CONCEPT 1B – SNEAK PEEK in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks testing the Concept 1B on the supertest. Here’s all you need to know!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Renzuningen - Lensman

    Aslong as this is NOT a WOT version of the USS Puerto Rico in WOW it should be ok.

  2. Looks like a M60A2 without the 152mm. Another fantasy wagon.

  3. It will carry only 5 shells? That would balance it out

  4. Ismail Xatzisouleiman

    I love playing heavy tanks but cant enjoy them with so many artys and ebrs in current game,so no interested with this at all.wd qb

  5. tier 11 plz, i mean isn’t it the logical next step?

  6. Bizzare and unique funky looking tank… I want one 🙂

  7. Now my interest has been peaked. I just may finally have found something worth wasting my time in their grind fests…

    But we’ll see… It’s American so that means you know it’ll get nerfed to the ground before launch.

  8. Qb the only thing I disagree with as a free to play player if it’s a reward I can get it because I have no money that I’m allowed to spend on world of tanks

  9. an actually decent american heavy in WoT? what year is this?
    maybe i can have some use for my T110e5 crew now….

  10. Next time, on Another American Tech Tree That Never Was…

  11. i dont pay 2 win hi

    Brun when I first looked at the tank turret from the for two view I thought the turret was welded into the hill lmao

  12. That thing looks like a M60A2 on steroids.

  13. This was one of the prototypes for the Starship (M60A2E1) program and their research into possible future turret designs that minimized risk to the crew.

  14. Yo wtf is that

  15. I’d venture the concept of this tank was to keep the weight down on a heavy tank. Just look at the weird turret. It looks like it’s turret is only 1/3 the size of a regular heavy tank’s turret.

  16. “AE1 Phase 1, sign me up boys and girls!” Wrong tank name QB 🙂

  17. looks like the turret is based on the m60 “starship” variant

  18. I don’t understand why the M103 still exists in this game…

  19. Spooky

  20. The skinny turret looks like a shorter turret that was mounted on an M-60A1E2 that had a 1522 gun launcher on it. A lot longer but the hatches and the like are similar.

  21. most likely a really good tank to play peek a boo with

  22. Does… does any one else see a really early Merkava tank?

  23. power creep much

  24. So you guys are getting mercenary tanks now to???

  25. Give it the Starship gun ( 152mm derp ) as it has already the Starship turret. Down-tier it to tier 7 or 8 ( depends on armour ) and we have the M60A2 Starship in the game. Awww yess… Hot sweaty KV-2 action taken to the next level 🙂
    And yes, the Starship is my most-played tank in AW 😉

  26. No quacking, baby.

  27. Turret reminds me of the M60A2 series.

  28. Dakotah Hutchinson

    Man the AE Phase 1 got screwed over already

  29. Permafrost Insanity

    Wargaming, please make QB and Jingles super testers to your new tanks in development…

  30. Just a better looking version of the M60A2 with no 152mm derp gun…

  31. God, I hate it when the back of a tank is taller than the front. Its one of the only things i hate from the Abrams, that one Japanese tank with the huge back is one of the tanks who’s appearance I hate the most. I know it’s the engine and the transmission but it’s just so unappealing to me.

  32. Looks fun I want to try it

  33. What I think they might do is make the French heavy tier 8 and put this in frontline as the reward

  34. Guillermo Rodriguez

    when does frontline 2020 even start?

  35. I would like ur opinion on a previous game I played. I don’t want a posted review. I have a link to the replay is there a way I can send it to you in confidentiality?

  36. give it it a 152mm and call it a starship js

  37. Until you moved to the side shot, I thought it was turretless

  38. More armor but still lighter than the other tanks. Interesting ?

  39. Welp, move over, T-10

  40. It looks like some made up shyte…. Good Jon WoT. Where’s the photon torpedo tank?

  41. Oh my god, they added the Scorpion from HALO ?.

  42. We want Royal Screw UP back

  43. first thought it was a non turreted heavy tank, could of looked like a star wars gun

  44. I think CONCEPT 1B looks like the Israeli Merkava tank series

  45. Big glaring weak point when face hugging: Driver’s hatch. Due to the very narrow profile of the turret the user can’t swing it to prevent someone they’re face hugging from smashing the commander’s cupola or ammo loading hatch (behind the commander’s cupola). The side of the turret will probably be overmatched by high calibre guns which leaves it vulnerable when face hugging or facing two opponents.. At a distance on a ridge this thing is going to be comparable to the Conq.

  46. Love how they add TWO us wannabe tier 10 heavies at tier 9 while the m103 flounders

  47. So the tier 9 Chieftain.

  48. Anyone else shocked this isnt a tier 8 premium?

  49. Concept for the M60 Starship?

  50. this team clash is the most fun event in a long time

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