Complete Crew Rework with Crew 2.0 – SandBox Overview | World of Tanks New Crew Sandbox Testing 2021

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Crew 2.0 Rework, New Crew Skills and Crew 2.0 Guide and Overview. World of Tanks Crew Rework in 2021 Sandbox Testing, Future Plans and News.

The time has arrived, today I am going to test out the long-awaited crew 2.0, a complete rework to the crew system. There are going to be a lot of them, explaining all kind of different topics, which need deeper analyzing, such as all the skills!

What do you think?

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– Only Crew action!


  1. Dez you can retrain crews with credits by reseting the skills after, you loose a few % but they become 100% instantly.

  2. First impression: i m happy


    the conversion will be smooth and simple. hahaha…

  4. Why, leave alone what works…..

  5. “To make for a more diverse System.” Yeah, like in WoWS where they promised exactly the same Thing. But now the Crew Rework has resulted in most players backline sniping in BBs and most of the rest playing Shimakaze. Also, Supercruisers don’t have access to Battleships Skills anymore which tanked their Fire Prevention and Secondary Builds. Real diverse. We’ll see what really happens when it releases. But good skills will stay good skills no matter what you do. There will always be a meta. The only good thing that really stands out is “removal” of sixth sense.

  6. I kinda like this. More so because of my 4 skill crews… At tier 5 😁

  7. I would rather say: “quite a convoluted mess”, if this goes live I am out

  8. So personal manual which gives 800k exp will be converted to 3x Universal manual which gives 250k (750k exp total)? Its marginal diference because this 50k will be divided by crew member number, but still its better to use them now (better for low crew member count tanks => light tank with 3 crew memebers) right? Ofc only when you want to have light tank crew…

  9. really all they needed to do was 1. Lower XP requirements for qualification, 1st and 2nd skills. 2. Make new perks that are useful and rework the ones that weren’t. 3. Allow moving between vehicles. 2.0 is just another way to make us grind more and do it all over again. I bet their conversion is actually garbage. I’m even more done with this game if this happens. I dont want to spent 100 hours just trying to get crews back to what they were. What about the female crew members? nothing for them since they were at one time ‘special’

  10. Ya I don’t like theses change’s war gaming always fucking over the community

  11. Am I the only one looking forward to these changes?

  12. – The skill point cap should be higher, at least 100 or maybe 150. You just feel extremely limited with all of the new skills.
    – Talents should unlock at 20 points in that row, otherwise you feel forced to pick skills you don’t really need.

  13. I have probably 15 (7) skill crews? I hope the compensation for high skill crews is adequate….

  14. Eh … I think i need test server, it’s too much.
    Dormitory for each tank? Good, I can use my 60 vacant slots and fill them with tier 2 tanks 🙂

  15. My first comment Dez is that 75levels is not enough, especially for EBR 5 perks its not enough, what a shame I will loose my 8 perk crew

  16. i have soo many crew books and specials crew members in barrack ready to be train if a crew member is missing.
    By so many books a mean i can have few members with at least 2 perks

  17. Sandbox my ass! This is completely worked out, they will not change anything.

  18. I dont really like it because you can’t even choose to have all the skills like now.

  19. This topic required longer video, thank you!

  20. My 6/7 skill crews will not be happy after this lmao

  21. Soooo…. I bought tons of bunks. Now, they will be converted into manuals – and if I want them back, I have to PAY GOLD? Well, thanks! But hey, I have soooo many 0-skill crew members!

  22. i’m so confused. To much of all. And what will happen to my skins i have in my FV4005 4 crew in rng skin.

  23. I have 250 tanks and Im gonna have to manualy Change from old to 2.0? Thats insane!

  24. I have 85 tech tree tanks including all the tier X except the Rinoceronte that is already researched. All my tanks have 5 skills crews and more. All the tanks have their own crews. I also have several special and premium tanks also with their own crews due to the amount of special commanders and special crews along these years missions/campaigns/etc….
    I´ve spent real money in the game to accomplish all this. and now WG comes and changes everything… NO NO NO NO
    I want a compensation that REALLY compensates all of this!!!
    If the compensation is ridiculous i´m going to stop playing this game 100% for sure!

  25. I’m curious about what will happen with tanks that I have all “Instructor” crews on already. Who becomes the commander? What happen to their xp? So my 4+ skill crews of all reward crew are just going to go away if I don’t have a regular commander on the vehicle?

