COLLATERAL 1 Shot 2 Kills – War Thunder Gameplay

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Gameplay – 4m 1 Shot 2 Kill Collateral!

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  1. pls play T-29

  2. Centurion Mk 10

  3. play the god damn T-44-100 ive been asking for weeks

  4. Dat balance in this fking game… Army of IS-4m s, and T54 s vs Tigers II
    and Panthers… this is sad ;(

  5. Centurion mk10

  6. MesterSmileyface Gaming

    Comet please

  7. 253 GamingComrad352

    IS2 make Iosif Stalin tanks great again

  8. 1 shot 2 kills ooo so nice whats the tank on the background ….. well
    objously not german :(:(:(

  9. Play the ram 2 for maple syrup

  10. Tier 1 tanks in high level games.

  11. Russian bias on that Panther 2

  12. Tiger 1

  13. Baron! Please play the Tier IV Premium Panzerbefehlswagen VI (P)!

  14. everytime I watch one of his videos I have a hard time trying to fathom how
    he has so many subs considering how garbage he is, sorry

  15. Krystian Kornilowicz

    dude u should play skyrim please

  16. Panther A

  17. Divenire Blitz survival Games

    Strv 81 and Lancaster FOR SWEDISH BIAS!!!!

  18. Divenire Blitz survival Games

    Vote for Swedish Bias!!! Strv 81 for ze meatballs!

  19. Can it be that you always show Rounds where you are Hightier yourself ???
    In my Opinion that doesn’t show how this Game really is…..Most of the
    Time you are Lowtier where your Armor is worth shot dude….

  20. marder 3 pleas

  21. SU-122P

  22. M4A3 Sherman 76 at 5.3 BR

  23. Izzuddin MohdRozlan

    Cromwell 1 havent seen u play the brits in a while

  24. Saba Khokhobashvili

    baron has the beat boii

  25. Baron take out the Cromwell

  26. play ISU-152

  27. How about Pz 38

  28. Fairuzairliner134 Poncoaji

    Stug 3

  29. e8 man n p51 go murica

  30. Hey play the new Men of Assault Squad 2-Men of War Origins

  31. hey Guys i have 1 Shot 2 kill Too watch on my Video!!!!!

  32. this Not joke

  33. German bias confirmedTiger 2 105!!!

  34. Screensaving Gamer

    play the zut-37. I dare you! ?

  35. zbigniew miszczunio

    KV-220 and SU-100Y , 2 AWESOME rusian prem

  36. Baron do the M22 Locust and troll the sh*t of the enermy!

  37. Struggle bus set:
    Panzer 4 Ausf J with that lovely hand crank turret speed
    And HS-129 B3 with the 75mm gun

  38. ze mighty Panzer VI Ausf.B Königstiger

  39. t 34 85

  40. can you play the M103 or the sheridan!!

  41. Do the Conway

  42. ASU 85 and bring out the ASU 57 as a backup


  44. Joebini Roblete (Daemon)

    Panther II tank sniper?

  45. baron can you please play MOWAS 2 origins pls pls pls

  46. 2:15 shot too weak for Soviet socialist, hand made, geneticlly superior
    steel xaxaxaxa )))))

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