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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Concept 1B. Today we’re looking at a T9 American heavy, the Concept 1B, which is fast and BIZARRE!


World of is a 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. 120mm? it was 110mm back when it first entered supertest, why change it when the caliber is pretty much meaningless in WoT? just for a little bit more alpha?
    I would rather have the same 390 avg dmg as the 105mm gun + same pen + faster reload than 120mm, that would really make it unique, it could even have 370 avg dmg as long as the RoF is high enough to retain the DPM potential

  2. this thing should be tier X, not tier IX

  3. 4:18 Wouldn’t that rather be “butt hugging” then?

  4. Hmmmm… An actually balanced tank?
    Are you sure this was made by WarGaming?

  5. All Bond equitment haha

  6. American engineer: let’s make the turret super strong, so no one can penetrate.
    Also American engineer: let’s just remove the turret, so there is nothing to penetrate.

  7. A bad tool becomes amazing in a hand of master but A good tool is worthless in a hand of amateur.

  8. hi QB, nice review as always. Dont want to be a smartass here, but you have the rammer in survavability slot, wouldnt be vents better there?

  9. 21:53 1600 base exp ? You are good player, but not that good. 🙂 The LIVE STREAMING experience.

  10. My initial impression: another op reward tank. Fast heavy, even faster games, nice:)

  11. its another crap like Ae phase one..

  12. sure wargaming sure….another op tank, that u cant beat without heat! and even with gold spam, it has incredible armour cause of this small gunonly “turret”…
    where are the disadvantage of that style of a tank??
    Wargaming, maybe we need a 430us with the same style of turrent! maybe in a hull with 300m upperplate and 250 downplate armor?? of cause 250mm well angled armor!!

  13. So …. with just “a little bit more armor” it has nearly the same gunhandling as the now nerved (even below the hidden stats it had before the buff) tier9 lepard1?
    Yeah….. balance in this game is written in capital letters again *sigh* …

  14. Looks very balanced..
    Most bizzare looking tank…OBJ 279 E:Are you sure?

  15. Edit:Wtf hate 8.3 Sec realod?Its like Med tank reload…
    Explain this Quacky Baby:)

  16. looks like a shitty tank to be honest. Better play the new Obj 140!

  17. Perfect example why you need xvm, if the “player” next to you has 45% winrate, you know it is not going to do anything useful. That T-34-2 would win more battles if it were AFK in the base, instead of taking up key positions, doing nothing and blocking team mates. But I guess according to WG that’s not unsportsmanlike, it’s not unsportsmanlike to lose more battles than AFK bot… In general, sniping with the only light tank on the team on Malinovka is totally fine with 28% WR (yes it happened), Löwe as top tier in Mines against T6 tanks hiding by the base until rushing side first into 3 enemies at 10-10 is just bad luck, etc. I don’t get it, why should I play when so many thing just click “battle” and then do nothing, like this T-34-2. I mean I know it’s only a game, but why so many join battles but don’t play? If they don’t care about winning or playing they can go into training room to run over trees. Why join a team and do nothing for the team except take up one position so the team practically has 14 players against 15 enemies…

  18. 110mm gun right?

  19. QB Ping above 50ms: we have kinda latency here
    Me always above 150 :…

  20. but why? why would wg give op tanks to the best players? again.. what can the happy little strawberries do against this monstrosity?

  21. Does not look O.P.
    It’s just strong if it’s hull down or on a ridgeline.

    Cool tank, but i will never own it.

  22. Already seen it on the WoT streams a few weeks ago

  23. And yet again, a OP reward tank for good players that have way to much spare time…

  24. What is that sensitivity my eyes hurt

  25. Excellent review, as usual. Shame that ranked battle awards are a bit out of my reach.

  26. It’s basically just a Conqueror with a not finished turret lol.

  27. “talking about depression, i’m going to kill myself”

  28. I will rather play a T55A then this tank

  29. 18:57 play that at 2x speed

  30. its an american t62a lmao

  31. Rather than a reward tank, seems like this should’ve been part of a new American heavy tank branch. Maybe a Concept 1A with a 120mm gun (instead of this oddball 110mm) could’ve been the Tier 10.

  32. great another op armored tank

  33. 2 Questions.
    firstly … how do they fit a Loader and Commander into the turret?
    secondly … why don’t you show the armor from above, for the weak points for artillery to aim at.

  34. @quickybaby I dont understand it.. This tank has one survivability slot, and QB is using vents. Why isnt he putting the vents into the survivability slot ? Vents gets boosted on all special slots right ?

  35. By the way, i thougt it was realy funny that in your first game the first tank you meet on a ridgeline was a T-30 to test your armor.
    Hahahaha even you got this god tier tank………that does not feel right

  36. this will be the new op tank can already see

  37. God forbid this thing gets top tier

  38. So its only got a Grade 1 tumor where the M103 has a Grade 10 tumor

  39. So, compared to the M103, it has better gun handling, better gun depression, faster, more armor.
    Makes perfect sense. I’m sure Tiger (P)’s and Comets will love fighting against this thing.

  40. TIER 9 chieftain 😭😭😭

  41. showed the current Problem…you can be as good as you want..if you have a shitty team your skill doesnt count. Dont know how man games i had where you play good at your flank..take a look at the minimap and see that all other spots are lost and 14 enemies are on the way to kill you and the 2 other guys

  42. at 2:38, the caliber is clearly saying 110mm. but at 2:45, you said it is 120mm

  43. So Wargaming’s answer to complains about overpowered Soviet tanks is to instead make OP tanks for every nation?
    Seems about right.

  44. Werid…. another fast, hull down God with great gun handling thats only going to the best players. Seriously, fuck off wargaming.

  45. QB is not that dominated player anymore. Should consider to retire and breed dozen of little QB as top players.

  46. can some give their old accounts to me? if you have an Asia server it would be awesome for me. I just wanna enjoy playing.

  47. Total nonsensical tank. The front turret area is way to small. Going to be impossible to hit back with a big sniper gun like on the Jagdtiger except if you use HE.

  48. Lookup ‘Starship tank’ to find the real tank

  49. hmm.. butter tier 9 heavy with tier 8 chineese premium agility with awful gun that is accurate without pen. Valiant gameplay with more speed but tier 9 valiant.

  50. 27:31 Slinging gold = good players, really ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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