CONQUEROR! Tier 5 British Heavy Tank – War Thunder 1.55

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Tier 5 British Tank – Conqueror Mk II
War Thunder Gameplay 1.55 – Conqueror Rank V

War Thunder 1.55 Patch Update Info:
New Desert Maps El Alamein and Tunisia.
Japanese Planes: Ki-61-I Tei, A7m2, Ki-44-II Hei, Ki-44-II Otsu
Germany: Ju-88A-1, Kpfw. Churchill
: MiG-17, T-44-122 Premium
Great Britain: Stirling B Mk.I & III, Crusader Mk.2, A13 mk.I, Tetrarch Mk.I, T17E2

Thanks for watching!


  1. 1ST 1ST 1ST 1ST 1ST

  2. the first like for the video 😀 !!

  3. It’s Tea Time, chaps! So the tank request series is back! What new tank
    from 1.55 do you want to see me play out and show off next? Make sure to
    Also if you haven’t seen it yet, the PT-76 swims! And it’s amazing:
    And here’s the overview of the new vehicles in 1.55 from the Dev Server:

  4. good job

  5. pls play churchill


  7. Centurion! either one is okay!

  8. wat is the best tank

  9. one of the armored cars

  10. Ac MK.ll

  11. Play the last british medium tier V tank

  12. wheeled vehicles do not like this terrain

  13. The Mighty mouse


  15. german churchill!

  16. Im very early

  17. its tier 9 in WoT

  18. yaaaaaaasssss

  19. Crusader Mk II ftw plz

  20. play the wirbelwind!


  22. Centurion mk.10

  23. T17 pls :D

  24. “Blowing it all in one go” ?

  25. Young brony Youngcraft

    1.55 downloading now :/


  27. the German Churchill ??

  28. LOL an isntaling the acc now!

  29. Matilda II pls bbgurl

  30. a39-TORTOISE for the win!

  31. Do the 3 pounder gun carrier!!

  32. How can you unlock this tank?
    I can have only tier 1 tanks.

  33. 3 inch gun carrier Brit turtle 1.0

  34. Great Video once again :D

  35. tortoise tank plz

  36. Centurion!! grab your tea laddies

  37. Play the Archer! Backwards tank for the win!


  39. I will try that one out Daniel

  40. the maus

  41. Use hesh instead of apds ffs

  42. Play the hurricane mk4 in RB ground battles

  43. German Churchill! Any of tier II+ Brits.

  44. T17E4 Armored Car Pls

  45. Play Tetrach.

  46. Challenger please!

  47. Play the Archer aka backwards driver

  48. pls the Churchill gun carrier tank destroyer thing!!!

  49. theodosis polytarxos

    the desert queen! matilda

  50. lol apds sucks? ever played leopard without spending tons of of GE to get
    the heatfs or without premium grinding litterally hundreds of games with
    RNGy 10.5 cm apds?

  51. The destruction mechanics are looking like the one from Medieval Engineers.

  52. Tortoise. It seems like the British can’t handle the Russian 122 nuke.

  53. Centurion mk 10!

  54. Do the Mark vii a17 tetrarch mk.1. Aka the cutest tank in the game!!!!

  55. Baron stop fucking playing arcade if u want to test something, all ur
    showing us is how shit u are

  56. Can you play the Matilda?

  57. baron the hesh rounds pen arnt the real pen its around the heat fs pen

  58. i cannot believe how ignorant people are about HESH. what the stats dont
    show is that the rounds will pen the UFP of any tank in the game which
    doesnt have an UFP of more than 160mm flat thickness. in other words you
    can 1 shot any russian tier V in 1 shot to the UFP from any angle. And with
    an APDS round like that with HESH, I really do not see the need for HEAT
    which has less post pen effects and is waaaaay more expensive.

  59. man, that’s a monster. Sure there is some tea in it as extra…damn

  60. seriously the 120mm apds at least seems do be able to deal with t54 / t10 /
    is3/4 upper and lower glaciers. the 105mm is just useless in these cases.

  61. You shouldn’t need to pen with HESH


  63. The battle of El Alamein was in Egipt

  64. British spa 40mm

  65. you are so lucky. you have no idea how much i want to playthe high tier
    tanks, but i NEVER get to them because it takes 2 years to reasearch on
    line :/ :(

  66. Do the F3F next and look for a skin to use with it cuz the default one is
    kind of bland :P

  67. Daniel Martínez De La Fuente


  68. CENTURION MK10!!!

  69. T-26 Russian foot stool

  70. Play the Matilda plez

  71. Muhdirfan Muhdirfan

    Next time drive T—34

  72. OMG I can’t wait for Chieftain Mk3!

  73. Why would there be a fin stabilised HEAT round when I don’t think the
    British have ever used them? They shouldn’t tweak historical accuracy to
    fit poor game mechanics imo
    And the HESH rounds should be lethal against any vehicle without spaced or
    composite armour

