Constructive Feedback on Patch 9.18 for World of Tanks!

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Source: SirCircon

Providing some feedback on the patch!


  1. I cant wait to see platoons of 3 Mauses running spall liners and prem consumables firing nothing but gold and domimating entire games because they will be the only tier Xs and arty wont even hurt them and seing how strong its armor became arty was the only thing able to calm down the Maus this patch…

    Seriously right now the new Type5 gun sometimes does between 0 and 50 damages on a direct hit on my Maus, and it has an alpha of 1100-1400… Imagine the overnerfed arty with 900dmg at tier X…

    Arty turned into a useless class already and people still ask for more nerfs. Splash too big ? Bitch please only a few guns are affected, all 155mm calibers and below have less than 10 or 9m splash, considering how low the damages are now and how there was no real rof compensation (1s or 2s depending on caliber) you cant complain about that. Stun effect ? Well pay2win with the new consumables and you will negate a big part of the stun and be able to remove it immediately 1 hit out of 2.

    MM makes pretty much everything a premium mm vehicle, which means that premium mm premiums automaticaly become underpowered (because they are now tier for tier worse) and newer premiums that were designed to fight against tanks 2 tiers higher (instead of same tier tanks) are gonna be even better.
    Also some personnal missions are near impossible ; while they reworked the arty ones, they forgot that every class has missions like “kill 2 heavy tanks that are 2 tiers higher than you” (you can understand that when there can be only 3 tanks of higher tier, having them all of the same class AND kill them all is too much…).

    Overall :

    -New MM breaks balance. LTs become way too good for their tier, new premiums aswell, some tanks are catched by powercreep even faster. And WG cannot properly test it on CT because everyone plays tier X ; even YOU seemed to misunderstand how it should work because od what you’ve been able to test : the “15 same tier” or “5/10” scenarios are supposed to be rare ; they wanted to make the 3/5/7 the most common thing, and not the other way around ; and I doubt there has been more than 10 games on the CT where this scenario happened. Players couldnt test it, WG cannot test it.

    -New arty mechanism is simply an arty nerf. A big fat – but needed – nerf to alpha, with better accuracy and splash… But still the same reload. So a massive loss in dpm, and considering how easily negated/removed/how short the stun is (Circon you will be much more often close to the minimal stun than the maximum… 28s will pretty much never happen unless fighting against a totaly stock and unequiped tank), arty are now a waste of team slots, they cannot effectively help their team, and they cannot make any money (-25k credits with premium account on a victory hell yeah). All they needed to do was just diable oneshots by nerfing alpha and/or pen but compensating with rof ; here they overnerfed it to the point where a heavy tank with a 152mm can deal more damages than a 240mm artillery cannon, while having less than half the reload time and accuracy – and unpenetrable armor without gold.

    -New LTs are not what LTs should be ; they are just medium tanks that go faster and keep their camo. Some are worse (French), some are better (German) than their medium equivalent, when they shouldnt even compare if they were well made because they would simply not have the same role. LTs should be as much of a support class as arty, not an offensive/dpm class, a scout/support class ; the damages and kills are what mediums are here for (and the other way around : meds shouldnt spot as well as lights, and shouldnt be as fast either)…

    For me while every feature is really nice on paper and really meaningful for the game ; I think nothing is ready for live server yet and everything needs a lot of tweakings or even re-testing from lower phases. LTs should be remadem as a whole, arty should be tweaked some more so it’s not just the target that has a better life but also the arty player (who doesnt just lose millions of credits trying to grind for a new tank that just adds 2s longer stun), and MM should be really looked into by forcing players to play a bit of all tiers like they did on sandbox. Also PMs should be totaly reviewed before the update is released (so we dont wait 3 months for fixes to obvious problems), and tanks like FV183/4005 and Type4/5 need to get nerfed severely to their HESH and derp gun respectively, so the arty oneshots don’t just go to let other classes do what everyone has been complaining about for years. If they want to fix arty they need to fix all other arty-like guns on other classes.

  2. Apathetic Bystanders

    well said circon keep the esports shit out of our pub games!!!!!

  3. The Bulldog situation gets even better. It can stack that autoloader with a rammer. With the right loadout, the reload for that entire 10-shell drum can be as low as 28 seconds.

  4. So I lets limit autoloaders and OP premiums and unicums to 1 per platoon aswell yes? Sounds to me like circon is just afraid of being targeted by arty even worse now which is pretty sad how hypocritical he is beingg

  5. Arty will be gone soon. This is enough for me to sell mine. The fact I have to rely on my team for anything is stupid in the first place. Second, how many times do you see a GROUP of tanks that are in the open enough to matter? Not going to bother anymore with arty. Heavy tanks get their way again. Cant wait for all the whining about camping heavies to begin.

  6. The video starts at 0:00. Thank me later.

  7. So, fire extinguishers are not reusable?

  8. If I have a t49 now, would I have the t71 researched in 9.18? If so, would I have to go back and buy it to get the t54e1? If so that’s kinda shitty cause I was looking forward to the e1 and t57.

