COMPOSITE SHERMAN? | 3 Sherman’s Made Into One (War Thunder M4 Tipo)

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COMPOSITE SHERMAN? | 3 Sherman’s Made Into One (War Thunder M4 Tipo)


  1. Waiting for you to play using the sound mod, last time it made a huge difference.

  2. A Sturgeon From Lake Superior

    * Ammo racks Tiger with M1911 *

  3. music is anoing

  4. 0:06 Phly presents dead meme’s (2016) edition

  5. More like TankDaily

  6. Bruh, you gotta put the sound of back on.. my 1st world ears are hurting due to the vanilla sound of the guns…

  7. you… did… NEARLY TWICE the kills that the ENEMY did

  8. I’m not gonna lie might have killed a few of these in some friendly fire accidents as the Germans.

  9. Have you tried the new heavy cruiser?

  10. Can u plz make a video on German I.e.the Panther and the tiger plz

  11. Kommander Phly, pls play the VFW into 10.0.
    (Side skirts down, get 5 kills and no APCR)
    Attempt No 31.

  12. Brandon Riley . Futureairborne2012

    should do the Russian lend lease sherman next.

  13. TheTog Landbattleship

    Does phly make it? Yes or Si?
    Me: why not both?

  14. 1:02
    Michael bay approved 😉

  15. Space Shuttle Door Gunner

    select best option. only one life. like in real life. how many can you take down before death or live through. tactics open.

  16. What a quiet, beautiful day… Sun is shining, birds are singing, BOOM BABY EVERYONE DIES!!!!!

  17. Hey Phly can you get an Ace in the T-80U using ONLY the ATGM’s. Attempt #4

  18. Hi Phly. The M4 hybrid hull is from the M4, not the M4a4. The M4a4 hull is longer than this. Because of M4 hull is shorter, so the turning performance is better than M4a4:)

  19. High Off Gun Powder

    Been waiting on u to do I vid on this tank😄

  20. I m sure half of rhe guys turned it of at 00:40

  21. Phly please do the t-26-4 and use only the shrapnel shell attempt 43

  22. Theory: it’s actual designation is M4 Type 99

  23. Wheres seamandaily

  24. Cristian Margiotta

    Gaijin:so Italy how many BALANCED tanks you want in your tech tree
    italy:as many as the meatballs in my spaghett

  25. Phly pls play hellcat

  26. Phlee: yes or si?
    Ne: nein

  27. That stoner laugh. xD

  28. This just looks like a italian sherman firefly

  29. CRAB RAVE!!!!!

  30. Ace Madeirense Diogo


  31. Amaaaazing round! The last part was … so .. lost for words!

  32. Hi. Sorry for asking but how and where in game options I can set that, when I’m using the binokular my turret and gun go where I’m looking. Just like you doing Phly??

  33. Nerf yourself! This may be your best video, great music too!

  34. Attemtp #2 Take out the me 264, it’s a really nice looking plane

  35. SPaMuRai GRaNaTaBRu


  36. Nicholas Shepard

    M15 CGMC?

  37. Should be the rear end of just an M4. The M4A4 had a massive multi bank engine so they lengthened the hull. Because of this, the wheels are spaced further apart on the A4 then on the other Shermans. The Tipo has narrow spacing between the road wheels and therefore is most likely an M4. Sorry about this, just felt obliged…

  38. Enemy tanks in your game: Made of diamond and nail you in 1 hit
    Enemy tanks in Phly’s game: Made of cheese and driven by the blind

  39. BoopDoopleShoop

    May we please have a Patreon package that involves us making love with you?
    [edit] Attempt #1

  40. “Will Phly make it?” :
    – Yes.
    – Si (Sosi)

  41. Ruan van jaarsveld

    I actually really love the montage style segments you sometimes put in your vids Phly. Keep it up!

  42. Play the P-36G no video of it on the channel. Attempt #91

  43. Pin my comment daddy!!!

  44. Under British terminology its whats known as a ‘Sherman Hybrid’, the US didn’t give it a special designation but they’re sometimes called ‘composite shermans’ by enthusiasts. Basically when the M4 entered production the US was producing both welded hulls (M4) and cast hulls (M4A1), however welding was expensive in terms of welding rods and time, especially on the front of the tank, but doing full cast production wasn’t feasible either. So Chrysler came up with a design to produce a cast hull front that would be attached onto a welded rear hull to produce a more efficient and economical vehicle. The prototypes were made by attaching cast parts to spare M4 hulls, but after it entered production all vehicles were built from scratch not converted.

  45. That a sick little play there Phly!

  46. TheGuard Lorenzo

    if you liked the sherman then you should then try the achiles

  47. loving the unloved #33 yak-30

  48. Love 1v10-ing the enemy xD

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