COMBO SERIES BACK?! Puma & Bf-109F-2 (War Thunder Combo)

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COMBO SERIES BACK?! Puma & Bf-109F-2 (War Combo)


  1. *I’ve been thinking and we have alot of request all over the place and to make everyone happy. I think i’ll bring back this series. However this is the only place you are able leave your request. All other request on NON combo videos will be removed* 🙂

    • The Russians have recently stepped up their game. Fortunately for us, Hans is proficient joyrider before the war. Hans has stolen KV1-B (756)r and Il-2 sturmovik (1942). Give Stalin a taste of his own medicine!

    • Siu Hin Jonathan Wong

      Hey Phly !
      Get ready for the new Type90 for Japanese tank 🙂
      Try out the ST-A1 & J7W1 combo !

    • commander phly, the war has taken a horrible turn. The Russians are at the gates of Berlin as we speak. The war is all but lost, yet we cannot afford to surrender. Take the Panther D and the Bf-109K-4, and make one last stand. Good luck, pilot

    • yeeeeeeees. shinden needs love

    • Can u pls do a vid on the Kv-4

  2. Jeanne d' Arc·Alter

    plz Barbarossa combo: He111H + Pz.III L

  3. Puma is love!

  4. Ston3bridg3 Viking

    Nothing new that a German vehicle is “buggy”.

  5. *ComboDaily*

  6. tHiS 15 cEnTiMeTrE

  7. One of the best vids in a while, i like most of your vids but this one was very entertaining to watch!!

  8. Do u even Luft bro?

  9. Try a He111 in a Tankmatch and carpetbomb them!!!

  10. King Tiger: HIS VIDEO IS LATE!

    Phly: sorry for the late video…

    King Tiger: put zee 88 back into closet….

  11. First ever game i play with you and i end up not enjoying it as my computer crashed to overheating, i am Lt. Berge, my friends in the game whom i was in squad with is Sprysea, Teknodog and Dat23, damn it hurt me when i crashed, as i was overjoyed when i saw it was actually you and not some pretender using your old names.

  12. Please play with the stuka and the panzer 4 C

  13. fuck ye phly, keep it up man

  14. John Aimrie Santibanez

    Take out the BT-5 and IL-28 use the T-62 to bring into a 8.0 match and use the BT-5 to Achieve Godmode

  15. How can you cut the engine of an plane,I’ve never figured it myself

  16. Please do more plane gameplay in tank realistic

  17. Yayyy, love seeing Puma gameplay. <3

  18. Michał Tomczuk

    Phly! I am not trolling, I know you don’t really fancy playing cased TDs that much, but I had mucho fun while playing the SU-85M in it’s BR. along with it you could take the Su-6. I don’t think I even saw SU-85M on your channel, so please, don’t make me notify uncle Joseph about it and get you sent to gulag 🙂

  19. thedogpresident02 gaming

    How do u even see how much ammo or engien warmth is? Is it in options cuz i have never found it in game

  20. Bec u r shooting centre of mass to the Sherman’s sides and backs

  21. Do you pay world of warship


  23. Rosi Ritzenduft

    Hey Phly: Could u pls Screenshot your Grafic+PostFX Settings?! No matter what i do, on your Videos WarThunder looks so much better!


  25. The loved and the Unloved La-15 and T-55A Attempt #1

  26. Yes, finally 🙂 best series on YT

  27. Please Pak4075mmPUMA+Bf109E7 🙂

  28. Best video so far

  29. For Stalin! Take out T-60 and IL2 1941

  30. the t50 was a early t34

  31. one of the best videos in a while

  32. Christopher Henry

    Love the combos man

  33. PAK PUMA not regular puma BabyRage

  34. Take out the german bias play the tiger 1 and HE177

  35. Comrade Phly u showed a Video of the American M60A2 Starship about how not so good it was and a video of the German Rdp Hot 2 and how good it is, Now it is time to show about Russia’s IT-1 show us it is good to. DO THIS OR WE SEND U TO GULAG :3

  36. Phly, 15mm is bad because it not in inches like mighty .50 cals.

  37. LATE VIDEO??? Unforgivable.

  38. Cyrus The Virus

    I vote for you to play the objective 🙂


    Fun combo, I love using this combo.

  40. Hey PhlyDaily hopefully you can help me with this but I’ve been penalized in World of Warships for being AFK , and the cause of me being AFK is that my internet went bust and I wanst able to get back onto the server , because it was saying that the server was temporally down , this is the second time it has happened to me and the second time I,ve been warned for being AFK , cause I loose connection and cant help that so how would I tell them that I could not help my internet issues , or if anyone can answer my question please.

    Thanks 🙂

  41. Nils Östergrens

    Anyone heard when this will come out on Xbox? (If they still gonna release it there)


    I do get a lot of tank kills in my F2. Thing is you need to snipe the crew. Best approach is to come from behind, aim at the turret and some times if the angle is just right you can even get the driver and MG gunner.

  43. Girls und Panzer kill on the sherman

  44. For the 667th comment Break the curse!
    Next combo: churchill mk vii + firebrand

  45. Rambo_Lambo_Bear

    I’ve taken out T-44s and Is-2s with those 15mms – they are godly if you can aim well

  46. dragan Ljubenov

    TB-3 & T-35! Unleash the RUSSIANBIAS!

  47. Where’s the love for the Italian or French planes?!?! Where’s the love for the unloved??

  48. Hey Phly! I just played with the Ho-I, the japanese PZKPFW IV E, with a great 76 mm pen heat shell. It is really unloved (I haven’t seen one that wasn’t controlled by me), maybe bc it is 2.0 BR. If you want to do a “Loving the unloved” episode, that little lad is one tank that truly deserves it! 😀

  49. grandmaster of nothing

    OH ??ℹ

  50. German Combo, the JU 87 D-5 Stuka with his 2MGs and 12 more MGs or 4 bigger MGs to add + the SdKfz. AA

    Attempt 1

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