Concept No. 5 – Tank Preview – World of Tanks

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The Concept No. 5 is the first T10 wheeled medium in World of Tanks! Will it be like an EBR or Leopard… or both? I let you know everything!


5 Tank Preview
2:26 The
10:44 The
11:34 Equipment
:09 Field Mods
13:26 Game 1
18:28 Game 2
24:41 Game 3
30:50 Conclusion


  1. I’m glad they aren’t OP, like others, but yeah, they definitely need some improvements, like better turning, a bit better ground resistance, at least in med and soft. Some better camo, and HESH, I think just adding those would make it a lot better and at least more competitive, maybe lower the damage wheel penalty some too.

  2. what a turd

  3. Day 9 of asking QB to play the PZ7 because the lower plate is underrated.

  4. Resident Sleeper tech tree. Completely pointless.

  5. Feels like most of the player base on the NA server will snipe with these. A lot. I expect them to be popular with that gun handling.

  6. would be cool to see the south African wheeled tanks added at some point.

  7. Giving the tier X another gun option, maybe a 120mm, might make the tech line at least worth a grind. Also, hadn’t they nerf the HE shells, we wouldn’t have such an wheels issue now would we?

  8. You are more than fair concerning this vehicle. Wargaming you Blew it. I’ll never be playing that tech tree as it is now. And I was so looking forward to the Wheeled British vehicle release. Not anymore.

  9. Looks like I’ll be skipping this line till it gets buffed. Shame, I was looking forward to it.

  10. “68, 69! nice” yes QB it certainly is nice

  11. I’ll ask the obvious. Is it a tank without tracks? I assumed it was either IFV or armoured car.

  12. my vote is on upping the camo. If they are going to give it any edge, that would be where I want to see it at.

  13. It wasn’t that long ago that the Leopard line sucked. Lets give WG a chance to buff this line after some time. I would rather see a weak line get a buff than a OP line take years to get a nerf.

  14. Ive played this thing and it plays good. IRM, Optics, Rammer for most if not all games.

  15. just give it HESH

  16. ok why the…… do the fenders and storage boxes on the side count as a hitbox? if anything it should be spaced armour^^

  17. They really need to change that HE pen. 55 is garbage considering its a British Med tank and that’s the speciality of the Brits great HE pen. The tank’s armor is non existent-ant.

    I tried it with common test. Very big tank and very easy to target with its large profile. So it’s only fare to buff that HE at-least 105mm

    It wont be a cancer to deal with tbh unlike the Ebr’s

  18. A line not worth bothering with

  19. Wheeled vehicles with big 90 and 105 guns are considered Tank Destroyers in the present world. Having said that then WG has done this line the right way. This will play like support snipers I guess and thats as it should be

  20. WG devs are bored as FK

  21. I’m going to grind this line BECAUSE it isn’t broken

  22. Manwell plays... well?

    I honestly really enjoy the GSOR 1010. It has its drawbacks like everyone says. BUT the consistent gun performance is so dang nice. It makes up for the lack of dpm for me. I play “accurate” tanks and get absolutely enraged by shots just not going anywhere near where I aim. I have never had a shot go off target with the 1010, sure it might miss the specific weak point I’m aiming at 300m away, but it still hits. I am looking forward to this line.
    Also there is something about being able to do well in tanks most people consider bad, I welcome the challenge I guess.

  23. They really need to significantly buff the camo, slightly buff the mobility and give them HESH rounds. Even then the tier 10 would be balanced and barely worth the grind. As it stands no way is it worth it if you have a leopard 1

  24. Its medium not a light…

  25. Quicky, instead of taking 13 minutes to talk about the stats, crew etc. maybe you should do some light editing and talk about these things during the games, it would make the video more interesting imo

    • Just use chapters to skip if you don’t want all the detail. I feel the in depth discussion of stats is completely necessary to see the strengths and weaknesses.

  26. In all honesty this video reinvirgorated how toxic that bushkemp Leo is.

  27. Damn you complain a lot. Looks like a fine sniper to me. Glad they stopped making every new tank op. I quess people got spoiled with all the New tanks having unique options or advantages.

    This tank fits in fine is you ask me. True cammo should be better.

  28. think this tank will rock if they add:
    +30-35% camo,

    -2.0-3.0 gun dispersion,

    +10-20% engine power(maybe),

    still not op, but fun sneaky flank/distance tank.

  29. Hi QB! Pls consider making a new video on settings (video and setup). 10x

  30. 13:50 what is wrong with the gun

  31. The side pods of the vehicles should count as space armour rather than being modelled as the tanks hull.

  32. Make it a double shoot like a tier x borasce

  33. 560 alpha would be amazing

  34. The japanese tank destroyers were a great addition in my opinion. I really enjoy the versatility of the Ho-Ri 3. In fact, I’d say that it’s my favourite tank destroyer in the game at the moment.

    But I was VERY excited for the british wheeled tanks. And I am extremely disappointed. Both the Leo 1 and EBR 105 LINES AND tier 10 tanks are better than this line by a WHOLE lot. I really like the EBRs and Leopards (especially the prototype!) and so I was prepared for the wheeled mediums to be a combination of those two of my favourite lines in the game. Playing the Concept 5 on the test server was extremely underwhelming.

    I think the whole line of these armored cars should have the following buffed:
    – engine power and maybe +5 or +10 km of top speed
    – TRAVERSE speed to be at least comparable to the EBRs, because the bri’ish don’t feel like they have wheels
    – terrain resistance
    – SHORTENED reload time to about 10s or 9s
    – increased penetration
    – better turret armor
    – MUCH better camo
    I think that with just these improvements the vehicle would become much more enjoyable and could actually compete with say, a Leopard.

  35. Turning animation is just bad

  36. Give it better ground resistance and better camouflage – that could make it way more fun. Or a pump up the dmg per shot

  37. They are too afraid to make it too strong because a lot of grandpas dont like fast wheeled tanks

  38. They are taking it slow and careful. They do not want to repeat the EBRs which damaged the game’s reputation permanently

  39. So it turns like track tanks and slower than most mt, not really faster than other mt, not really has more view range nor camo than other mt. The only benefit it has is still being able to drive when its wheels are taken out, which makes it just a mt version of the yoh line. An you know how special the yoh line is :v

  40. better ground resist and more camo wg come on…

  41. Since when is “historical accuracy” relevant for a vehicle that never existed?

  42. love how they overcorrect this tank line, yet the EBR line stays annoying as ever

  43. Think you should have shown one game in a small map, not three open maps where this tank is only going to do well

  44. Why are the side arches actual hitboxes??

  45. Republic of Texas

    I get really tired of hearing your disappointed voice every time WG releases a non overpowered tank

  46. 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

  47. I think if they gave this tank 490 alpha I think it would be very fun to play, just driving around and deliver a lot of damege one by one

  48. Basically stop at the Saladin.

  49. WoT 10 years ago: wooooo look at me, I’m flying at 35 km/h
    WoT these days: nah, only 65 km/h, that’s hella slow

  50. Honestly if its easy to kill people will ***** less

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