COMBO VID : M163 & M103 BRRRTTTT & BOOOM (War Thunder)

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COMBO VID : M163 & M103 BRRRTTTT & BOOOM ( Thunder)

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  1. RC Stuff & Cool Projects

    I saw the title and thought it says COVID MBO

  2. Phly make an Xbox account and play with the Chrysler, but you have to use controller

  3. Lil'JohnnyBernard

    old intro AND combo video?!

  4. Me: *can’t see a tank at 800m with max zoom*
    Phly: 3:41

  5. UNO reverse card


  6. Hey, Phly! You do know you can hold the Lmouse button to shoot as soon and as fast as possible, right? You dont need to spam XD.

  7. It’s 2020 and you still can’t reload in WT without wasting the current ammo…

  8. this does bring a smile on my face

  9. Could you highlight the SB2C-4 Helldiver. Wanna see someone actually dive bombing In it

  10. LithuanianBadger

    Does anyone still play this game anymore?

  11. 15:50 how long has Phly been playing WT? and you’re telling me he’s not even aware that you can just hold in left click and it’ll shoot instantly when the reload finishes.

  12. I was reading COVID instead of COMBO VID 😐

  13. ‘Back in the day…’ Chrysler was an American car company…
    In more recent years, Chrysler has been in other countries, “INCLUDING CHINA.” Where they were BOOMING, even while taking bailout money, from Bush and Obama, here in the US….
    Yes, they were building cars for use in China and those countries or territories, that support or are otherwise under China’s ‘umbrella of influence.’
    So… Is Chrysler still an American company? Hell, even “Smithfield Hams is a Chinese company now.
    The Dutch own Budweiser… (No more Michelob.) NO! Michelob LITE, or ULTRA, is NOT Michelob beer. Just piss colored water that has stolen the name of a once great American beer.
    I will never drink this piss, nor will I drink St. Pauli Girl…

  14. Did anyone else see the rocket go through him

  15. Play the challenger 2 (2F)
    14TH TRY

  16. 8:08 what was that !?

  17. With the type 60, you said he had the wrong key binding, is there a way to make missile controls inverted or not inverted? On ps4 fyi

  18. Not even phly could make this tank look good. This poor thing.

  19. *everybody ooh everybody eeh*

    phly we need this intro, not that one :>(

  20. LeftHandMonkey _

    Yeet fin stabilized?

  21. Hey i have the sound update for used cartridges today on xbox

  22. Bro phly!!!! We seriously need a review of premium tanks. Please do a video on some of the “must buy” premiums.

    It would be very helpful and nobody has done it

  23. Could you please make a video on one or maybe all three of these suggestions.
    I-16 type 10 with some historical information
    Gladiator Mk II loving the unloved
    UH-1C XM-30 with 30mm gun pods no ATGMs please.

  24. Why does my M163 never work that well against planes oh right I’m on console and bad framerates = input lag = game code breaking down on client side…..

  25. Can you play The King tiger 88mm H

  26. Me playing M163:
    * see planes *
    * lock planes *
    * can’t hit shit *
    Me playing Bratley:
    * see planes *
    * blind shot *
    * plane go down *

  27. 16:00 the rockets of the jagdpanther

  28. Why you kill the Flak Pz1

  29. Hell yeah

  30. If you go for an AAA warbond mission, you will see one aircraft all night long. And it will suicide bomb for a revenge kill.

  31. M163 + M103 = M266

  32. Gabriel Nicholas Caparas

    Try the m60 starship and the f4 phantom next combo vid

  33. does he cahnge his username every time?

  34. Can you play the King? The king Tiger with 12,8 gun?

  35. Shannon Suckling

    Me who hasn’t played war thunder in over a month now coming back: Bbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrr back to hanger


  37. and other japanese veicles

  38. “God my luck is so bad”
    Me: HA… I wish i had your luck

  39. “They really did some nice things with the sounds in the game”
    Me, thinking back to when Russian 152mm guns sounded badass asf: *No. No they didn’t.*

  40. Mais algum BR assiste a esse cara, e mesmo não entendendo nada do que ele fala, racha de ri assim como eu? Kkkkkk

  41. Thought it’s gonna be the Messerschmitt

  42. Double tap on the ammo no. needs to change ammo without firing the shell, the reload should take double the time.

  43. Phly play the M2A2

  44. im in such a kms mood today idk why

  45. I actualy live at Fulda

  46. Kristin Butterworth

    I think you should try bomber crew if you like bombing in war thunder

  47. it sounds like DAJUNK lol, i love it!

  48. Phly: doesn’t die
    Also Phly: What’s wrong with this game

  49. I just love anything on the M113 chassis

  50. pls share your contorls

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