Conqueror Gun Carriage / “I Have No Soul, and I Must Click”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

If you sensed a sudden great disturbance in Force in the last few days… well, now you know exactly why. And the worst thing is? It’s somehow ten times worse from the inside.


is a free-to-play online, multiplayer tank game – you can sign up here:

For more information on Specialist Global Tank Academy training clan, check out their website –

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s extended stats, Seafalcon’s Hitlog & Damagelog, XVM minimap & garage features


  1. MORE Conqueror Gun Carriage vid’s please!

  2. They actually nerved the accuacy of arty in that patch in combination with
    the less shots go to the center of the reticle nerv some patches after that
    it is close to impossible to reliably hit nething!

  3. *Conqueror Gas Chamber if I may….

  4. Welcome Jedi. The Skycancer side was waiting for you eagerly. Come, let us
    have some coffee and cake while we wait for the reload.

  5. stop making excuses PHJ. Embrace this beast & enjoy it.

  6. he keeps saying that snapshot was impossible, of course it is possible with
    an artillery that do splash damage over an entire square.

  7. You got 5k viewers with this kurwa arty but with tiger II 1000 less. What a
    shame … So many arta faggots.

  8. Kaid “Jun” Nickl

    If anyone who reads this comment and doesn’t understand the title of the
    video, here’s some context:
    There is a 1995 game called “I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream.” It follows
    the story of the final 5 humans left on earth, which is controlled by a
    sadistic AI. Each person endures their own living hell, and the game covers
    sensitive topics such as rape and genocide. It stood out in it’s time for
    the rep story.

  9. Unsubscribe (CLICK).

  10. I am sure that you have had similar kills in a tank. Sometimes you get
    lucky…sometimes not.

  11. Yeah, people keep whining about arty one-shotting tanks. No mention of the
    fact that you almost never actually do it because of RNG. It’s probably
    just as common as one-shotting tanks by ammo-racking them in any other tank.
    People see a successful replay on Youtube and start calling the tank OP.
    What they don’t see are the 20 terrible games the player had before the
    good one. Same old whining, boring!

  12. I’m surprised that it doesn’t require more to get an Ace in this tank.
    Obviously people aren’t doing so well in it after all.

  13. You get lucky shots with all tanks, not just artillery.

  14. Jacob Tan Jing Hong

    Batchat. 155 58 best arty, fuck the rest of the arty

  15. Gone over to the dark side?

  16. PointyHairedSith.

  17. I’m still here, cause I am one of those scum that plays artillery, the RNG
    is total BS. Fully aimed shot at point blank misses completely, snap shot
    on the move at full speed kills enemy on other side of map, RNG BS.

  18. HEAT! The last guy used HEAT? I would have used a crucifix ;-)

  19. You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the Sith, not
    join them. You were to bring balance to the force, not leave it in

  20. P.S. no way I’m unsubscribing your dark soul is like a black sun on the
    horizon of my most wondrously dark and beautiful world Hahahahaha cough
    cough splutter.
    OK that’s it no more coffee for me.

  21. Be at peace young one for thou came and smite’d thine enemy’s think not of
    thy fall from grace but think instead of thy ascension to new heights.
    Wow step away from the Shakespeare what I actually meant to say was Jedi
    you big meanie ;-p

  22. Going to disagree with you wanting to remove that ‘lucky shot’ mechanic
    from the game – that shot you took on the move that destroyed the T92,
    whilst a one in a trillion shot, still has the chance of hitting. Making it
    so that you can never hit anything whilst in certain conditions (i.e. on
    the move, full reticle bloom etc) is silly in my humble opinion. Those
    shots are ridiculous, but never impossible – maybe tweak it so that the
    instances of them happening are even worse (one in a million out to one in
    a trillion) but they should never be removed from the game for the sake of
    it. Lets not forget how many ridiculous shots tanks make throughout the
    course of a game.

    That element of luck and RNGesus is what makes the game simultaneously
    amazing and infuriating at the same time.