  9. Rollo Tancredson

    Excellent changes and a great video outlining the changes and some tweaks to help them be even better. The LT are going to be ridiculous.

  10. Knowing Wargaming they will give the bulldog 170 alpha on the autoloader with no changes or increase the reload to 60+ seconds while nerfing the speed, traverse, terrain resistance, and p/w.

  11. Anders Gabrielsson

    No AP/HEAT shells – fine, but pls add high and low power propellant shells as alternative ammo! (ie high or low shell velocity)
    That would add a dimension to arty game play.
    (The point being low power shells have higher trajectory arc, but longer travel time.)

  12. Stun should be based on the splash damage received. A direct hit should do full duration. A near splash like 70% or whatever, a slight graze that only does a few hp of damage should maybe not even stun at all.

    Totally agree with you about the arty toons. So many trolls will come out of the wood work with 3 person arty toons just to ruin people’s games.

  13. snowisthebestweather

    I agree that all consumables should be on the same cooldown, but I feel like 60s is too short. I was thinking 75-90s.

  14. thank you for talking about the consumables they NEED equal timers. We dont need more pay to win

  15. I think maybe the SPG stun should have diminishing returns so if they have a plat of 3 arty and they just focus one tank (poor heavy tanks) then after the first stun lasts lets say 20 seconds if you get shot while stunned it should only last half the length of the stock stun time and if you hit again half it again and so on so even if all arty hit you you cant be stunned more than 30 seconds. maybe after stun effects have started maybe you should get a buff against stun effects for the duration of the stun that half all stun time while the buff lasts. Just ideas my friend you tell WG cause they would never listen to a scrub like me thanks for the great videos Sir keep up the good work ^_^

  16. fakemail4suckers

    I really liked the SPIC
    The ONLY reason it was interesting was the auto-loader…..

  17. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    The nerf to LTs gun handling made me think they wanted LTs to dart in close and then dart away instead of sniping. The games you played on Friday showed the guns seem to still handle fine at medium range. I do fear that average players won’t do as well as you did. But unless the open up the maps, LTs still can’t really use that mobility which I think is a shame. It would add another dimension to the game if the maps allowed LTs to sneak behind enemy lines to hunt arty – maybe TDs and MTs become more map aware and pick spots that allow them to protect arty. During a few games you showed how having a MT with better armor and a better gun would have benefited you. The problem for me is the maps still seem to prevent LTs from showing times when speed and cammo benefit you over the gun and armor.

    The recharge on the packs just seems clunky to me. It is needed with the new stuns, and it will be great to have, I just think it’s a bit OP. This is really true for those tanks with derps who may not do much damage but at least contributed with module and crew damage. It is a major shift in power AWAY from that being useful. But maybe the new MM will help since hopefully you won’t be really useless as bottom tier with a derp gun.

  18. Wait what tanks/tiers will be able to mount a Vertical Stabilizer? Only lights? What tiers? Every single one?

  19. All we need now is to have gold rounds for gold not silver and the game will be perfect

  20. Splash radius is too big. If you disagree you are a sexist, racist homophobic animal abuser.

  21. but think about it, if you hit a t92 into a light armored tank the crew aint gonna sit there and be like what the shit was that.

  22. So u really think 15m splash is ok? Thats just stupid as f… GL trying to avoid and live arty shell with low hp -b

  23. I seem to remember on SB the large splash radius reaches around corners of buildings so you get stunned even when you think you’re arty safe.

  24. As an arty player myself, I still think that the splash radius is too high. Same with the stun duration

  25. for me, the arty new aiming mode was very great but also make arty player more easy to take a shot…. which of course the chance to evade arty shot become more small, wargaming should make a limit on how far arty will zoom in with that new aim mode.

  26. “If three artillery start shooting at you…”
    That is kind of like asking a black belt what happens when you shoot at him with a rifle from 100 meters. You can always envision some scenario where you’re going to have a bad day:

    “If three invisible TD start shooting at you…”
    “If three autoloading fast, light tanks circle-of-death you …”
    “If one light tank keeps tracking you for the arty because he can track faster than you can repair …”
    “If one light tank keeps tracking you for the TD because he can track faster than you can repair …”
    “If my turret-less TD gets tracked … our outmaneuvered…”

    Yeah, if you want a tank game that is perfectly “balanced” get an old Atari 2600 (or emulator, or the Atari “retro”) and the game “Combat”. Enjoy.

  27. Feedback on the video: next time, please stop clicking. Bit (very) annoying.

  28. So basically what I gather from this 9.18 patch is we finally get a change to the totally screwed up Match Maker but have to pay for it by being either screwed over by far more OP arty than before or become Pay to win players.. Fuck Wargaming. Ill back down from WoT until they pull their heads out of their asses.

  29. arty buff= not installing new patch…

  30. EU pleb: Tankcommandanten

    why did wg destroy the Vk28.01

  31. Im currently grinding the T54light. Grinding for the T54 medium. If the xp on old tier 8 light stays. I cannot use it to anything else but convert to free xp. What am i gonna use it for on the new tier 8 light (LTTB) when i allready got the T54 light? – that is fucking stupid! ?
    Pls. Let the xp follow the tank its grinded on.