  26. This RNG skill is so useless. On average you always roll your alpha damage. What is this develper department???

  27. I see guys making mistakes on this new update. Good luck. Will be waiting for your next vid Dez.

  28. 37:07 you can use them (crews that didn’t turn into crew xp books) IN VEHICLES AND CONVERT them to the new crew system

    crews that remain, retrain those high lvl crews to thee tank that has the fewest crew slot of their nation, to get the most number of comander
    –sooooooooo duping comanders will be a thing (as log you got the crew for that)–

    new comander 2.0 can be used on 3 vehicles … then you could sacrifice 2/3 of elite crews to xp bost the remaining 1/3 elite crew… … would that work? or is it better to convert to as many high lvl comander as possible, instead of additional xp bost to remaining comander, that will cover for those tanks you do play?

  29. Dez if you split your crew like you said in the video, you will get 3 average cammanders rather than one really good one.

  30. Max De Kleijn De Kleijn

    I don’t like it way to complicated and the new skills are mostly not permanent affect but just in certain situations so it is even harder to play well in game instructors seem not good either I rather have the crew it is rn with having option for 3 regular tanks and permanent 5th sense

  31. Love how they talk about realism but leave in the most unrealistic skill: Sixth Sense…

  32. The crew 2.0 is stupid honestly and I don’t like it at all

  33. This stuff is not making it easier but one big maze of crap…. Im not gonna do this for my 100 tanks… just leave what is not broken and fix what is…

  34. They need upgrade or change the players more then the game mecanichs, I am not playing much more course I think its not equal, its the players there have most there keeps get the bennefits, not much help to new. You need fx have been 4 years in the game for get a great thanks as super hellcat, the things like get Chuck Norris og get a reward tanks again favorite the good skilled players. A noob is not populare speed up and play tier 9 or 10 and are harezed for buy tier 8 premiums tank, but old top players are welcome to play low tier and beat the heck out of newbs for boost there skills and most of all there ego. All these changes again favorite the good top players, not the newbs.

  35. idk for me it all seems unnecessary, like core skills didnt change, BIA, Repairs, Camo, View range, Gun handling skills are still way to go, at least I couldnt find anything new what would be more beneficial than those old skills. To get all of them you need around 50 points and than you are left with 25 points to get some random skill, basically as it is now, get all good skills and just pick some whatever skills, so imo pointless changes, just making everything unnecessary more complicated.
    Only good changes are that now you dont get fucked if your tank has like 2-3 crew members and you can use your crew in multiple tanks, which I have no idea why they couldnt change on current crew system.
    On top of that crew loses 10% bonus from commander. And all you get for that loss is a possibility to get some talents, which is hard to say how useful they are.

  36. Ok now these videos are getting really long… I definitely liked under 15min videos

  37. Marco Antonio Vieira de Oliveira

    FFS! Wargaming screwed my brain with all these changes, Dez… you’re not the only one who felt slapped in the face. I saw some good points but others useless or overlooked.

  38. WG 12 minute video is so fucking confusing. read the comments under their video, people fail to understand everything after the first 4 minutes including me.

  39. GARBAGE Patch on the way! WoT is PURE SHIT, more and MORE.

  40. Oh boy. I actually sat and watch the complete video. ALOT of info and changes. They claim in the video ‘conversion will be simple and easy’ RIGHT this is very complicated and seems easy to screw up…

  41. Welcome to WoT console…

  42. This test is f up, crashes after 2 minutes every time I play it

  43. I would like to see a way to convert a new commander to crew books. I won’t need 3 commander for my Italian meds tier 8,9 & 10, when I can use the same commander in all 3 tanks. Let me keep the best commander and convert the others into crew books or something.

  44. It’s alot to take in and I’m not impressed. But change is inevitable, and I’ll wait for more Dez News before I make up my mind. 🙂

  45. Владимир Асенов

    This is awful. What will happen with the voiceover? I fought to get Chuck and for what?? Now we will have dummy commander and cannot use any of the special crew members? And would we be able to use the female crew as commanders?

  46. “Brothers in Arms” ?

  47. Quantum physics: hard to understand
    Wg: Hold my Crew 2.0

  48. frankly all of this is kind of overcomplicated. it seems to give us some diversity but of all these skills only handful are really useful.

  49. This is going to be a major disaster. People have been complaining about not wanting this since last year.

    I do not see how this will be anything but a disaster. Right after the HE rework…

    It is like Wargaming is hell bent on breaking their games…

  50. why don’t they just keep it the same but make it much less grindy so that ppl can have fun

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