  74. Centurion MK 10 for Churchill

  75. i wanne see the t44 122 monster

  76. Centureon or the leader ( Churchill )

  77. Centureon or the leader ( Churchill )

  78. Play the churchill

  79. Use the armored car! The new fastest vehicle in the game

  80. Reverse tank! Archer!

  81. Play the Archer!, watch yo 6 man

  82. That little tank icon looks like a skull

  83. the Matilda

  84. Evan Graham (Evan Arkadia)

    do a battle in the Cromwell

  85. “level of detail in the maps…” dude… it looks like delta force black
    haws down from the early 2000s

  86. Marco antonio Torres

    the Matilda

  87. next patch we will see the t62 I guarantee it

  88. 1.55 been released already?

  89. We need some Atomic testing baron. PE8, 5,000 kg , Tunisia. Boom! Custom
    battle HYPE!

  90. Comet (second one)

  91. Sherman Firefly

  92. Darjeeling of St. Gloriana

    Churchill VII

  93. Kv-4 plz

  94. Try how many buildings a 5000kg from Pe-8 can crush

  95. Play The 3 INCH GUN CARRIER tank destroyer

  96. Play the ARCHER tank destroyer

  97. Play the TORTOISE heavy tank.

  98. Baron!! Play some 6.3 British tanks, it seems that they are under tiered.

  99. centurion mk x

  100. you can just see u never played with default ammo, the abuse of the ap
    round and just refusing to use HESH just shows you only play with fin
    stabilised rounds.

  101. Tortoise play it I wanna see if it sucks or not

  102. Play the cromwell

  103. Hey, does anyone know which tank is better, but historically and in-game:
    the M103 or the Conqueror. I’d say the 103, but I know the British are
    known for producing fantastic guns for tanks.

  104. Hehe, Conqueror has an M1919 .30 cal….so much for destroying AA Tank lol

  105. Or as the Germans call it: Tear Cry.

  106. Play SPAA car

  107. Play the tortoise ! :)

  108. The Queen of the Desert, old girl Matilda!

  109. TORTOISE!!!!!

  110. i cant unlock more tanks than the first 4

  111. 1.55 is out!

  112. e 100 or to auswitch

  113. Sadly almost all british tanks are garbage xD love the armored cars and
    centurion though

  114. All of them lol but really the comet

  115. just saying but the brits didn’t use HEAT on there vehicles

  116. Do the 3-inch gun carrier

  117. Baron plz drive the 8 inch gun carrier

  118. Honestly I think the open dunes of El Alamein are the most fun I’ve had in
    tanks. I wish the map was just that, I don’t need rocks and castles

  119. Jefafa Von Richthofen

    Destructible buildings….your move World of Tanks


  121. Nice to see that the Russian tanks are still “balance” after patch 1.55

    Would like to see the Cromwell or Comet

  122. NO tank is not perfect with out a John Browning Machine gun on top of it!

  123. Pt-76 now that it can float

  124. plz play the archer or call valentine tank destroyer

  125. Jonas Van den Broeck

    i have been inside a rusty conquer and the rear “second” turret looked
    pretty funny to me, its ammo is made of 2 different parts

  126. The backwards tank the archer

  127. you know youre a try hard when its the first day of patch release and you
    already gone through the whole tech tree

  128. AC.Mk2 AA or as i call it, mario cart

  129. The tortoise!

  130. zut 37 maybe? Just tap-tap-taparoo!

  131. Centurion Mk10!! :)

  132. forget arcade….

  133. Use artillery on this map and show the destruction

  134. Do the French tank, the Archer.

    After all, they can only fire backwards.

  135. A39 tortoise

  136. Do a battle with the PT 76 and just camp in the water

  137. Why is it when Americans try to do a British accent they always sound more
    like an Australian accent?

  138. Baron take out the T44 122 for science of gulag

  139. tortis for chrurchill

  140. CROMWELL pls

  141. i drived my Porsche tiger p and I was carrying a half house for like 5
    minutes xdd

  142. troties

  143. Lamborgini or Buggati?

  144. Aislan LEITE PEREIRA

    Os tanques ingleses iniciais são muito ruins! parecem de papel! qualquer
    tiro destrói

  145. Just want to mention that the Conqueror can’t use Fin stabilised HEAT, it
    has a rifled gun so it’s just HEAT.

  146. Good ol’ Crommie would be nice, lad

  147. The closest we’ll get to an abrams

  148. play the T17 armored car, T17 master race

  149. tourtise

  150. “Oh look it’s a comet!”
    “Not in the air you fool, look over there in the dunes!”

    I want the comet! :)

  151. Hellcat

  152. Hey Baron, just a bit of feedback from me. I much prefer it when you play
    realistic battles. I always find Arcade too simple to watch. I don’t know
    how others feel? Good vids though!

