Concept 1Beast + BP Season 3 + WINNERS! | World of Tanks Concept 1B Gameplay & Review

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Concept 1B Gameplay Review, New Tier 9 American , Modern Tank in World of Tanks. World of Tanks Concept 1B , Ranked Battles 2020021 Tank, Update 1.11+ Patch. World of Tanks Battle Pass Season 3. World of Tanks Free Gold, Free Premium Tank Winners.

00:00 | Introduction
02:10 | Concept 1b (Review and Gameplay)
10:30 | Battle Pass Season 3
13:02 | Giveaways and Winners Announcement
17:00 | Outro

Today I am going to talk about couple very interesting topics. At first I am able to show you some gameplay action from the WoT’s official live stream during Twitch Drops event with Concept 1B. Now, that it is actually in the game files, we can take a look at most likely final specs and characteristics about this tank.
Also, Battle Pass Season 3 comes with some changes + announcing all the winners for the August giveaways!

What do you think?


  1. What do you think about this potential Beast of a tier 9 heavy tank?
    Have a good one!

  2. bert onderdeel tweser_g

    Always tanks fore alredy good players. If the good players get som thing that its tufer fore them butt noooo moost players bever get OP tanks soo f wg i dont play this epic Joke game the are two fast getting big AMD now the dont care. One mony mony soo👎👎👎👎and 🖕🖕🖕🖕 two WG

  3. ehhh agen nothing luck abandoned my 😀

  4. Dez, I want to give you a positive shoutout and a heads-up. You have done “more” Give-Aways then Wargaming itself, because they gave Twitch-Drops, while you gave Gold. I still dont understand why we had to watch Eekee boost Germia, while we, the community, had to watch that without getting included or interacted with. It felt like every casual streamer with the “oh yeah, k, watch me, I dont mind”-mentality…Your stream felt way more organized by a real community manager. Dez for president.

    On Gamescom, Wargaming interacts with the crowd, because they WANT to. They threw out stuff like a Truck with open Containerdoors. Eekee and Germia asked the community about 10.000 times which kind of chocolate is their favorite…ye. Awesome.

  5. concept 1B: who you callin pinhead?

  6. Extremely wierd and ugly looking tank I myself care about looks of vehicles and holy S* russian and american tank again battlepass. it could be nice German vs France or Japan vs Swedish tank😑😑

  7. Ok, looks like im not gonna win anything ever.
    Congrats to lucky winners, good job dez, tnx man anyway.

  8. Andrejus Solovjovas

    Hello Dez, your English is the best from non UK streamers 🙂

  9. I think I’m in love with the Concept 1B. I want it, I NEED it, I HAVE TO HAVE IT !!! Great vid Dez, and a heart felt Congrats to ALL the winners. You ARE, after ALL, WINNERS !!!

  10. Big sad no win. but I will win soon hopefully. Also is the concept 1b better then the AE phase 1?

  11. Wow, first time i actually win something that’s drawn by random. Thanks a lot @DezGamez

  12. ranked battles,.. no effing way.. and another tank i wont be able to get.. thanks wg for making it possible to only get tanks with certain modes.. so nice for the casual players

  13. He Dez. Great content again. I consider myself informed with the latest and hottest topics. And ofcours congratz to all the winners.

    In the comparison bit in the video you put a gun rammer in the survivability slot. If you had put vents there the stats would be even better! Just a little tip 😉😊

  14. you´re amazing Dez

  15. Dez…..You’re and awesome guy for doing the giveaways. Maybe one day I’ll be one of those winners. GG

  16. The game balance is so broken it’s not even funny anymore. Don’t condone this shit.

  17. Looks like they made the hull of the conqueror better, and stuck the turret of an M60A2 on there without the cupola and added a 120

  18. Co to kurwa. ?? Jest

  19. Sebastian Nurkowski

    When u visit barber…
    You-Only sides

  20. I’m thinking this is a step away from the M60 ‘Starship’. Turret looking mighty familiar.

  21. AusCan Plant Support

    Hi Dez, another great vid, thanks. The Concept 1B looks cool and would be a great addition to my american heavy tank collection, hopefully I am able to perform well enough in ranked to get one!

  22. That is sure a unique kind of a turret even for all the weird tank WOT have

  23. What about the July giveaway winners? Are they included here?

  24. This tank looks a lot like the M60A2. Why don’t they just add that, we need more 152mm derp guns.

  25. Wow no russian bias, they haven’t added Object 640 yet.

  26. Wthhhh i was just thinking if wargaming will ever feature is4 on battle pass….. Superrr happy about thatttt

  27. looks like a tampon lol

  28. Gabrijel Macinkovic

    Hey Dez. Could i get tank from the premium shop i doesnt have to be a tier 8 just so i can get some money? I dont have any money for ammo so i cant get money.
    Anyways keep the good work up!<3

  29. Hmm, which tech tree tank is the closest to this thing? Taking every categories & nations into account, not just US heavies.

  30. Making Stuff Awesome

    Man the players in the background are / were soo bad

  31. Interesting tank. Well balanced. WG really knows how to balance when it’s not getting the attention of RU server.

  32. You missed the opportunity to call this episode “Concept 1Beast”

  33. Looks like a polish conqueror, was surprised to find it was an American.

  34. getting a T-92 light all grown up 😛

  35. Yet another broken reward vehicle that i’m not going to bother to get because it’s a cancer game mode noice

  36. congratz to the winners! ill just try and try until i win,.from asia with love ahaha,.

  37. I always try but I have never won anything in my entire life so far. The bad thing is, I am 50. Time is running out 🙂

  38. It’s hard to watch see them playing so bad 😫

  39. TopTier Platoon Camping there in the start. Sorry 4 me this is cancer gameplay from this players.

  40. Love is in the air…😂😍

  41. Dont play this rigged manipulated shit game, just makes you angry and frustrated 😠

  42. this game is for full idiots, 99% kindergarten mini penis gamer

  43. Congratulations to the winners! Thank you for the give aways Dez! Looking forward to season 3 here. Not that I play a lot of tier 10 but I like the 3D styles a lot!

  44. op reward for their pay2win event

  45. The new alien.

  46. You didnt said ,,stay sexy,,

  47. this game ist for full idiots , 99% kindergarten with mini penis , in dem spiel wird man nur noch verarscht

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