| COME JOIN US | WoT University / Havoc X Recruitment Video World of Tanks / World of Warships

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Source: Sir Havoc

| COME JOIN US | WoT / Havoc X Recruitment Video / World of Warships

Hi Guys we are currently recruiting EU and members there is plan to start SEA but not until next year.

Step 2. Go to out Speak and speak to our recruitment staff.


Good luck

Video Intro by: Laurent Caccia


  1. I have been in the NA1 clan for nearly a month now. All I can say is that
    these guys are a great bunch.

  2. do i need some tanks??

  3. Best of luck in your recruitment from defiance (def..)

  4. I’m 14 with 2500 wn8 average, but I’m on NA… -.-

  5. I can only say that since I have subscribed to your channel and Joined NA1,
    I have really enjoyed WOT so much more. It is awesome to be able to train
    with you and participate in skirmishes with others in the clan. Hats off to
    you Sir for what you have done.

  6. Is there a community to the xbox players?

  7. HI Sir Havoc
    I’ve been part of your community for a while now and I really like it.I
    made a lot of new friends.There is always someone online to play with and
    chat.Ee do a lot of platoning, team battles and we have a lot of trainings
    but also have a loads of fun.
    I definitely recommend this community it is the best community I’ve seen so
    Keep up the good work Sir Havoc and thank you for creating this community.

  8. Would love to join but I don’t think the cable is long enough.

    Kindest Regards
    From SEA Server

  9. I do like what you’re doing with this clan idea, I like the idea 🙂 I’m
    second in command of a clan currently though so I don’t want to leave that.
    Do you play with anyone in different clans?

  10. Ok so I have a EU account but I only play WoWS on the EU account since I
    made it so I could play with Plumb Tanker, I do not plan on playing WoT on
    the EU server. I have a NA account that is my main WoT account but I
    already am in a good clan. So my question is where do I apply for the EU
    WoWS clan since I would like to play with more people on EU.

  11. sterilizer, which teirs are mainly used

  12. does it matter if you are not a native english speaker, wich results in
    wierd senteces sometimes?

  13. Are you planning on expanding to Armoured Warfare ?

  14. I know that there is a clan on the NQ server but is it still taking members
    I heard it was full. Also do they offer everything that u do in the will

  15. I’ve been a member of WOT-UNI NA1 about a month and a half and I’m quite
    happy that I joined. I’ve learned a lot and it reflects in my scores. A
    great place to hang out and have fun.

  16. wow nice outro! This is the most amazing gaming community out there. Their
    focus is honestly on improving players of ALL skill levels so NO minimum
    requirements! Great fun too ;)

  17. i play on asia server. Can I join as well?

  18. been a member for around 5 months. Great clan ,epic laughs every night.

  19. I’m already in a wot clan ( it does bugger all at the moment !) but would
    love a go at world of warships….only tried it once and was totally
    useless. ..lol…..

  20. Sir Havok, do you give advice to other clans. also, could you make more Wot
    University videos? Harmd is on the Na server. We are a training clan that
    will make appearance on the new clan war map. This causes many problems as
    most are under 900 wn8. Everyone is used to tier 6 battles,but tier 8 is a
    whole new animal. We have used many of your tutorials to teach new players.
    If you want learn to play the game Sir Havok is the Best on YouTube.

  21. is there a min win8 rate that this clan is requiring ????? or can anyone
    join this clan

  22. Just going to put a post out there: When I first joined I felt extremely
    welcome and would definitely advise you to check the community out and
    believe me, you will love it! There are really great people in there 😀 –
    Crusadertank01 ex-Recruitment Officer Wot Uni 2

  23. I’ve been working with this group for quit awhile. As a member of WOT-UNI
    NA1 I can assure that all Sir Havoc says is true. We have a lot of training
    opportunities to help you improve your gameplay. Some groups like NA1 have
    a structured approach to membership. However we are not the police
    enforcing tons of rules. We simply expect regular participation, courtesy,
    respect for one another, willingness to help each other improve and using
    TeamSpeak when in game. Come on over and check it all out.

  24. Great community, loads of fun, changed my opinion 100% about what clans and
    communities REALLY behave like in WoT. (VICMAN_SV – WoT-Uni EU)

  25. really helpful welcoming really helpful all welcome hope to see u soon

  26. I came for beer but stayed for tanks

  27. Great place and nice people, been there a couple of weeks and love it.

  28. Charlie Cheesecake

    If you feel you have a bit of cut over the average WoT player dont be
    scared away, we dont only need people to tutor but also the tutors!

  29. Great community! Wish I had joined wot-uni sooner!

  30. Great place to come and learn, and share what you’ve learned with others!
    Made lots of friends from all over, good group of guys to platoon with and
    just hang with on teamspeak. (Krampus_CT – WoT UNI NA1)

  31. Best community EU & NA

  32. Brilliant Clan, only been here a couple of weeks. Great Community and all
    round great bunch of guys :)

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