CONCEPT 1B IS COMING in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Brace yourselves! From Monday in World of the Concept 1B will be sold in the ranked shop – here’s what you have to look forward to, or be wary of!


World of is a 2 Play game published by Wargaming is available as a download.


  1. :”This vehicle can just do everything:” Can you say “Main Battle Tank.”

  2. Can’t call for nerfs before seeing how the more average players actually perform with this thing. Besides, it would make balancing matters even worse since those who had the tank already have most likely moved on to newer, shinier toys against which a nerfed Concept would again be even worse than what’s generally available now.

    Without skill based equal tier matchmaking this game will remain a shit show. Everything else is just placebo and might even backfire.

    Oh… And Kpz 50t is up for grabs too. Not an easy choice if you don’t have either one already.

  3. I’m tired of these great tanks that weren’t good enough to be adopted into actual service.

  4. Oh, thats just f$&ken lovely…….

  5. Just hit 20k bonds and didn’t know what to get, now I do.

  6. Haha even if I wanted to play ranked specifically for this tank, I wouldn’t have nearly enough bonds to buy it.

  7. marc-antoine Croteau

    Which one is better. Concept 1B or kampfpanzer50t?

  8. Better a 1B than the trash tier 8 that’s worth 25k

  9. now all tomatoes will get ranked tanks.

  10. I’m so happy that I can have concept 1b soon! 🥰

  11. Meh, you’re overselling this tank. They are hardly that good.

  12. WG is always introducing new tanks….some on the op side, others medium and others not so much. With field modifications, directives, bond equipment and I can go on, no two tanka will EVER be the same on the battlefield. It is simply too diverse now. There is only one hope…out think your arrogant op opponent! There is no other way! The first ace tanker out thought his enemy until they put thought him. Him, the world’s real first ace tanker. Personally, I hope for tier eleven tanks to emerge, making the field if yanks against a commander, even more diverse. WG has definitely succeeded in making one unsure of his/her/it (lol sorry a little chuckle), enemy. Who knows just what that once predictable tank is capable of! Me, personally, I get a kick out of angering enemies I overthrow, swearing I’m cheating when I am not. I have a great repair skill development, coupled with large and small kits of repair. I can appear to fix my tracks as many as four times in a row, and by then, at least one repair kit may restore by the time I need it. This gives the illusion I can keep using one small repair kit over and over rapidly. Heh heh. No one knows what that tank they are facing, has been altered to. I really like the amount if work wargaming has done to accomplish this. I personally give kudos for them trying to make the game unpredictable in this aspect, or regard. Thanks as always quickybaby for another great content episode.

  13. This is the chieftain tier 9

  14. Sorry…this tank is a dog on console…probably because it was a giveaway

  15. that thumbnail is beautiful

  16. Still debating if i should spend bonds to buy the Concept or the Kunze or just save for biding on the chieftain when it appears in the Campaign again…. got only 52K Bonds…..

  17. an op prem tank amazing

  18. 279e skoda t8, chieftain, now this tenk… Omg wot i drop in t7, cause it is no more possible to play this g3me wuth fun

  19. So- if you sneak up behind it in your KV2? bwahahahaha


  21. Dont peak against high calibre guns. 122mms can overmatch its turret above the gun

  22. I love how WG is so lazy that they don’t wanna even think about how to do a funny tank that players would play and it wouldn’t be just normal tank with better stats overall, but something like 13 57, it’s not OP and it’s fun.

  23. I disgaree QB, about nerfing reward tanks…. I still haven’t ground out the 279e or even the 260 which means I am average to poor…but when I do get them I want to get the same tank that has been kicking my ass for years. I think that is fair enough

    Keep up the great content, looking forward to Durp Daddy ltr 🙂

  24. Don’t you think it’s time to stop playing WoT?

  25. Edsel Earl Dausen Convento

    There not gonna nerf it, its too late since it was a Ranked Tank reward, it like saying WG needs to nerf the cheiftain

  26. Nice of WG to ban reward tanks from ranked but hear me out: why not just release balanced tanks in the first place?
    The fact they had to ban all reward tanks is enough proof something ain’t right

  27. Should i play conqueror with the caernarvon gun or the one with higher alpha

  28. I saved enough bonds for the 121b but now that the 1b might be available, which would be better to get? Any tips and experiences?

  29. Spend my bonds for the 121b last week……. damn shit

  30. M103: Hello? Anyone here?

  31. Don’t worry, WG will fix it. They’ll simply introduce a new tier 9 russian premium heavy tank that is even more broken!

  32. This game is so stupid now.

  33. Quickybaby, blaming others since 2013..

  34. I’m only a joe shmo player and get sick of fighting all these special Tier 9 and 10 tanks. Best way to win is not to play. I only play max tier 6 these days and have much more enjoyable games.

  35. Me : Not playing ranked and happy to finally unlock my AE Phase I
    WG : Let’s make a Super AE available for the best players

  36. We have been playing this tank for maybe half a year on console, to get it just need a season pass lol.

  37. Good I spent 15k for the 121B yesterday…:) But thats a very good tank too!

  38. imagine the ridiculous matchmaker a Strv K against a Concept 1B!

  39. I’m gonna try Ranked for the first time to see if I’ve got the stamina to reach Division II or not. I can’t play much more than an hour or so per day normally but I’d really like to get my hands on this one. As for bonds I do have 37k so that’s enough even without a discount. I’ve been saving them in hope for some new Tier X tanks in the bond shop, the VK would suit my play style.

    • I feel you …same here . Got nearly 50 k bonds and I can’t wait to buy Concept 1B . Got the kpz last time and I can say that it was the best 20k bonds spent , among the 121B of course since has been buffed . Good luck on your next purchase mate 😉

    • All I can say is wait for Wednesday before doing ranked. Then do qualifying in one night if possible. Then you only play bonus battles in 2 to 3 of your best tanks every night.

  40. The real absurdity is to reward the best players with OP tanks… Why reward for Ranked cannot simply be gold?? or days of premium account?? or a special camo??
    Do we really need to give the BEST players absurd tanks??

  41. How to be a better player always seems to be, play with a better tank/crew than your opposition.

  42. This is one of reasons why I don’t play the game anymore. Powercreep and OP tanks left, right and center. Add clown cars to that and you get an utter mess.

  43. JIBRIL Herrscher of HORNY

    if i was the bourasque i wpuld fear the 268 and the 60 tp each of them could one shot with high roll he

  44. I will have to buy one as I will have to grind bonds to get it as for all the losses for the “K” tank grinding put me off.

  45. Hate this tank. If it has friends with it then tier 7s should just run. One game 1B + 2 vs 7 tier 8s and 7s = result: 1B + 2 damaged but alive and 7 dead on other side. I’ve seen players just quit the game when they see a 1B on the other side.

  46. Martin Charlesworth

    And when this beast appears in Frontline ?………

  47. hey quickybaby how ma Mastery badges do you have

  48. Discounts can be achieved in ranked so it can be cheaper

  49. I hope this tank doesn’t appear on the blitz scene :/

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