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Source: Vadact

Today in War Thunder Cold War turns hot after Warsaw Pact invades NATO controlled West Germany filmed with the Vadact viewers during our War Thunder custom game!




Video title – COLD WAR BREAKS OUT in War Thunder!

#WarThunder #ColdWar #Vadact


  1. younglings slayer 9999

    can please make more arma 3 videos?

  2. the swedish hunter

    Can you do winter war in war thunder ?

  3. I spy with my little eye, something beginning with a t: Target destroyed

    • The ammount of effort it took to realise he meant T55 at that point in the session was a task, you have no idea lol

  4. 1:08 I wacthed a master at work😂

  5. DreadLord BONES

    More warthunder vids pls

  6. I was expecting Vadact not to know how the A-10s Air to Ground Mavericks worked but I was wrong, I suspect you had some previous practice lol

  7. Vad can you unban me from the discord server?

  8. Do Operation Carthage pls

  9. I sugest to do the balkans war

  10. LES GOOO, FINALLY!!!!!

  11. Giuseppetheboxer

    Day 12 asking for a MC gta 5 rp

  12. 3:38 He is like Experience 10G

  13. Can you do world of warship multiplayer?

  14. You should do a GTA 5 star wars the clone wars battle

  15. Opens showing a Slovakian F100 lol

  16. Chase is the man1925

    Just keeps gettin better n better vadact keep it up

  17. Can you be a Anti air for one time in war thunder video I think that’s going be fun 😂

  18. Preston Harrison

    I wished I could play with you guys but I can’t have discord till 16 or 18 I think I play warthunder and is a lot good at it and play Germany only and in lll in tanks and air

  19. jayden cardinal

    I love your videos

  20. I suck so much at war thunder 😂

  21. Vadact – ur a terrible pilot dying from fences and trees lol 😂

  22. Can you walk around as a person on war thunder?

  23. The SCP Foundation

    A suggestion for a video: F/A-18Fs, A-10s and F-14 Tomcats fight SU-33s, SU-27SKs and SU-35S and their ground are M1A2, then T-80s.

  24. Loving the content Vadact! If you want any video ideas, i think a GTA5 video about some random group of people surviving the aftermath of a Russian ICBM hitting Los Santos would be awesome. Maybe instead of mutants you can have random militia groups and bunches of regular survivors huddled uo in secure parts of the city.

    Anyway, great job on your channel and content in general ❤

  25. You should do battle of bastogne you put Sherman that need to survive whit three for 10 after 10 minute plays will come whit tanks to help whit paton😅

  26. lol vadact doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing

  27. Special Agent Carter Sauce

    8:09 I’m getting flashbacks to the Battle of Dunkirk video he did when a Messerschmitt Me 262 almost collided with him.

  28. Do a water landing with the BV

  29. no abrams?

  30. Sorry but it was not fair

  31. The a-10warhtog was made in the 70s

  32. Here’s a suggestion: Russia with the T-14 Armata tank, and T-90M and BM-21 “Grad“, with Spetsnaz, and as a fighter the Su-57 Felon Jet. America would have the M1A1 Abrams, Himnars, Marines, and F-35 fighter jet

  33. straight ooohead!!!!

  34. Your dog so cute I love it you can see how my thing looks like I love dogs or so and I love your Videos

  35. Stephanie Thrasher


  36. ok man, i love your videos, they’re great. But GOD you are bad at war thunder lol.

  37. I was counting he died 39 times

  38. Hey umm I clear my settings by accident and I don’t remember what my default settings were

  39. i have a suggestion for a war thunder video idea why dont u replicate the war between the Nazis and the soveit union from ww2

  40. 1:17 God: “So, any final words?” Vadact: “TREE!”

  41. A 10 go brrrrrrrrrrrrt

  42. You know you guys could have added the f-14 and f-15 since they were made in the cold war. You can also include the Mig 29 and 31. But I don’t think Mig 31 or F-15 was in the game

  43. Bill TheUnknown

    where the zsu 23-4

  44. You should do the Vietnam war next.

  45. Do a SAM alley challenge with tons of sams and only a few planes wich have to destroy some kind of target

  46. have you ever seen that the f 4 phantom has a smiley face on the tail

    • Christa Chapman

      That’s not a smiley face. It is a radar on the back to detect missiles and hold a parachute for the navy

  47. Blanka 🇺🇸

    Hi Vadact ( Nice video WT 👍

  48. Lanzters Gaming

    Now he needs to play the Soviet side

  49. why do the russians only have ZSU 57 2…? where are the 37 and 23s? ZSU 57 2 is not even cold war XD

  50. i hope vad wont leave hes channel bc its growing

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