^^| COMET – Finishing Gunmarks. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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Source: SirCircon


  1. all those apcr for 3rd marks…totally worthed???

  2. I laughed at the use of premium on the arty, but it doesn’t matter. It was nice seeing sky pigs die 🙂

  3. well done sir. great game, great carry and great 1v 29 lol

  4. Arty rampage….. wohoo, nice very nice.. burn baby burn!

  5. Awesome work Circon. Great viewing.

  6. How the hell did that IS on the hill live as long as he did…

  7. So the new meta for Himmelsdorf is defend J1 AT ALL COSTS !! I’ll have to try that next time.

  8. Aways good to earn the ebolaids cure medal:P

  9. dem little swedish pricks

  10. looks like you are a much better comet player than QB 😛

  11. Now bow to QB. The king of Comet players 😉

  12. j1 is secure…..lmao

  13. Four fucking hvys go to train yd including the top tier Black Prince!!SMDH

  14. “Come here you little Swedish pricks!” lol

  15. So much talk about ammo here, but would any of you think about leaving the hill so quickly to be useful elsewhere or would you have continued to cry till you die. The game is about position and tactics as much as ammo

  16. Just a quick note about Circon firing APCR at the arty: it is fine for two reasons:

    First, it triggers the arty players.

    Second, if the game is really good and it goes up on Youtube, it triggers people in the comment section.

    So rock on Circon.

  17. 3:38 J1 is secure. Repeat. J1. Is. Secure.

  18. Oh no, Circon missed/didn´t care to switch back to AP…>> *nagging about gold noob* engaged…

  19. Circon be dead inside.

  20. I love all the salty comments about premium ammo as much as i love spamming it in every enemy tank 🙂

  21. Outstanding way to end the three mark grind;)

  22. 98% of the gold wasn’t necessary

  23. Nice meme!

  24. Nice meme’s.

  25. Circon why do you not have kv2 gameplay?

  26. watching circon play WOT makes me want to get back into the game..

    but.. WOWS is so much more fun and balanced…

    and then theres AW…

  27. Circon has more Marks than Deutsche Bank. Congrats, nice stream. I think xp should be doubled when your drunk.

  28. God you fired gold at everything you didnt need to this game.

  29. I left just before he played this game on the stream…

  30. Dominates game and gets third mark. Armchair nuubs shout about premium ammo use… Wait What? Great game Circon! You do you man!

  31. how do you have this large 3rd person view camera ??

  32. circon please 3 mark the bishop? it’s so awful ??

  33. gratz circon, that must have been a long grind 🙂

  34. SirCircon- “Hit me once, I’m mad.”
    *arty strikes again* “Hit me twice, how could you.”
    *sircon sees the 2 bishops* “Hit me three times FUCK YOU!!”

  35. Hey I actually saw this game live.
    Cool for me

  36. I almost didn’t watch this video because of the thumbnail. It reminded me of Quickybaby’s BS but then I realized it wasn’t.
    Thank you Circon for not being like that 🙂

  37. J1 is secured..i laughed so hard XD

  38. Seen seal clubbing video’s before. But Circon, invented a new kind, scum clubbing, I love it!

  39. awesome, just complete awesomeness

  40. Do you even APCR,bro?!?!

  41. quantity over quality.. unsub is quite close here

  42. That Black Prince, the slowest heavy, went to the furthest point in the map away from all the engagement. Way to go. On the other hand it’s always nice to see some arty killing.

  43. As you can see artillery is very good for dynamic gameplay!

    Congrats on the 3 gunmarks on this thing, hope you enjoy it as much as I do 🙂

  44. Gotta mark them all, I am getting a new goal myself too: get at least 1 mark in every STANDARD tank in the game, YES, ALSO ALL OF THE T1 TANKS…

  45. I condone the use of apcr on arty GJ Circ 🙂

  46. Ridiculously bad team you had there sonny Jim. Well played!

  47. Have you tried marking the A-44 yet? Would be interesting to see a unicum do that.

  48. Rip all gold in wot

  49. Hey, Circ, why do you have HE shells loaded when you are shooting APCR everywhere, even for arty? 😉
    Just kidding, you did amazing work, nevermind about goldhaters.

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