  23. Oh Jedi. What hast though become?

  24. This is driving me crazy because i feel I’ve seen it many times…but what
    is that intro from?!?!? ><

  25. so it’s darth pointy from now on then ;)

  26. Logic: Plays KV-2, is tank, so is skilled! Plays arty, is not tank, is
    “pure dumb luck”. This isn’t true. Arty can be played very well or not so
    very well. RNG is a factor, but only occasionally affects the outcome, just
    like if you were playing anything else. Arty RNG is just more memorable,
    I’m sure everyone’s hit a shot on the move in a tank before, but arty not
    fully aimed for some reason causes players to throw up their arms and
    scream pls nerf

  27. Shh, You never saw the 150 games I have played in the Loyd GC. I’m
    definitely not clubbing the T18s and little seals over the head with a
    45kph derp wagon. No, no, no…. You saw nothing! You are all imagining

  28. Really Jedi? Really?

  29. The only arty for me are the frenchies. Have great mobility, low damage,
    flat vertical shell arcs which requires you to relocate, which french
    arties can do with their mobility. Probably as close to dynamic gameplay in
    an arty as you can get. All arty should either do damage similar to them,
    or be berts or bert-esque, which are similarly dynamic.

  30. What bothers me is Wargaming is just going to say that it in my case and
    many others that the hours and hours of
    grinding and all the aggravation and at least in my case again lot’s of
    gold for crew training and re-training as i hate
    75% crews RNG is bad enough and the premium tanks i bought to help make the
    credits for equipping these SPG’s
    is all wasted my time gone..all for nothing. I have extensive nerve damage
    which affects my eye hand coordination
    and my eyesight in general and after they have totally castrated TD’s which
    i previously played for the same reasons
    above, I was told by a friend to try arty as the play style is something i
    could at least play and stay with WOT when i
    felt i may have to stop playing and now they will just say “Nope, screw
    you..don’t care” That’s B.S. Of course i am not
    an average arty player, i don’t tend to sit in one spot at the back of the
    map i relocate to get better spots to fire from
    i study the maps for firing lanes.. I refuse to drown or give up but none
    of that will matter.

  31. You bastard HOW COULD YOU!!!

  32. As punishment you must play a game in a stock duck tank an post it on

  33. you dirty, dirty little man.

  34. can someone make a gif of that shot on the t92 ?

  35. Hey Jedi, would you happen to be ginger?


  36. He did his HP 10 times over, by 5HP. Jedi, what has become of you XD

  37. loool that shot :DDDDDDD

  38. No Jedi!!!! Please don’t sell the glorious machine!!!!!! Naval guns on
    tanks is an amazing thing to watch!!!!

  39. Dafuq? you aced your CGC with 5k damage? with nearly 7.5k i only had the
    first class.

  40. Hmm…. perhaps Snooze should *not* have been in a T71 tier 7 light? If he
    had brought a tier 9/10 heavy or med to the match you might have won that
    one. I think you are being a little too hard on yourself as well. I don’t
    play arty much at all (maybe 1 to 3% of my 22k games) but it’s not like
    it’s really that easy. For smart players sure it can be very deadly, but…
    WG doesn’t make the game for just the smart guys. :D

  41. I got the Borderlands reference.

  42. Jedi you are so evil…by the way could you please ( pretty please ) keep
    the Thing? Maybe you could help me out with my scouting missions as well ;p


  44. Lol… I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist the Dark Side. :D

  45. Jedi, may I ask your home address, so I can direct the men in white suits
    were to pick you up so they can drive you to the… Err… Err… Carnival?

  46. jonah holmes (wz-132)

    don’t be so hard on yourself, it’s just a game.

  47. There is no such thing as ‘dark side’, there are only arty haters and atry
    players that kills the other ones.

  48. Unsubscribing? I just got here.

  49. How many subscribers have you butchered to the god of RNG for that shot?

  50. O perdurable shame! Shame and eternal shame. Nothing but shame!

  51. So do we call you Darth Pointy, or do we call you PointyHairedSith?

  52. You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the Fappers,
    not join them, bring balance to the force, not leave it in darkness. D:

  53. Bob Raoul (Caravedturtle)

    For your punishment you shall feature on the channel a live game in the
    Renault UE 57.

    Seriously, I can’t blame you as I’m slowly grinding the CGC line too.
    As soon as I get it I’ll try snapshots a lot, it seems OK in artillery
    view, not so much at direct fire though.

    Artillery players also are playing “real” tanks. So don’t blame yourself
    one-shooting them, they might deserve it !

