^^| COMET Crazy close game.. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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Source: SirCircon


  1. evading that T32 was just beautiful! maximum effort!


  3. Him wasting his ammo triggers me

  4. Just getting warmed up.

  5. dab two key for the stat padding and probable win…I love WOT

  6. Maximum Effort!

    fuck a monkey.

  8. you cant win em all

  9. Send replay to QB Kappa

  10. DAMMIT CIRC, you can shoot the gun and get resets

  11. I fought the LOL and the LOL won.

  12. modpeck?

  13. epic. but seriously, carry harder.

  14. Spaming APCR at the Tiger 1 + missing arty cost you game. Biggest
    heartbreak I’ve ever seen.


  15. game would be better without brit tanks

  16. Health is overrated anyway….

  17. Good try at least xP

  18. Had you aimed more and wasted less APCR might’ve won.

  19. Just wondering, do u stick with the APCR sometimes cuz u don’t bother? Or
    just cuz u want certanty to get ur mark?

    I’m guilty of both.

  20. Email to Jingles?

  21. hi circon, thanks for that clip. watching these get me on the edge of my
    seat xD

  22. @Circon spotting viewports
    are at the top of the turret AND at the gunbase… So there are two
    points/transmitters to get spotted from

  23. MrNardKing “MrNardKing”

    Circo got memed

  24. “Gold rounds are the only reason why Circon has unicum stats”… meanwhile
    did you see what this motherfucker did on 14 HP in a fucking Comet? If this
    doesn’t show those people why Circon is as good as he is, nothing will…

  25. Cromwell got artyed for camping

  26. Wow, this might be the best WoT game i’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen quite a
    I’ve seen a lot of rounds with epic results but in almost all of them the
    stars perfectly aligned, the person was wearing a 4 – leaf clover jacked
    and had a horseshoe shoved up their ass. But this round? THIS was just pure
    skill and calculation. Respect to you sir Circon.

  27. Is that zoom camera mod? Is it legal? Because i can”t found them. :(

  28. Glad you warned me up front it was a close one. That was amazing.

  29. APCR (gold) for Tiger I? Ok, because that you this game.

  30. I don’t really see the point of taking he on anything less than a 90mm, and
    even that is stretching it. On my WZ-120, however, I carry 6 shots to 2
    shoot the paper tier 8 tds and pen all non Russian and German tanks in the
    side and ass

  31. That last shot…literally looked like it went straight into the drive

  32. The KV-85 had the 100mm. Awesome gun, terrible gun depression.

  33. the t32 juke was great

  34. Clearly, we need more RNG in this game.

  35. Robin “Lord Pantaloons” S

    comet fair and balanced

  36. Nice use of the zoom-out cheat mod.

  37. Don’t quite know what the Udes 03 was thinking……

  38. FUCK! how is he still singing!? I’d be frozen like a boner if I were to be
    in his situation!

  39. The KV-85 was using the stock 85mm gun at 5:00. 120mm pen, 160 Alpha and
    around 4-5 second reload.

    …yeah, I’m still stuck using it. But could be worse I guess…

  40. hmm, a lot of unessecary gold rounds were fired in this video

  41. Firing APCR at Bulldong and TigerI side.. Thats what cost him the game..

  42. Hell of a game, dude. Tell me you at least had a small amount of adrenaline
    pumping?? Haha

  43. 5:20 – Yeah, the dpm on the KV-85’s 85mm (&100mm) is insane, they balanced
    it by making the tank have like 3 degrees of gun depression. Check out
    tanks.gg and with no skills or equipment it’s only like 200 dpm less than
    the comet.

  44. stock 85 mm on the KV85, same as on KV1 i believe

  45. The 122 on the kv85 even with a gld vents and rammer is unbearable. 85 has
    like a 6.5 sec reload and is amazing and worlds better

  46. Guess i will 3 mark my comet next year ;)

  47. you would’ve won if you had fire HE at the arty near the end instead of
    being a potato and wasting the last AP on arty xD nice memes circon

  48. Let’s try to get an ace tanker on this, thank you Circon for making matters
    worse for the plebs.

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