Conway review!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. First

  2. 4 views club

  3. First!! 

  4. 1st .. liek if yuo cri evrytiem

  5. The old Death star is more sexy than the new one

  6. What about the Achilles? I’m enjoying that one even if it is weak against
    tier 8s. Have to admit I’m not looking forward to anything above it though.

  7. We know how much shit you had to go through to make this review Foch, the
    hours of streaming and dying show that. But thanks for trying to keep calm
    and not go slap the fuck outta whoever invented this tank.

  8. Them chetas. Lol good vid. It is hard to make this tank work sometimes.
    So far I found better success with the Charioteer.

  9. You should use colourblind mode,just saying

  10. “Which is an extremely bad thing if you…” and “pathetic” Fooch is getting
    classy as fak :D

  11. I’ve seen the first replay shown here at the Circon’s stream. I got stunned
    because of Fadin. Magnificent job! Well played SirFoch.

  12. nice games man

  13. Richard Gustafsson

    Respect foch for not using prem ammo in tier 9 tds

  14. Lol, always nice to see Jingles carrying a filthy WN8 padding unicum jerk

  15. Wow, Jingles so baaaaaaaaaaaaad XD

  16. Charioteer and Death star II review anytime soon?

  17. The British side-scraping is kinda hit or miss
    mostly due to turret rings that angle the side to the opponent creating a
    70-90mm shot
    and the other thing (for example in the centurion I) is the back
    drive-wheel which is also flat and if hit while side-scraping has only
    about 60mm armor

  18. What about Charioteer?

  19. First time I saw foch in game was with this a few days ago.
    I went to greet him with my WZ 111-4 but he rekt me 🙁
    I honestly though i’d be on video cos he did some nice play there

  20. Get awesome medal, I’d love to get at least once in my life? “Yeah, you
    know, that medal I was going on about..” like he didn’t care 😛 Nice video
    as always, Foch! :)


  22. still the best in WOT reviews.

  23. Did you say reload time doesn’t matter?

  24. Just a quick tip on the engagement with the Foch at the end of the first
    match: The sides of the Foch were nerfed a while back, to 40mm. The are
    overmatched by 120mm’s now. Should have aimed for his sides instead of the
    top weak spots.

  25. Put this reload on the 7/1, then the most op tank ever has been made (other
    than the hovercrafts of course)

  26. Poor Jingles with 60 exp on that first match lol he musta been raging (I
    know I would). Great vid Foch +1

  27. This tank is awesome and is the best t9 british non-spg tank. It addresses
    all the problems that the other t9 british tanks have. It has dpm, unlike
    the centurion, has mobility, unlike the tortoise, and its turret actually
    bounces shots, unlike the conqueror. I had a lot of fun in this machine.

    WG know how to make money. Add overpowered/power creep tank, make people
    rush to spend their gold to free xp before it gets nerfed. Those “haves”
    who have premium and accumulated a lot of free xp then get to rape the f2p
    “have not” players, who then feel pressured to buy gold to compete.

  28. gotta love that rddt warpack 

  29. Didn’t like the Charioteer? That was my favourite in the line and the only
    one I kept.

  30. “….and if we look at XVM, we can see he is a sane person…” LOL

  31. You can even be clipped by a bulldog!

  32. I love the achilles in this line… way better than the firefly as well!!

  33. Can someone tell me, what is that mod for gunpoint?
    I want only that, nothing more.

  34. I’m disappointed that neither of the replays was platooned with MrConway.

  35. What about Charioteer Foch, that thing looks crazy!

  36. +TheFochYou Yeah, when this new TD line was launched, I was all “what the
    FUCK WG?!” – The PROMISE us a replacement for that piece of shit FV4202 and
    perhaps one for the not AS bad FV215b – which still suffers because it has
    a rear mounted turret, but ANYONE who knows where to shoot will pen the
    215b if it ever TRIES to side scrape, something it should EXCEL in!

    My biggest WTF is WHY release a SHITTY new British TD line INSTEAD of, say,
    adding the AMX 30 line to the French tree AND giving it a good premium
    medium (a tier 8 med with the 13 90’s gun, non autoloading, and some
    balancing characteristics) – because I LOVE my BatChat, but the crew is
    only 86% in their 3rd skill set due to a lack of premium to run while
    earning credits and training up said crew.

    And finally the ULTIMATE WTF WG – WHY make a TD line that is SO FUCKING
    USELESS!? Sure the Charioteer is good – but I DEFY you to name another good
    TD in that line, with the Challenger taking crown for THE SHITTIEST TANK IN
    ALL OF WOT! And the FV4005 Conway taking crown for SHITTIEST TIER X in all
    of WOT!

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