  153. “not amazing ammunition”
    >has best kinetic penetrator in game

    It probably doesn’t NEED HEAT-FS, it’d be convenient, but these sabot
    rounds feel just as effective as the 400mm pen HEAT (When fighting Russians)
    Ya just need to give the Conqueror a few more goes, got a tad unlucky this
    game :)

  154. Try hesh rounds

  155. play the gerry churchill please

  156. Rank V is so garbage in this game. Rank IV is the highest I would recommend
    going to. The level of power creeping is too fucking real in this shitty

  157. Tortoise ftw but late

  158. SU-122-44 pls pls pls?

  159. So am I correct in thinking that, if I bought one of the tier one premium
    Brit tanks, such as the A13 MkII, I will get access to ALL the British

  160. Matilda II! Queen of the Desert!

  161. Tortese

  162. The Aussi “Thunderbolt” please! Always good content Baron!

  163. The game also shits all over tanks that should be good, like light fast
    tanks. Instead Gaijin would prefer to have no armored, but also slow to
    accelerate tanks. Like when they nerfed the M41A1 Walker Bulldog or the
    Hellcat. The new Armored Cars look slow as hell. But since fast cant be
    fast, armor cant be armored. Now everything in the game past Tier IV has
    Stabilized HEAT. Which means anything with armor is worthless. I wish they
    would go back to the older style of this game when it was only Russian and
    German. Tanks had lower pen, but no bloom so the shots wouldn’t leave the
    barrel at an angle. I really miss pub stomping noobs who didn’t take the
    time to learn tank weak spots, but now seems less in your control and more
    in RNG like World of Tanks. Sorry rant over with :)

  164. Tortise :D

  165. The Churchill by Royal Command!

  166. Centurion mk10

  167. was playing live with the reserves and omg they die so quick and team keep
    sucking. well at least better than wot asian server where i lost 5+ games
    in a row all 40% or less win rate on xvm

  168. Swim to the ships with the PT-76 on jungle!

  169. levolution!!!

  170. Centurion!!!!!! (highest teir one)

  171. i don’t have patch 1.55, how do you get it?

  172. Centurion plz.


  174. Im loving the gun sound for the leopard now, it just sounds….deadly

  175. im getting oneconqueror fuck yes

  176. Tortoise! like neow mate

  177. Centurion mbt t5 plz

  178. I want to see the Comet 1 British equivalent to T-34-85 and M4A3E8 in BR.

  179. I have personally taken note, I dont know that this is a fact, but if your
    amo cant pen the enemy armoure easily because it is thicker the less
    shrapenal but if their is less armoure the more shrapenal

  180. I don’t remember Baron showing all these tanks I know the tier 1st like the
    glider tank the armor car and the German Churchill but not the conquer or
    that British spaa did I miss something

  181. TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)

    Play the Centurion MK 10


  183. Play the 3 Inch Gun Carrier, the most munted tank in the game!

  184. The backward tank

  185. baron play the centrion no10

  186. Pardon my ignorance (haven’t played WT in a while), but are all of the Brit
    tanks premiums?

  187. please show us the HESH rounds

  188. Thumbs up for the awkward cousin of the doom turtle, the Tortoise!

  189. Matilda plzzz

  190. cherchhill Plz

  191. did anyone else see the plane fly by at 15:00

  192. Use only hesh baron it works now and will even one shot sloped armour

  193. Centurion mk10 plz

  194. KV-1B for germany

  195. Centurion mk 3 or 10

  196. The confused reverse tenk!

  197. The black prince

  198. jeez conqueror’s cheek is weak af

  199. TORTOISE!!!!!!!!! FOR THE WIN!!!!

  200. Tortoise

  201. yo I didn’t know the update is out already! I just went on my ps4 and
    played one of the new maps and saw the tech tree!

  202. Fly the American f3f biplane

  203. baron u look like obi wan Kenobi during the clone wars……that’s a good
    thing btw

  204. would you be able to play the centurion mk x my jolly good sir?

  205. last medium tank for btitain

  206. Baron I think you should play…………… THE P1000 RATTE!!!!

  207. CHURCHILL!!!

  208. Tortoise

  209. Hey Baron I am just guessing that you have a deal with Gaijin to display
    the tanks. If you do I would like to kno how to apply.

  210. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    IT LOOKS AMAZIING!!!!!!!!!!!

  211. Doom Turtle and the good ol P51

  212. That tank is sexy as hell

  213. I wish it would fuck up your gun if you ram it through a wall

  214. so conquer is shitty m103 lol

  215. Sorry Baron, the Conqueror isn’t going to get a fin stabilized HEAT round.
    Those can only be fired out of a smooth bore gun and the Conqueror has a
    rifled 120 mm

  216. Matt “TheWizardNamedMatt” S

    Bomb the Tunisia main city with the Pe-8!