  32. Richard Gonzalez

    When does this patch hit????

  33. hi
    like your channel by disagree in some of your Arty comments.

    I hope that you can take some feedback

    in surprised that you suggest limeting the number of Arty’s in s platoon, what next?

    a platoon of mediums also do a shit load of damage due to that they are coordinated!
    our should WG stop unicum players to platoon in random battles due to that they are way to powerful and coordinated in their platoon?

    it’s good to only allow 3 Arty in a match up but let people platoon up with 3 Arty’s because who want to go into a fight without the upper hand…
    Best Regards

  34. why does wargaming cater to whining pussies ?  Why spend the time making arty completely useless just take them out of the game.  If you have ever played arty, you know that you miss 90% of your shots completely and you one shot a tank once every 200 games.  I can see new players not understanding staying arty safe but one of my favorite pros bitching about arty is really disappointing.  Just remove the fucking thing and see what the pussies cry about next.  the 183 can one shot tier 10’s but that’s a tank so it’s ok ? tier 7 light tanks pen every single shot on tier 10 heavies but my tier 10 td bounces constantly but that’s ok.  Sounds to me like this patch is going to take all skill out of the game.

  35. Matchmaking system is refined as I see but the new arty mechanics! I don’t know man but I think they want to have more players play as if they were drunk due to this stun shit, and the time to nullify that effect is quite long too. 14 – 20 seconds for 50% reduction in your vehicle and crew’s abilities is surely enough to get you flanked & smashed. I think WG still struggles with their arty shit.

  36. WG made Arty easier to play -_-

  37. World of Tanks videos

    Yeah arty is so nasty, autoloaders like TVP needs a buff it still takes 4,5 sec to do +1200 damage and please buff heavies armour, they can still be penned. Mediums needs better speed, they are way to slow, same goes for lights, they also needs better camorating and viewrange.
    Thank you for nerfing FV304 into total shit, no pen, no stun, way to go.
    Wargaming I think you should make arty visible for enemy all the time.
    And yeah, lets make maps more corridor based.
    Game will be much more unbalanced = way better to play.

  38. Hey man, you make great videos, but please stop klicking and moving camera zillion times per second it is a little annoying.

  39. Tharaka Wijerathne

    I have about 100k XP in AMX 13 90. I need that XP to research AMX30 and Batchat. Will I be able to do that? Where does the tech tree split for Franch in new patch? Is it tier 8 or 9?

  40. What will happen with the premium lights?
    AMX 13 57, M41 90, Type 62?

  41. yaaaaaas 1080

  42. Wotko s Vokurkou

    I have only 1 thing to say to this patch – TOO MANY CHANGES at one time. They proved to unable to balance few tanks (hello Maus??) and do simple game-mechanics changes without issues. Now they are changing 6 lines of LT, every arty in game, adding 10 new ones, changing MM etc. This is going be one of a disaster if you ask me.

    You can see it from the points you made in video – new MM + scouts balance. Map boosts for like billions of new tanks which should be disabled anyway as it is exploitative gameplay (as you cannot do that with all tanks, period). Arty with 15m splash still stunning for min???? Come ON, with CGC now having 11m splash you dont have to land the shell to same square and it still makes damage…. You are literally able with so much higher splash effect tanks almost ANYWHERE .

    Btw, can you in 9.18 platoon tanks with pref. MM with 1 tier lower tank, or you cannot do this anymore?

  43. I feel like the mid-tier mediums are getting a bit outclassed by the new changes of the light tanks, especially tier 7 mediums. They don’t have crazy good guns, some of them don’t have vert stab, and some are pretty slow and pretty blind. Mediums that are tier 8, 9, and 10, sure, they have better guns, good view range, and they have vert stabs as well. Tier 6-7 mediums? Nope.

  44. just remove stun thats all..

  45. Let me understand. Premium tanks with preferential MM now are almost unjustifiably expensive, unless it’s 2 a.m. in the morning and nobody is playing.

  46. The removal of scout matchmaking did not do ANYTHING to bulldog outside of moving it’s location on the scoreboard. In the past tier 7 Bulldog could’ve done the same clipping that you mentioned.

    I do, however think they should make the autoloader 8 shot *and* just buff the B-C 12t.

  47. Hey Circon. I am a long time follower on Youtube and Twitch (and one day I will be a Sub, now I`m a f***ing poor student, but one day I will be Sub). I really like your content. You are the grumpy cat of WOT and sometimes you are a little bit too salty. That`s okay and your style, but sometimes I adapt that and that`s no fun for me. But Videos like that are the reason I follow you. Because you say the f***ing truth. You may be salty sometimes, you may be grumpy sometimes, but you see and discuss the things like they are and I`m really thankful for that. Keep up the good work and the time I am able to afford, I will start supporting guys like you.
    (1. I don`t want to kiss your ass, it`s my honest opinion.
    2. Sorry for my bad english it`s not my first language and i have a big lack of practise)

  48. One thing is certain, with new arty you dont need aimbot, gj WG !!

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