^^| COMET me bro… (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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  1. pauperrrr

  2. circon and QB are like ronaldo and messi… people like one and hate the
    other but they are both great players

  3. Thumbs up for that joke! In germany we got that christmas song with the
    line “Ihr Kinderlein kommet…” (Means “Come ye Ye Children”). During my
    last stream, this Idea came to my mind… “Ihr Kinderlein COMET” *badum tss*

  4. Ngl, every time I watch these videos taken from the stream I keep going out
    of full screen to type in twitch chat…. ._.

  5. But where’s the STUG thing, I missed it on stream? :(

  6. Every single damm time I watch you on YouTube or Twitch , I am so fucking
    glad your not on NA !

  7. His gf laugh like a fucking chiwawa

  8. good to see the sunglasses making a comeback, it’s been too long

  9. #SirCircon I like Fiery Salient better than Prokhorovka ! Prokhorovka is
    just too flat !

  10. Why circon always zoom out after shoots?

  11. Ahh the Comet. Shooting from distance with that 77mm gun can be a pain in
    the ass. But its a very good tank, a pleasure to play, it excels with a
    good crew.

  12. Hey circon do you sometimes analyze other players aggressions and actions
    to determine how you make your next move, for example a timid heavy you
    flank and aggressive scout in city you purposefully get spotted to bring
    them to you and kill or something like that when you don’t have xvm

  13. even if the last HE shell hadnt killed the VK you couldve rammed him for
    enough from behind

  14. 15:36 Nerf Circon 2017 pls

  15. circon is broken or op lol

  16. T20 next maybe? I would like to see play it

  17. A minute of silence for people playing the M4 45 with a 90mm gun.

  18. Does Circon own a chicken? Sure sounds like one laid an egg. Maybe its to
    go with his chin badger.

  19. crap ton of medals

  20. Conquality!

  21. Your shot was being pulled down into the hill contour when you were trying
    to hit the 45. The only way a shot would of hit would of been if it struck
    the turret. But great carry none the less.

  22. I want to see a Cir and QB exhibition match in comets best out of 11
    matches. And his mom laughing is awesome :-)

  23. Do you think tiger II should’ve been buffed along with the other german
    heavies ? I think that tank needs some serious buffs.

  24. jesus Circon, you smooth sun of a…..pull it off again and again… noobs
    wet dream

  25. Lol Rammstein song.

  26. Top kek, pretty good.

  27. same gun like cromwells, lover speed, useeles in tier IX game, big
    disepointment, sold it after 50 games

  28. What are you using to check the WN8 and all that good jazz?

  29. Holy fucking shit on stick, that first game though….

  30. great map and MM for this tank

  31. Ofc, 1000DMG / game in Comet is better than 90% of ppl’s DMG. “Easy tank”,
    “OP”, yeah, nice joke. If you know how to play you can be good in 80% of
    tanks in this game(rest is just not playable).

    And Cromwell is just 2 times better tier/tier. 3pen diffrence, and less HP,
    also bot tanks are made from paper.

  32. This pun.. I can’t.. I dind’t.. Jebus, Circon…

  33. Great games. I enjoyed watching you play them.

  34. 5:40 and they still want to nerf accuracy even more… yea make the game
    even more frustrating wg , great idea…

  35. I have tried to become a better player, but I don’t have three gun barrel
    marks on the Comet… What am I going to do with my life ? :c

  36. The memes just roll off of this man’s tongue.

  37. Nothing wrong with that map, we need more open maps. It’s Paris, Pilsen and
    Mines that need a thorough rework and enlarging.This obsession WG has with
    city maps and changing the meta to in-your-face brawling and killing
    everyone in 3 minutes or less reminds me of that crappy game Day of Defeat.
    Shoot Die Rinse Repeat, all in the same small area.

  38. All that effort and no credits

  39. Love the title pun. Oh, and good work in the game.

  40. And damn that O-Ni top gun denied

  41. lighting on this map… awful

  42. I literally laughed when he said “this map sucks gigantic monkey dick” only
    on circonflexes XD

  43. Random giggles in background….heh

  44. Nice title :)

  45. RNG man, gota love it. And prepare to get screwed over even more with the
    proposed accuracy nerf.

  46. lmao circon I know how you feel…. best gun handling of the tier 7 mediums
    they say…

  47. Hey Circon, are you going to get For Honor?

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