Concept 1B is a FREAK in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of is rewarding the Concept 1B performance in ranked battles and here’s why it’s a complete FREAK!


World of is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. One day I hope to be able to snapshot like this…

  2. Concept in game 10+ minuts Frontline brawles. Get penetrated once? Ffs

  3. Do you get to keep coins from ranked at the end of the year? I’ll be three short, is it even worth grinding or will it just get reset?

  4. I don’t have a “zee” key on my keyboard….tut tut QB…

  5. A tank that looks like it does not have a turret but also have a turret

  6. Lol
    I know he’s joking about stomach ulcers but those are also not a joke.
    I’ve had one of those before and they f$%king hurt like no other.

  7. That is a tier 10. I’m sorry but there is no way this can be a tier 9. There is literally nothing to shoot at. It’s just a gun mounted on a platform and for some reason it has incredible armor and overall better caracteristics than average. wtf

  8. I feel this is just an overall a better Conqueror in pretty much all aspects.

  9. Yo wth is this tank😂 ive never seen it before

  10. well i wont be getting this tank XD ill stick to my leap1

  11. I honestly don’t think this tank will be as OP as some people make it out to be. It has some very serious advantages. The turret. And it’s mobility. But when you look at it the gun is for the most part average and it means that it is a very situational tank. There are already a few vehicles in the game with similar style where they have some big advantages in some areas while having weakness in others. What it means is that a player knowing about it can exploit those and make great use out of it. But it won’t be an instant win button.
    The real problem is as QB said. The playstyle this tank promotes. Fast. Heavy. Tanks. The game is already picking up a lot of pacing as it is and the power creep starts to really ruins more and more tank lines the further it goes by pretty much introducing what I can only name as Main Battle Tanks. Some call them “Heavyums” in game, a cross between heavy tanks and mediums. But why not call them what simply are? MBTs. You have tanks manufactured in the 1940s meeting vehicles which are concept drawings from the late 50s! With power to weight ratios and guns that can make your head spin. And it shows. It really leads to a lot of toxic gameplay if you happen to end up with the “wrong” vehicle in such games. I think in the long run this is going to really kill the game.

    At some point WG will either have to seriously rework their mechanics here reevaluating some of the armour that’s currently present in the game or they will run into serious issues where half of the tanks if not even more will become useless in the game, well much less competitive. And for a game like WoT that’s really bad. You simply can not have Tier 8 tanks like a Tiger II or IS3 go toe to toe with concepts from the late 50s on a regular basis. And this is really getting out of hand.

    However I am not sure how WG will get themself out of this hole they dug them self in. Maybe at some point they will have to get some kind of matchmaking where tanks are thrown against each other which have been developet roughly at the same year or period or rework the way how tank physics work – most of the vehicles are waaay to fast in their movement zipping around trough rough terrain with 40 sometimes 50 or even 60 mp/h without damaging their mechanics or throwing of tracks on a regular basis. I don’t know. They will have to do something.

  12. 6:00 i̳f̳ ̳y̳o̳u̳ ̳a̳r̳e̳ ̳a̳n̳ ̳a̳r̳t̳y̳ ̳p̳l̳a̳y̳e̳r̳ ̳g̳o̳ ̳f̳u̳c̳k̳ ̳y̳o̳u̳r̳s̳e̳l̳f̳*̳

  13. skill4ltu
    Server: EU
    Username: armenmurano

    GG WP!

  14. Tried playing ranked tonight…..luckily I was locked in at rank 7 because I played 11 matches and only won 2. And every single match was a complete blowout and zero fun. And the other ‘win’ I was bottom on my team having missed all 8 of the shots I took in my 60tp lmfao! Game def feels rigged sometimes….

  15. please QB all we want is a review of the M4 again. It used to be my favorite tank years ago and I want some nostalgia!!

  16. cant wait to splash it lol

  17. 2 weeks from now…. I WAS WRONG

  18. guys how do i acquire one ?

  19. Object 490 in ww2 but it does it’s job completely wrong

  20. After this will come a OP russian tank

  21. do we need bigger maps?!?

  22. Game stopped being fun unfortunately

  23. Well, since this is going to be a reward tank…are you really surprised to get an OP tank? WoT is BS now these days…..WG managed to take a lot fun out of this game, with their pay to win policy…..YEAH, it is nice for people who do have money and have no better things to spend it on than some online game….

  24. It’s just viking and smoky

  25. As if Obj260, Obj907, Obj 279 ruining Tier X is not enough…
    Now they throw this opthing into Tier IX
    It is just disgusting

  26. Time to uninstall game…

  27. Nobody:
    Quicklybaby 2020: “BiG bUlBoUs BuTt”

  28. Disgustingly OP tank.

  29. Oh ye another unpenetrable in hull down tank **JUUUUST WHAT WE NEEDED**

  30. Got damn you talk too much. You sound like a woman. Do you ever STFU?

  31. It looks like a big frozen butter in a bread

  32. Progetto troll armor, Check,
    Strong american turret, Check,
    10 degrees of in depression, Check,
    Anti Jgpz heat turret,check,
    Need nerf? Check,
    Good P2w tank, Check.

  33. Many call the artillery in a rude way just “clickers” – I call them supporters. OK, if there are three onces I understand the rudeness. I always try to support my team even as good as possible when I´m in a arty !!!

  34. “The more I play with it, the more I think I that I am a Freak too” … Say that to a lady, and she wat she says back. Just naughty there QB

  35. It’s cool to finally see a replay I saw live in his Twitch Stream 😁

  36. ConfusedCookie OSG

    3:04 it sounds like he quacks

  37. 00:00 nice spam on chat, mr general 🙂

  38. Why does Fox Stevenson look like your identical twin?? xddd

  39. Again a OP tank for top players

  40. Honestly this is such a genuine channel but the game is not as popular makes me sad bc he deserves more!.

  41. Freakybaby 😎

    Awesome video dude. This tank does concern me a lot though…I am not lookin’ forward to playing against it.

    See you tomorrow!

  42. Prinz Von Bismarck

    The MM of that game is a completely shit, putting all the mental illness at the same side over and over! But for fake baby, the problem is fast heavy tanks! Seems legit…


  44. so WG gave this tank to the most knowledgeable players of WOT?

  45. Wheeled vehicles killed this game.

  46. Shout out to that great Conqueror SPG.

  47. HEY

  48. Concept 1B is a *slim boi* version of AE Phase 1

  49. Did the battles became unbalanced sine there is confinement… Or not ?

  50. I thought quick liked freaks like how he said with the tortoise also ur a nice guy 🙂

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