  217. m-47

  218. THE Monster Off The Churchill!!!!!!

  219. Crawford VanWyngaarden

    A.34 Comet!

  220. finally, desert maps

  221. Can it make tea?

  222. centurion mk10 please

  223. tiger tank

  224. Tortoise

  225. Play the PT-76 another time?, it now floats!

  226. lol not even the fucking tea tanks pen a russian tank

  227. AlOhAPvP HawaiiBoiz


  228. Baron, play the Matilda please.

    On a side note, man the Conqueror is disappointing, it can be penned
    frontally by a T-44!

  229. tortoise

  230. they should make it a german verus Allie map would love that

  231. ORYG1N - Variety Gaming Channel

    Why are you always playing arcade? How can you actually stand it?

  232. do a rb midde tier British tank and make it a medium tank video

  233. but first do doom turtle against doom turtle and do it a front battle with
    phly l want to see how they do against each other

  234. and do british doom turtle against maus you can do the two doom turtle
    against maus too

  235. Sergeant Steve Jason

    Play matilda mate,do it for king,for honour,for Commenwealth…

  236. I dont think it will get heatfs because it uses a rifled gun and shaped
    charges can’t be used in rifled cannons.

  237. German Churchill

  238. hmm I think when it comes out you should try the Tortise and see how
    difernt it is from the T-95.

  239. Play the centurion mk.10

  240. Matilda pls

  241. The “London Fog” 3 inch Gun Carrier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  242. that 480p when I clicked on 720p

  243. Too-nis-e-a

  244. Nice to know that despite War Thunder’s awesomeness on so many levels, the
    Soviet imbalance still manages to ruin it all.

  245. should do a custom battle and one team is the brits and the other is the
    Afrika Korp
    just an idea

  246. Centurion mk X

  247. I want to see the 3 inch gun carrier it looks funny

  248. Matilda.. and can someone explain to me why its not letting me continue in
    tiers? Im stuck in stage one of the British nation. I have all the top
    tanks but its not letting me go down at all

  249. British tanks suck!!!!!!!

  250. Centurion mk.3

  251. Centurion mk.3

  252. Play the Cromwell! :D

  253. the tortoise

  254. play the A34 Comet!

  255. centurion mk 3 :D

  256. RIP germany

  257. Is this still dev server?

  258. odin sekkingstad håbrekke

    Baron u know i insta kill is4s if u shoot innthe view port at front

  259. The Churchill SPG i dotn remember the name its before both churchill tanks

  260. The problem with British tanks is the sabot rounds and only a four man crew

  261. take the ac iv thunderbolt aussie tank pls tell the price while your at it.
    do it and ill throw a snag on the barbe for you

  262. Meanwhile I’m just finishing spading my m17e2 :P

  263. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Since the British Don’t use HEAT I don’t see them getting it but you should
    really try the HESH, it doesn’t have to pen to hurt.

  264. Play zhuckovsky m62 chaika

  265. How about T17E2 in br 1.0 battle?

  266. The trotoise, so big, you can have up to 2 kettles in there!

  267. Drive the Churchill

  268. Centurion mk 10

  269. Is it CBT?

  270. Play the Archer. Its the dream vehicle for your butt bait!

  271. play the armored car ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)

  272. pls do the t95 pls

  273. Cromwell on yeah!

  274. @Daniel Orea 3 inch. Gun motor carriage

  275. who needs fin stabilised heat rounds when you have CRUMPETS

  276. @Carson Roycroft I also exepted that there will be only british tier 1
    tanks and new maps, but there was all of British tanks! Awesome Gaijin!

  277. Hahahah T-44 penetrate Conqueror -Yeah RUSSIA!

  278. Melle Hensums YOU CAN'T PRONOUNCE IT


  279. Hellfires “hellfire” Rage

    The kings Challenger

  280. i wish war thunder have the pt. 1000 ratte :(

  281. Russian BIAS !

  282. isn’t it long range tank? you should not brawl in that tank

  283. Hi Baron, nice Video. Just one question: Could you leave the killcam
    playing and not skip it? I´m always intrested to see where your tank has
    been penetratet, especialy when you´re driving new tanks. I like to watch
    your videos but i´ve noticed that you often skip killcam… thx^^

  284. too bad russians are still op and brits are useless as americans

  285. stop arcade

  286. tortoise ☺

  287. love the german accented sean connory btw ??


  289. incredible t44 piercing frontal armor of heavy tier 5 tank 1:39 is this
    tank the worst?

  290. wow im totally not shocked that gayjin have given the top british tanks
    shit ammo.qim starting to really hate gayjin

  291. pls do any of english spaa;)

  292. Baron, Take out that silly machine that is the Archer, i dare you :P

  293. lets see the button cannon on the archer

  294. the german Churchill

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