Controcarro 3 Minotauro – First Look – World of Tanks

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Controcarro 3 Minotauro, a Tier 10 Italian tank destroyer is coming to World of Tanks! Here's all we know so far!



  1. Why does every new tank got high HE pen. It looks like wargaming messed up by implementing HE changes and now they want to fix it by giving new tanks high HE pen

  2. Funny how it’s called a minotauro because I too I’m half and half with this tanks stats

  3. Miguel Montenegro

    Italian is such a fun language when you begin to understand it

  4. Nathanael Tiempo

    The turret looks like a fat and longer version of kranvagn’s turret

  5. For whatever reason thinking of the minotrauro as a cyclic gun with a long reload every 5th shot and it makes sense in my head. It feels like a skill augment in a different game “Gain higher damage but every 5th attack has a long recharge”

  6. Auto loaders ment to trade at leat 2for 1 and this tank cant do that, tds ment to have punishing gun but this tank 530 alpha cant do that. I would have been interested if it had at least 630 alpha or if it had 5sec intra clip reload then maybe I would have grinded but its just a slow piece of crap if i want to suffer I would play t57 heavy it also have the autoloader or I would play foch which have better intra clip reload. This tank is not for me and no one who can think and breathe at the same time should waste their time on this. Go grind the vz55 lets see how this tank will deal with 1k dmg in 3 sec and faster full clip reload.

  7. Hybrid WT e 100

  8. Still waiting on that 149/40 gun addition, Wargaming. Make it so!

  9. we need a 6 second intra clip reload else the tank’s gonna be trash

  10. If they gave it 6 or 7 seconds intraclip reload it would be much better, even if they made the whole drum a bit longer reload

  11. Thinking you have a clip is autoloader mentality. This tank has a regular gun that needs to cool down after every 5 shots.

  12. The minotauro looks like it’s based on the rinoceronte, which to me means the tank will suck cause the rinoceronte is just trash

  13. This reminds me of warthunder auto loaders to a degree

  14. elpiero_007_ liberty

    i love when you say controcarro

  15. Captain_Context

    Controcarro. Quite literally means Counter-tank. So an anti tank. Or a TD in our WoT language.

  16. Looks like a blitz version of is3 and t28 defenders with the 8s intra clip.

  17. Will not be playing this tank, but I’m glad its not completely OP. 4s intraclip is already hard to use on the Char Futur 4, 8s basically makes it a cyclic gun except with a random 24s reload at one point

  18. Load all 5 rounds in magazine, 24 sec. Shoot all 5 rounds, 32 sec. This makes no sense, these should be reversed.

  19. Achill3uS overclocking

    255 pen for tier X TD? Shk-TVP 270 pen in tier 8. khm.

  20. QB drunk in this video? 8 degrees instead of 8 seconds at interclip reload? E 100 has full turnable turret? Badger can escape faster although they have the same speed backwards of 12? wtf?

  21. I just think they were afraid it would be wt(au)f e100 so they just gave it really high interclip. Now that community does not relate it to that broken tank they would reduce it by 1 or 2 sec maybe.

  22. 12:35 – Gj WG… making people fire more gold at Tier X. Aaaahhh, and another hull down monster? Sound like a great idea…
    Wtf are these people smoking? They are gonna dig a whole so deep that they’ll never get any new players to stay

  23. Definitely feels like wargaming is creatively dry and is starting to show more and more. They’re trying too hard to come up with unique tank playstyles, resulting in redundant and pay-to win nonsense…

  24. When JPN TDs? Instead we get fantasy ones constantly

  25. One of the biggest complaints the wider community has in this game is that every new tank that comes to the game power creeps and is overpowered. It’s actually quite refreshing to see a new line and a new premium come in that diversifies the game without being the new best thing making all the older stuff obsolete.

  26. The Foch 155 dealing 2250damage in 10 seconds is annoying enough to use, I’m expecting this to also feel like quite an annoying tank to play.
    Sure Foch 155 don’t have the armor to protect it, and also a long clip reload, but still, long intra clips just make it lose the main point of a autoloader, and i still stand by that it should be an autoREloader instead.

  27. I really want this tank

  28. Will be broken. Either over-powered or under-powered.

  29. Another p2w tank with wildly unbalanced shell pen. 255 standard pen on a td is worse then almost all the tier 10 heavies. But 345 premium pen is decent for a td. Everyone that plays this tank will just spam gold

  30. Dandy Highwayman

    Blatant pay2win on the gold ammo. Hate it.

  31. E100 being a TD

  32. Another tier 10 worse then their 9, like Rinocheronte. As I said before this feels like an ammoracked tank where you have 530 damage per 8 seconds for half a minute then 24 seconds of running and hiding away (so it takes 57 seconds to be active in combat. I will stick with tier 9 on the TD line if that one is fun enough to be worth the grind.

  33. 8 degree intra clip reload is very strange indeed

  34. Improved aiming unit is mandatory on the Minotauro.

  35. Aiming device, Vents and Turbo. And swap the Turbo for Hardening for smaller maps like Himmelsdorf.

  36. James Irwin-McConnell

    Yknow, a bit quirky a bit weird (especially with 8 degrees reload) but it’s definitely not OP which is very nice! I’m lookin forward to it

  37. Oh look a gold-seller

  38. lol 255 pen on standard rounds.

  39. There are plenty of tanks that actually use(d) revolver autoloaders. The AMX 13, 50, Lorraine 40t, T69, T54E1, T57, T77, plus perhaps a few more that I’m forgetting. They all load(ed) from cylinders attached to the turret.

  40. When you mix a Italian kranvagn with a t110E4

  41. You can, but not as effectively, since it likely won’t be able to use gun rammer, like most auto (re)loaders can’t.

  42. Why would they make the Italian tanks with the auto reloading system then introduce the TD’s and not give it to them?

  43. more hull down garbage. joy.

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