COBRA – Autoloading British Medium + Battle Pass Season 3 | World of Tanks Update 1.11+ News

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Cobra, New Tier 8 Premium or Tier 9 Reward Tank. World of Tanks Pass Season 3, Battle Pass 2020. World of Tank Cobra, New Autoloading Medium Tank Preview. World of Tanks Update 1.11+ Patch.

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Chapters in the video:
00:00 | Introduction
01:00 | COBRA Information
02:50 | TBH Blog Post About Cobra
07:33 | Battle Pass Season 3
13:15 | Conclusion

► Information from: WG

Couple episodes ago we looked at possibly the craziest British tank coming into the game and it is a tier 8 – The GSOR 1008, tier 8 British Tank Destroyer, which looks anything BUT a tank destroyer. This let's talk about a potential tier 8 or 9 medium tank COBRA. We have some very early details.

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  1. Because so many of you didn’t leave me alone with the Cobra questions, here it is… Everything we know about this tank so far! 😉
    Have an absolutely fantastic weekend!
    Chapters in the video:
    00:00 | Introduction
    01:00 | COBRA Information
    02:50 | TBH Blog Post About Cobra
    07:33 | Battle Pass Season 3
    13:15 | Conclusion

  2. 150mm at 60 degrees is xactly 300mm of 90 degree armor. Considering the fact that it’s from a distance of 1.8km, this is broken as fuck

  3. TBH I thought the first battle pass skins were perfect, they added a great new look to the 277 and S. Conq. Now I just feel like WG is getting out of control and adding crap all over the place. I don’t know why but I have massive issues with them adding MGs to the barrels of tanks like the patton skin and the 430u skin it really annoys me. I think they need to tone it down a bit.

  4. Hey Dez! As much as I love your content, can you please start cutting back on the news episodes in favor of more gameplay/highlights/anything else episodes? I miss the days when news was limited to once, maybe twice a week.

  5. You know, that small boat and outboard engine on the IS-4’s style should be added to artillery 3D style. Since many of them likes to drown themselves it could be useful.

  6. Am so excited for season 3

  7. WOT:

    (Planning to add a British 6-shot, autoloading tank)

    french Autoloaders:

    (It was the moment that they knew… They fucked up.)

  8. Any info on the special tokens possibility to purchase a premium tank with em if you have all 5 keys?

  9. This sounds broken. And I don’t even play WoT.

  10. Christian Soldier1965

    So Dez do we still need to save our coins for a secret tank?

  11. I feel like the t110e5 is so garbage. Really disappointed with how messy and gross

  12. Is that… *Is that a fcking life boat behind IS-4?*

  13. Limp Bizkit Golden Cobra

  14. Tech Tree? No I’ve never heard of that, what is it and why would I put the cool tanks there instead of premium shop?
    -Wargaming probably

  15. I doubt it will be an ‘autoloader’ in the same sense as magazine/clip-fed autoloaders in game are. When they say an autoloader that attributes to a 6 round/minute rate of fire, I believe it’s just an assistance device to help load the shells, since the commander/loader is doing all the work. So we won’t have that ‘burst potential’, but we’ll have a decent standard rate of fire.

  16. Wg needs to chill with the machine gun skins. Like the m48 patton s2 skin added 2 m60s.

    The e5 skin here is alright the shielded mg looks in place.

    But the is4 just feels unnecessary 2 dshkas sticking out obnoxiously like some horn thing.

    Jesus. Im still waiting for a simple yet still battle-hardened skin that dosent have 5 mgs sticking out of it.

  17. I want to buy the Cobra as my 1st Autoloading Premium Tank.

  18. pay to win….?

  19. Probably a 3 round autoloader with a long reload

  20. It would be interesting if you could have a “pow” or something that after a certain number of tanks destroyed by a nation to another nation, you could change a “nationality locked” unused crew member

  21. Siddharth Uthayasankar

    bruh im not happy abt this. probably a premium tank? ofc so that all free to play players will suffer 🙁

  22. Bring WFT E 100 back before get obsolete in the game! 🙂

  23. There is always a catch so I think the ammo will be either very, very expensive and/or limited to a total of 30 or less with dubious gun handling.

  24. Just what the game needs…..Another premium tank !!!

  25. If u wanna see real cobra search for kobra murat:)

  26. Great, another 100 american blue prints and russian ones, without being able to trade them..

  27. almost puked when i saw that premium status

  28. Hi Dez we emailed you with a lot of info about this vehicle and you never replied – ed

  29. What will come next autoreloading fv4005 with wheels and with 300 of efective armor all over itself?

  30. Mad_TOGII_Jax noob_tetris_player

    These men are not commanders, you can use them anywhere!

  31. Sounds extremely overpowered…

  32. Sounds like an absolute “must have” tank to me <3

  33. Finally a new premium tank, we need more of those

  34. Cobra can’t be coolest name in the game because we have the B.U.G.I.

  35. Hesh autoloader ? Man I got a boner

  36. Yes is 4 means i can get russian blueprints

  37. I need German vs French

  38. Just waiting for ampere for my vizio oled 55 for some gaming.

  39. It have a boat

  40. “road trip camo” 😀

  41. It isn’t even released, this game is “free” and I already want a refund…. :<

  42. Cobra op

  43. I love your videos and your voice. It makes the videos even better then it is

  44. Thx for the infos

  45. los suptitulos compadre

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