Cold War Soviet Tank Tactics Tested in War Thunder!

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Source: PanzerPaw

Actual Tank Commander uses actual Soviet Tank Tactics from the Cold War in War Thunder. Using an actual declassified intelligence report from 1976!

Document link (Approved for public release):


  1. Something worth bearing in mind. The Cold War Soviet tactics played out to be subpar. The no gun depression, valley following, face charge concept only really worked when you had hordes to overwhelm with. Something War Thunder doesn’t really provide you outside of dumb luck with the right team. Additionally, this method often simply resulted in a great way to throw away vehicles and crew, neither being infinite. As time wore on and advances made that tactic became increasingly bad for a host of reasons not the least of which is the necessity to bunch your armor up before the push. Something that has become a VERY bad idea on today’s battlefield and rather unviable for obvious reasons in War Thunder. All that said, good on you for doing what you could with it in game. Keep up the great work. I’ve found this, and the NATO counterpart, interesting.

    • This implies that Soviet doctrine is just “rush forward into the enemy’s forces until you break trough”. Which is a rather significant oversimplification based on “haha stupid incompetent soviets”.

    • @SomeoneYeah, you ould make that claim right up until they proved it is that stupidly simple and they are in fact incompetent in the field for a multitude of reasons. Trust me they themselves and the rest of the world were fairly surprised. I could bore you with a dissertation on the details but suffice to say they spent more focus on propaganda then actually training troops. Not a winning scenario on the modern battlefield.

    • @machinech who proved what? what are you talking about? USSR never took part in a peer fight since 1945 and neither did USA

    • @Someone You can pretend the current conflict is somehow irrelevant if you like. It’s telling. Given their performance the current conflict is indeed a “peer” fight. They could not compete at any level against a stronger opponent. Best of luck with your mental gymnastics.

    • @machinech You accuse me of mental gymnastics while claiming that the Soviet armed forces and their doctrine is the same as the Russian armed forces and their doctrine, which is objectively not true and incorrect, but seems to be comfortable enough for your own beliefs. This blatant disregard of the modern history of the Russian military is pretty obvious.

      Seeing how you instantly go for the personal arguments — accusing me of mental gymnastics and saying that I am “pretending” without bothering yourself to explain your actual point — you are clearly holding this position due to your personal and political beliefs. Otherwise you would already supplement your words with any sort of argument to show that you know what you’re talking about. Not too late to do so, though.

  2. “Then again, I don’t think there has been a time in history, where the t-55s had a good time.”
    1956, Budapest.

  3. I would love to see you hop into the M60A1 AOS and see how NATO tactics work with its big ass commander cupola. You could possibly compare it to the Magach 6b, since it’s practically the same, but without the giant cupola.

  4. 08:02 ”Soviet Targets” 💀

  5. You really forgot targets on the map, like the light tank and Vidar behind and to the side respectively.

  6. Erik B. Grosschmid

    yepp thats not how u play a soviet tank alone…. at least u r honest about your bias

  7. Soviet tank tactics require a full squad and 3/4 of you die so the 4th can get the kill.

  8. I think the tactic of using valleys and ditches works a lot better with combined arms recon

  9. Could you play the c1 ariete (p)? Or any italian top teir

  10. oh you’re so smart for banning words like that. do you want to see what happens to people like that?
    Double that for being an idiot and butchering the russian alphabet

  11. I pressed Sub button. I love this channel already.

  12. PlayStation graphics are fine

  13. the gunner does not have a hatch on the t-55, its the loaders hatch

  14. Surprised you managed to hit a Maus side on considering how bad your aim is

  15. So thats whyyy there always is a turms T in our spawn within first 5 minutes of a match

  16. Александр Филиппов

    “…let’s be honest, gun accuracy that isn’t really as high or even in the same category as it’s Western equivalents…”
    That statement is just plain stupid. Why would its accuracy be lower if it has a two-axis stabilizer, a rifled barrel (that is also slightly longer than the L7’s barrel) and APDS shells? Just because it’s Soviet doesn’t mean it is somehow worse than its direct Western counterpart for no reason, and no amount of personal bias will change that.

  17. 8:03 non biased behaviour shown right here he innocently called the targets I mean tanks

  18. 6:45 I actually see that kind of sky very often here in Eastern Canada during winter. When the Sun is low (that is, in the early morning or late afternoon, and it happens more often in winter than in summer), the clouds can take this dark grey look, but with the light being so diffuse, the ground looks quite bright, resulting in that kind of stunning contrast.

    I believe the issue is that we see this way more often than in reality in War Thunder. It should be uncommon, not a recurring thing. 😆

  19. It’s not the water that’s on fire. It’s the fluid that floats on top of the water that stays lit. I know this because I have a liquid flame thrower. best. bonfire. starter. ever.

  20. Best place to get real declassified documents its from an Ex-Military 👍🏻
    Love ur vids man

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