault, and who the heck cares, it’s just stats. People who care too much about stats are the most toxic players; they spam prammo, and they seal club the most.

    • It isn’t rerolling but thats just my perspective, just turn chat and garage messages off, they are just useless and never helps

    • What is a reroll?

    • +Frank B For some people, the color of their name for people using a stat-viewer mod called XVM is so important, they’ll make a new account and progress through the tech trees again so that they can look better than they actually are. Or sometimes people need to make a new account after they’ve learned the game, so they look like they’re just try-harding, even though it was an unfortunate situation for them.

  9. Good crew doesn’t mean shit if u suck at the game.

  10. Man I suck at this game, but seeing what you can do in various situations has motivated me to try harder to improve. I love your videos.

    • Bit Viper motivate yourself to get a job and do shit in the real world. Improve that. Seriously. Fucking wasting time on this dumb shit. Dude. Time is the most precious thing you have. You want to fkn waste it on this garbage. That’s sad.

    • Bryan Hilton – There are people who have jobs and play whatever games they wish to play. Assuming his life is bit of a dick move.

    • +Bryan Hilton Dude why are you on this video

    • Bryan bit viper might be in the same situation as me, on the permanent sick, i have back problems and in constant pain, to assume bit viper is fully fit and employable is a bit of a shit thing to do, and to berate him in that fashion just shows how much of a fucking prick you are and how much of a fucking waste of space you are

  11. Speaking of seal clubbing, my clan does “Pak 40 night” where they platoon in their FCM 36 Pak 40s

    • Pak 40 night is every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 7 PM to 8:30 PM mountain time on the NA server.

    • +pukalo [CDN] Rest in peace new NA players on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

    • +Pukalo how many games do you have in the Pak 40? I usually do what Lemming described I play my SU-85i as my money making tank have over 1100 battles in it. I make life annoying for people in tier 5 matches in that tank

    • Steve Smith I don’t have a Pak 40 since it was last sold in the Before Times, so I use one of my tier 3 tanks such as my Pz. T 15, Locust, Pz. S35, or UE 57. As far as I know there are at least 6 people in my clan that have a Pak 40.

    • +pukalo oh the way you put it I thought you all ran pak 40s, I have one but I don’t use it much since it takes awhile for it to get into a position depending on the map only use it for 2x training on TD crew

  12. Excellent – I so so REALLY needed a good RUSH (Y)

  13. Why are you playing at such low resolutions? It hurts my eyes! I think I’ve heard you say that you have a 1070 in previous videos, so play at 1440p! Also, looks like you are on the lowest graphics settings possible, what give my dude?

    • Guessing 144 hz monitor

    • With minimalistic settings (hence minimalistic, not minimal) coupeled with high framerate and viewdistance, you give yourself an edge. And having an edge over others is a good thing in PVP games.

      It’s eyecandy to see stoneblocks and logs being shattered and falling down in a cloud of dust when driving through an object but it’s better for your tanks health to immidiatly see the enemy that was hiding behind that object 😉

    • I mean, I play WoT at 1440p, max settings, and still get 120+ fps.

    • +dj92wa2
      He probably plays it like Circonflexes and SirFoch play it; competitively. WoT has eye-candy now for those that is important for, but for some people the most important stats are their own gameplay performance.

  14. When I go clubbing seals, I always take my VK1602 Leopard with the machine gun.

  15. Swing that club LEM – (,Y.) Old gf
    ( o Y o ) new gf ; P

  16. “seal clubbing the seal clubbers” is a lame excuse for being a seal clubber

  17. What’s your opinion of War Thunder?

  18. It's not what you think

    The joke being that this is the WoT playerbase.

    Sure they have 5k games at tier 5, but they also probably have 400wn8 still because they’re some retarded old guy that can’t learn for shit.

  19. Right at the start u say you will consistently see guys with 20-30k battles, with 5 skill crews and what not.. You sure will, but you will also see many more times the amount of players with 10-30k battles and a 47% w/r with 450 wn8. Who blindly drive around not having a clue what they’re doing, and in most cases are counter productive.

  20. In World of Tanks Blitz, you will find plenty of Leopards at that tier seal clubbing.

  21. Whoa.. We don’t need to see 180 fps when your settings look like wot 2013. 60-90 fps on high settings and high aa is much more viewer friendly. IMO of course.

  22. Yeah this is why you need XVM to find out which people are the seal clubbers and gank them at the start of the game.

  23. Lemming what are your thoughts on the special game mode they have for this years Halloween?

  24. T67 player straight trash

  25. I have to disagree that a high percentage of tier 6 or lower players are seal clubbers. Whenever im playing one, the majority im seeing are newish players or are orange or red ones. That being said i played in asia server and dont know if the same holds true in na or eu ones.

  26. With all the RNG in this game, it’s just so annoying to also have teams that are even less reliable/crazy than in the high tiers. Lower tiers? No, thanks.

