Code, Free Tank, Rewards and More – Holiday Ops 2022 Guide | World of Tanks Christmas 2022

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Ops 2022 Event Guide, Free Gift Tank, Bonus Code, Arnold Schwarzenegger Commander, Loot Boxes and More! World of Tanks Advent Calendar 2022 Offers and Deals. World of Tanks Christmas Holiday Ops 2022 in Update 1.15+ Patch News.

Today they released full for the Ops 2022 event, so let’s take a look at it together. Free tank, or a garage slot, special code, rewards, loot boxes and more!

What do you think?


  1. For CODE Hunters: 6EV0CYTDECEMBER – It still worked on EU, if you have any other working codes for other servers REPLY to this comment!
    Who else is OMEGA-HYPE HYPED for a FREE GARAGE SLOT? 🙂
    All jokes aside, this truly is the best time to play WoT, you can make so much more progress with a lot less work, so let’s go! 🙂

  2. This is the event I’ve been waitong for in the whole year! But to be honest your channel is much more in a fastive than the game itself…

  3. I love loot boxes, watch out wallet, here it comes XD (timberkof, EU)

  4. a waited for this for a year and now its finaly arrived 🙂

    ktom2005 EU

  5. This is the event i most enjoy in this game and i love to see that arnie is going to be a commander
    super_men_2015_2016 ; EU

  6. EU: Benkkuuu

  7. This event is so nice for my f2p account lol. So much stuff that you are allowed to get for free.
    _Rice – EU

  8. Just the best WoT Channel and that over this long time <3
    EU, Y_LeMaster_Y

  9. Happy December for everyone. We will see how attractive will be those boxes.
    Old_pamparam , EU server

  10. this is my favorite event in wot and arnold as commander is a cherry on the top

  11. christmas is for giving not taking from my wallet

  12. CYKLPATH, at North American Server! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  13. I would love to get a Clint east wood commander as he’s getting on a bit and has some good one liners 🙂 tanool eu 🙂

  14. Anyone else a bit disappointed about the lack of progetto and bourasque in the boxes? Also big disappointment if Arnie won’t say “get down, now!” When arty hits you…
    Nickname: Jayhrb
    Server: EU

  15. Thanks for sharing, DEZ. Happy Holidays for Every-One. Please be Happy, have Fun & be Safe!!!
    Server ID: edme_shar
    Server: EU

  16. It’s my favorite time of the year, me and my best friend only play World of Tanks around Christmas.
    Thanks to WoT this is more magical for us.
    Can’t wait to get new premium tanks 😍
    Nickname: Thomas12twist
    Server: EU

  17. Love the guaranteed vehicle mechanics 🙂
    IGN: BackwardPawn
    Server: EU

  18. Sounds better then the other years ign: Daimion
    Server: EU

  19. It’s a nice event, might grind out some tech tree tanks.
    SagittariusAx EU

  20. my profile wot Eu server AudiSystem love you Dez

  21. Finally Holiday Ops 😀

  22. id like to see clint eastwood, everytime you spot someone “are you feeling lucky… punk”

  23. Žygimantas Petryla

    Nice free stuff from WG

    EU server

  24. Nyathi_1
    NA server

  25. The holiday ops time of the year is always the time I enjoy the most. I like decorating the garage abd absolutely love how just easier it is to grind out credits during this time.


  26. It’s my first time participating in the event, and im so excited for it!
    Server EU
    Name Yeeti_Boi

  27. Nais!
    Server: EU
    Nickname: Burnt_Ice

  28. IGN: thestg44
    Server: EU
    I love the Christmas event, its the only one I bother logging in everyday to play.

  29. Happy Holidays to all you ladies and gents and remember , fun is key , not stats.
    HoLeeKow from the EU server

  30. soviet ?? gamer všech dob

    i really cant wait , but i dont think i will buy eny boxes this year. server:EU name:gamervsechdob55666

  31. Uyghur1113
    EU serves

  32. Thanks for code! It worked for me 😀

    Day 110 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  33. Excited! Good times, good vibes!
    SEA server

  34. Atlast wount have to strugle for credits 😀 Mixed_LV

  35. Yeah, Arnie! So happy to see this!

    Server: EU
    IGN: docsf

  36. This years event is not bad actually I love Arnold voice in the game.

  37. This event always makes me trully happy. Yes, I am that childish :). I can’t help myself but to love Ops!

    Username : cro_498
    Server : EU

  38. 3:23 I want that Triple-Barrel KV-2 as my gift tank instead!!! LOL! BTW, the NA version of the video also doesn’t have that pop-up with a code like the EU one you watched… so looks like there’s only a code for you all lucky EU players… 🙁
    WkendTankabit (NA server)

  39. Nikola-Origami Creator

    cant wait to lose some nerves by getting destroyed by premium tanks!



  40. Gj Dez like always.


  41. Good video Dez!
    Server: Eu Username:Beni444

  42. Looking forward to the silver and xp boost
    Nodoubtimpissed US

  43. It sucks! No snow maidens. It will be lonely this Christmas ☃️

  44. Holidays Ops is best time to play!!
    Whaler_99 / NA

  45. I never sell any of the gift tanks, I love to collect tanks & just take a look at them in the garage once in awhile… and for a couple of the special ones, I even take them out for a ride once in a blue moon! 😀
    NA server: Nougan

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