  54. i dont get why the hate is still heavy on arty it still takes skill to be a
    good arty player you take a chance when you fire the gun of any tank its
    just that arty has a bigger reward for it and no direct risk yes the CGC is
    broken but the the same can be said for a TD behind layers of bushes or a
    good heavy side scraping the only real reason why people hate on arty is
    bcuz its boring for in your face kinda of player and it can ruin their fun
    a lot of the time

  55. I bet snooze wasn’t so happy about queueing with a T10 arty after getting
    nuked by that T92 right at the start… :P

  56. Will you stop belaboring your point every bloody video already? We get you
    are of the anti-arty brigade and like making fun of everybody who likes it.

  57. I’ve made a shot like that before with my CGC, except it was to a tortoise.
    At 1750 health. Across the map on Windstorm. Between my fits of laughter, I
    did apologize to the poor bastard.

  58. You were the chosen one! You were supposed to destroy the GC not join it!
    You were supposed to bring balance, not embrace rng!

  59. 8.6 didn’t just make arty accuracy stay unchanged. it actually nerfed it
    very hard. Prior to that 90% of arty if you shot at a stationary target
    with a fully aimed shot you literally could not have a shell deviate far
    enough that the target wouldn’t be at least splashed.

    Honestly 8.6 was a massive mistake because any skill arty might have
    previously required was completely shot out the proverbial airlock whilst
    at the same time failing completely to address the actual main
    complaint/problem with arty. if it hits and it pens it does stupid damage.

    HE should do a fraction of the damage of AP/APCR/HEAT but that damage
    shouldn’t be affected at all by armour. Currently if you don;t pen damage
    is reduced by a minimum of 50%, and every mm of armour decreases it
    further. Hence why direct hits vary so much between “OMG WHAT HIT ME!”. And
    a pathetic wet flannel faceplant.

  60. that ship game is corrupting your morals

  61. I have a T92, and i just picked up the tier 8 brit arty…

    I want the CGC so bad now.

  62. Jedi, you know there is a special place for you in hell where caption guy
    will bother you 24/7 for buying and playing this… thing, right?

  63. The Dark side you have joined.

  64. Oh, Jedi. Oh, Jedi, Jedi. Truly, you are lost to us, your soul damned and
    your days upon this earth stained with the spectre of the madness that has
    now consumed you. We had hope for you, you know. Yes, you went down the
    arty line, but you hadn’t completed it. There was still that one sliver of
    hope. And now it’s gone. Such a waste. Such a shame.

  65. The Force is strong in this one!

  66. PointyHairedJedi, isn’t the lack of need for aiming one of the selling
    points of the KV-2?

  67. no soul…………omg, just lost everything for you, why talk about arty
    like what, when arty is so importtant to the game play…….

    So goodbye to your channel !!!

  68. I’m glad you put this video out, and you didn’t even use that BS but legal
    mod. And that mod isn’t so bad on it’s own, its that it allows Arty to have
    sniper view at basically every distance – particularly close range (if you
    were using that mod, you probably would have at least splashed that T110e5
    and likely that would have killed him: as that mod would have shown you
    when your shell trajectory ISN’T going straight into the dirt, and is great
    even for close range aiming unlike the standard WOT arty view), and that
    wouldn’t be too much of an issue IF artillery worked like it does in AW!

    So while I DO have issues with the current iteration of AW as a whole (I
    have played every early access since #3 – and while SOME people have
    problems with Paper/Prototype tanks in games that were never fully produced
    – I have a larger issue with balance being COMPLETELY unrealistic! As the
    Leopard 1, in Armored Warfare is TOTAL SHIT! Of course it has no real armor
    – that is the Leopard 1, the PROBLEM is, that to balance it they give it
    TOTALLY unrealistic and COMPLETELY contradictory gun and visual capability
    stats! On the Leopard 1, the Royal ordinace designed, Rheinmetall produced
    L7 105mm cannon has onloy about 230mm of APDS pen (compared to the over 300
    it REALLY had) and ONLY 248 APFSDS pen – AND JUST 280 average damage! For
    reference, the Zhalo-S’s 85mm cannon has nearly that much penetration, and
    the same damage, except it is a TD and gets “Sniper Bonus” when fully
    aimed, which is every shot as it is incredibly quick aiming and accurate –
    which brings its damage to 320 average! It is the same tier, has 435 meters
    view range, where the Leopard gets only 335, fully upgraded around 355, but
    the Zhalo-S also has INSANE camo, the best in the game really, where the
    Leopard 1 has NONE!