  27. All these live streams and youtube videos, this is so unreal

  28. nice video there are equal amount of bad players in higher tiers yesterday i played 1/10 in higher tiers with 2900 WN8 rating utterly useless teams and bad players 1 battle in a tier 10 platoon
    in my t-34-3 4247 dmg and lost wohahahahahaahahah wot full of noobs

  29. Tier X tanks are almost always sealclubbing, tear 8 tanks are the seals. Strange enough i do a lot beter in my IS6 as in my KV4. against higher tiers But i think That has to do with the lack of speed of the KV4 and arti

  30. Batman would disaprove, because to become a seal clubber clubber you must become a seal clubber in the process. But I want to see you play more low tiers and it looks like you were having fun too

  31. Quickie answers to your questions, Lemming. T-34S has the same alpha as the T-34. It has spaced armor, but it fires and moves slower.

    FV304 still has short range and the shells take a while to travel at maximum range, but they have high ballistic arcs. A good rule of thumb to the FV304’s range is that it’s several meters shorter than the circle that shows the render range. Also, hiding behind short rocks won’t help against them.

    M41 HMC? Any US arty Tier V and higher are just monsters. They’re the jack-of-all-trades line, but they’re too good at everything to have any real weaknesses. As a result, lots of US arty players are seal-clubbers.

    You got spotted at 14:15, because there were no bushes between you and the turret of the VK poking over the porch of that house. It looked like there were bushes due to the leaves in the background, but it wasn’t in front of the VK.

    Great low-tier gameplay by the way. Keep it up! I still have a couple of lines at mid-tiers that I wish to go through, so this helps a lot! I hope this post helps you in your mid-tier grind.

  32. Hi Limmingrush! Are you grinding towards chinese medium or heavies?

  33. my locust have 5 skills crew with optic and binos+ cola+vents and i had games where i outplayed t7 scout…cz he was think i was dumb to trade shots with him draw him on my team xd

  34. And here I thought that 6k battles in my M3Stuart was something out of the ordinary.

  35. I like seeing you play these low tier games because it A. gives me, a lower tier casual player, hope B. teaches tactics applicable to my spectrum of armour and gun types C. a skilled player makes his best plays with his head and not simply by using an OP tank.

    Request: please do more like this tier 5 – 8. I prefer them because i have a few in that range and also I’m not good enough to make credits above tier 7-8 (have tier 8 Pershing right now).

    Thanks Lemming.

    CommunismKillz, NA server. Playing with 300+ ping.

  36. Dellinger the fighting fish
  37. Fv304 is a he-only LT, that can shoot over hills…

  38. I mostly play those lower tiers for fun, mainly derp guns. Im not trying to seal club xd

  39. You could of tracked that tank and just played ring around the Rosie

  40. WoT… a stupid ass game that makes IRL retards feel good at a video game. Legit.

  41. Bert the Avenger wins again!

  42. You right dude now i epx T34 and I was surprised how many skillers are playing low tiers. Luchs are evil af.

  43. Heroic_Spirit_Gomikubi

    Low tier story time! I technically used to be one of these kinds of players, I’ll admit to having probably somewhere from 3 to 5k games out of my 44k total between my low tier prems, but it’s honestly been a long time since I’ve driven one. Still… the salt is real no matter where you go or when you go there. I had a battle a couple days ago in the Italian tier 5 as a bottom tier on Westfield (south spawn, started the line because on-track) and some dude in an E8 kicked off the countdown by commenting on how “good” this map was, something about it not being a corridor map. He proceeds to drive his tank to G5-G6 and the entire light/medium force follows him. I take K7 alone, they proceed to get flanked and/or invisitanked from various directions because that’s what happens when you put most of your tanks in a fucking canyon. As the battle develops I pick up just over 1k damage, mostly just from supporting them as best a bottom tier with a (mostly) 90% crew can but there was a guy who tried to cross the H0/J9 gap that I spotted as well. The north eventually loses, and peeps start full yoloing into this E8. He finally goes down after I flub multiple shots that would have killed the last guy circling him and he proceeds to shortly thereafter claim that I _”haven’t fired a single round all game_”. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ This E8 literally _wouldn’t have had a game_ if not for the spotting damage he got via my attempting to save his stupid ass from the people rushing him, but I guess that’s what he’s learned to say after playing 60k battles and losing over 50% of them.

    Anyway, I had all my HP and the opposing north had lost a lot of theirs so I end up finishing off their top tiers with a single round each as they lurch downhill towards the cap/arty, put their 59-16 into 1 shot range and have two more chances to shoot him while he’s killing my last teammate. They both miss because rng, so he and their HT No.VI (both on about 100 hp) go dark and the cap soon starts ticking. There’s an unspotted Stug III somewhere but the HT and 59-16 are the only other enemies left so I have to go for it. APCR loaded, I get to the houses and it’s the HT in the circle. I slow down but more or less snap my shot because he’s facing me straight on, it bounces, he snaps back and pens me. I let the next shot fully aim, fucking bounce again and have to pull back. Try to go dark and try from the other side of the house but the Stug chooses this precise moment to flank from H5 and puts a 7.5cm round into me, I know I’m dead anyway so I roll around the corner and snap the HT, he dies and the 59-16 comes in to steal the kill in what was already a successful pincer since I wasn’t going to escape the Stug’s reload at that point anyway. So yeah, just a handful more pens and I would have carried but between my nerves and rng it just wasn’t meant to be. If I had been in a premium with a good crew I would have done it, but I didn’t enter that battle to club, I was just trying to grind for the next tank like anybody else.

  44. 3 days of lemming vids in a row ???

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