Controlling A TANK WITH MY VOICE – Voice Attack (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Controlling A TANK WITH MY VOICE – Attack ( Thunder Tanks Gameplay)


  1. “Get some” haha Love it

  2. Pls more

  3. NEW CHALLENGE play the pz.4c at 9.0 br mr.phly

  4. The Emperor wants to listen some Foreign Music and you have 4 Musical Groups to conduct with , would you conduct:

    A. The group that uses steam organs(Calliope and P-39 w/ M8)
    G. The group that uses their own vocal chords (Panzerwerfer 42 and 190 A-5 w/ WG21)
    R. The group that uses normal organs(BM-8-24 and I-series[your choice] with RBS-82)
    B. The group that uses tulips to create music(Cromwell RP-3 and Hurricane MkII trop with RP-3)

    Achieve good kills with their “music” and Make the Emperor Proud!

    –Sponsored by Type 60 ATM tank crews and P-400 pilots–

  5. The command for the machine gun should have been RATATATA. ?

  6. omg the atgm is accurate than i thought
    attempt 1 :Type 60 ATM voice,try to use this accurate system to overwrite this shit.

  7. Heres a quick challenge play tanks using the weakest most low armoured tank on a high tire battle and try to get at least 1 kill

  8. u know u want the plane phly

  9. you should have command to go full speed, something like advance full or ahead full. would love to see more of this

  10. Do this on plane!

  11. This is so fucking awesome. Imagine if there was a separate section of simulator battles (offering better rewards due to the difficulty, of course) that required you to use this. I’d say leave things like “scope” out. Just say things that the commander actually would say. Then you’d actually be a commander (and technically the gunner).

  12. this challenge makes you practice like a real tank commander.

  13. Love the voice attack but do the atgm next please

  14. Definitely do another one of these videos….Sickkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  15. coulb be fun a game where people onyl use voice controle you could do that in a custom game

  16. that was fucking awesome

  17. holy SH!T!!

  18. Wait… 9:15 I did not say scope and still it zoomed out?

  19. Tank commander: AceYour tank driver: 12 yr old kid

  20. Can someone tell me how to do this? I want to try it out

    Also PHLY the way you move the turret is that you have a voice command for binoculars, then you look around and when you spot an enemy you point your binoculars at him and then just say “fire” but the tank won’t fire but instead will turn the turret and the gun against the enemy then you go out of binoculars and fire. Boom enemy destroyed advance to the next point.

  21. yes pls we need more of this. its fun

  22. This is so freaking awesome! Do more!!!!

  23. This is so cool man.

  24. I bet you won’t voice command on sim battles. You gotta get 8 kills any battle rating good luck.

  25. Sebastian de Vera

    Use a plane :p

  26. TheGamingGeeksSwe

    Try turret traverse?

  27. challenge difficulty increase: play simulator mode with commands for the turret and gun axes and you cant use the gun scope… so just views from the commanders seat and goggles.

  28. Why don’t you play without interface next? Should be a hell of a challenge…

  29. This is the coolest thing i’ve ever seen. xP Please get better with these voice commands.

  30. traverse left… traverse right?

  31. Does it work with world of warships

  32. the life of a tank commander

  33. 1234,1234,1234 DiamondArmor

    use the weakest tank and kill 10 tanks of 5

  34. 1234,1234,1234 DiamondArmor

    the plane could work

  35. Hey Phly let’s play the Strv 81, so ATGM and main gun

  36. Like a damn Red Orchestra 2 tank commander

  37. Phly, you should do something like this but in tank sim (maybe even with vr)

  38. 1234,1234,1234 DiamondArmor

    hey you killed my tank

  39. voice attack ‘aim up, aim down, aim left, aim right’ try it?

  40. Well, that’s a next level of hardcore!

  41. Pls do more of this it is fun to watch it is like watching fury but on difirent tanks so cool

  42. Rittirong Hmeonkow

    so cool

  43. Try out planes

  44. You should try this with a VR headset in SIM or RB with no hud from the commander position…

  45. Please do continue with this!!!

  46. What about some big booms? The 150mm Sturmpanzer II and the BV238

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