    Which brings me to the whole “Paper stats” issue – the Royal Ordinance
    105mm L7 is the EXACT SAME gun used on many vehicles ranging from tier 4 to
    9, and when on the currently tier 8 TD, the MGS1128 Stryker – I remind you,
    it is armed with a low recoil version of the EXACT SAME Royal Ordinance
    designed 105mm cannon, whcih fully upgraded, again on the Stryker – using
    the same gun with essentially the same ammunition, has well over 470mm of
    pen with APFSDS and does nearly 450 damage per shot WITHOUT the sniper
    bonus, and with literally half the reload time of the Leopard 1!

    Against even an MBT just ONE tier higher, the Leopard 1 stands little
    chance in hell – it has one HELL of a time trying to penetrate even the
    Starship from the front (you CAN shoot the commanders hatch, for like 100
    damage) – where the Starship can penetrate you from the front with
    different forms of HE that can and WILL nuke you in just one shot to the

    On top of ALL of that? Having played over 150 matches PVP across 3 versions
    of “early access” in only maybe 5 matches did I see anything CLOSE to the
    “+1/-1 MM” they advertise so heavily!

    Well here’s hoping things are at least better balanced at launch. A Leopard
    1 doesn’t have armor, sure, but its gun could still kill tanks TODAY with
    the right ammunition. But in AW, the Leopard 1’s gun is useless against the
    fronts of MBTs just ONE tier above it, combined with terrible view range
    and camouflage, I found it a FAR more painful grind than anything I can
    remember in WOT!

  69. Joeben Pajes Engalan

    +PointyHairedJedi Shame Shame Shame ring Shame Shame Shame
    Arty is just like a slot machine just pull the lever

  70. Good… your transformation to the dark side is complete.

  71. Arty battles! More! :D

  72. I hate the CGC so much it has gone full circle and it’s now just funny when
    the orbital space laser one shots me :)

  73. Dont promise selling it, you are affected by the force of the arty Ring! We

  74. Use Batchat 58. At least you can sometimes pretend to be an autoloading
    light tank.

  75. Yes, this is whitout doubt the only arty game that is entertaining. Not
    that it changes my ideas about arty. It’s you Jedi, you are the only one
    that gets with it! May be you can be the vehicle of change of arty in WoT!

  76. WHAT……

    This was hilarious. Good job.

  77. The dark side is strong with this one.

  78. Your soul will burn in eternal hell!

  79. Good, good, complete your journey down to the dark side. Become my
    apprentice, KILL my old one and take your place. I will be watching you,(
    ball lightning bounces on hands). HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

  80. Barry “Fl3” Fletcher

    The worst thing is. . It’s making me want to play this thing before they
    rebalance arty :o

  81. *rolls the newspaper* Bad Jedi! Bad Jedi!

    But in a more serious matter, no harm there. Can’t be helped if you were
    trying to help a clanmate get missions done. The CGC IS the best SPG to
    help with those spotting missions, hands down, so I won’t hold that against

  82. I have nothing against arty players only the damage they do

  83. I’m disappointed…. Just don’t splash a duck on another map or he will cry
    a stream to swim away…

  84. @PointyHairedJedi

    Jedi :(

  85. Yayy! I like artillery!
    Replays are good too!
    Too bad I cant ask for more or there will be artyhate assasins after me

  86. Gary Bromiley (Maddog2uk)

    Lol Jedi that serb guided missle on the T92 thats definately a RnG
    contender of the year

  87. Morgan “NemoKeine” Marmitt

    BURN THE HERATIC! also, the sound of you live yesterday in the stream, I
    could hear your soul sublimating into the void….. “He who fights with
    monsters Should look to it did he himself does not become a monster. And
    When you gaze long into the abyss to abyss so gazes into you.”

  88. Here i present you the orbital laser Canon

  89. At least you fill deeply guilty about it, Jedi. Jingles made some artillery
    video lately and he was laughing his manic gnome laughter all the time. He
    really is evil but for you there is hope. :P

  90. You were supposed to bring balance to the Force! Not destroy it!

  91. Put in the link to the livestream to Circon’s twitch ..

  92. Excuses excuses…

  93. You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have
    you left no sense of decency?

  94. i knew this day would come. remember the ” im only going to research it so
    I can get the medal or ribbon for researching all Brit tanks” I always
    thought that was an excuse to calm your subscribers before you unleashed
    your dastardley plan to convert us into arty players. Now the trickshot
    videos in the cgc. I will not be turned to the darkside jedi. resist
    people, resist this madness.

  95. Do not spend your energy explaining away young Jedi. Remember, “The Dark
    side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities, some consider to be


  96. That T110E5 shooting HEAT at him tho…

  97. CGC is just the worst among all. Ridiculous shell arc that can fire across
    hills and penning the top of any tank , ridiculous gun arc that covers half
    of the map, ridiculous splash that doesn’t require direct hit to do
    For me the object 261 is a far better model as the narrow gun arc and low
    shell arc mean that you at least have to think where to pre-aim.

    In fact, they already have an excellent arty model in the rampage mode.
    Just add a 5-second delay for any shots fired in indirect mode. As they
    claimed that arty’s role is to prevent camping, if a person decided to stay
    at the same spot for 5 seconds+ shell travel time, he deserved to be hit.
    This way even the slowest tanks can still evade arty fire if they keep
    moving. They can as well lower the damage while increase the accuracy so it
    is not entirely dice role. Finally, limit the amount of arty per team to 2
    so that it is not a consistent rain of doom.

  98. So, if Jedi weighs the same as a duck, he’s made out of wood. And

  99. Jedi, I did the exact same thing. I sold my soul, even though I didn’t mean
    to. Satan(Serb?) confused my weak mind.

  100. Clearly you just used the force Jedi

  101. Jedi, y u sell your soul to the devil??? :(

  102. YOU DO DESERVE ALL THE LIKES! finally someone who has the feel for
    artillery =P

  103. That was absolutely absurd o.o

  104. “We do not plan a nerf. What we are planning is a full rebalancing of this
    vehicle class. We want to carefully implement and test each point of the
    plan. We are also not excluding the possibility to limit the number of
    arties to 2-3 (with new achievements) or keep it the way it is.”

  105. this sounds like a coming out video

  106. Planet of the Apes…Old school with Charlton Heston…nice touch Jedi. We
    all thought you sold your soul long ago and then you bought the CGC
    :)…Shut up and kill a T92 on the move & then the Bach Chat. Hold the
    phone! You have gone to the dark side…

  107. Don’t feel dirty about it. I bought it for the same reason. The tier 6 FV
    and this have gotten me 3 female crew members. And the CGC I bought have
    helped making 10+ LT-15 missions easier for others, inc a few T-55A and Obj
    LT-15 and platoon missions. It had to be done. Is this very arty broken?
    I’ve never had a luck shot like you had on the T92. But the arch is broken.
    It’s still an RNG fest most times and you hardly even do splash damage. But
    now and then you get rounds like this when you feel it’s broken and needs
    fixing, but with 9m splash you really don’t need to aim at times close up.

  108. Love the opening.

    Take your stinking clicks off me you d*** dirty arty!

  109. well the T92 deserved it, since he did the same thing to snooze at the

  110. Oh my fucking god! Just today, while i’m in the hills in mines maps, That
    thing hit my fv4202 and left me with 103 hp while i’m hiding behind a rock.

  111. Jedi you monster! You failed to hit every shot! :P

  112. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    6:04 :O Jedi swore! So not only are you playing arty you’re also swearing…


  113. oh man… i really should dislike this video…. but maybe a like can pull
    you back from the darkside… :)

  114. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    When you play arty your soul gets eaten by SerB and then turned into RNG
    juice to fuel your artilleries RNG.

  115. oh jedi, you never disappoint me. xD

  116. Sander den Boer (sansan9)

    Burn the herectic

  117. Jedi got CGC and plays it? Heads will roll XD
    Oh and… “welcome to the dark side son of Jedi” XD

  118. Dat title reference…

  119. I have no soul, so I have an Object 261 and take it out semi-regularly to
    one-shot Bat Chats (it aims fast enough that if you’re aimed in roughly the
    right place when a Bat Chat pops around the corner and stops to empty his
    clip, you can aim in and hit him just as he’s about to start moving again).

  120. ebola carrier replay, here is your complementary dislike that goes with
    every arty replay

  121. *gasp*
    Who are you and what have you done with the real Jedi?

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