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Source: DOLLARplays

KF41 lynx gameplay. Sons of Attila update.

KF41 is top rank tank from Hungarian sub tree. Lynx is an IFV with fire forget missles, like german Puma.


Intro: Mercury – Toxic

Background: Car Park – Martin Klem
Amit Sagie – Chariot
City Lights, City Dreams – Forever Sunset
Galaga – Rijko

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

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  1. Honestly, I did not had a good time with it. Missiles lose the lock all the time, and you have only 2… The gun is shooting like a mile of your aiming point(in realistic battles) so it’s harder to hit gun barrels, APS haven’t saved me once (I think), you get one shottet most of the time ( not like on puma).

    Tbh I had like a few hours of sleep when I was recording this video. I was busy preparing for my trip. Maybe with “fresh mind” I could enjoy this thing better 🤷‍♂️

    Guess what we’re playing next?😎

  2. 8:30 the new map was from the resent Atomic Thunder game, so just reused
    And great video like always

  3. Im hungarian. Those voices makes me uncomfortable and they sound disturbing also so dumb like a talking drunk person who imagines himself as a sloth, e.g. 2:00 – “Ellenfél 2 óránál! Előre! Hét zéró zéró. Vettem!” –> “Enemy at 2 o’clock! Forward! 7 0 0. (thats coordinate direction i think). Roger that! ”
    Now, players, embrace this “alien” language all the time while you play.

  4. señor dollar siempre me alegra los dias con sus ediciones magnificas

  5. Gaijin clearly didn’t finish this tank before the patch dropped. Probably gonna be broken the rest of the year at least.

  6. Hi dollars thx for the vidéo. Can you make a vidéo like ” The return of jucy cupola” with the lancia 3ro. This video was to funny🤩

  7. Look who’s here 🥲🔥🔥

  8. What nationality is this guy

  9. FrecciA!!

  10. Hey DOLLARplays! Long time watcher, first time supporter (used your link got the decal, very niiice) just wanted to say your vids are the best, they always make me want to start a match even if it’ll be uptiered. Wish you the best dude and thank you for always playing naval, we will win ppl over yet! o7 top tier editing as always, everyone I show loves your stuff!
    =Dank= Fayte

  11. I honestly wonder now if napalm could be way too effective…

  12. hey mate new sub but been playing WT for like 200 hours now and finally able to get more then 2 kills in one game but great stuff keep it up i see you read comments so hope you see this

  13. Me as a Hungarian with German main seeing it in the Italian techtree 😢

  14. aww man thought this vehicle would of been cooler but only 2 missiles wat??? lol

  15. I recently watch your surblide and surbiese video and it was just gorgeous, maybe go back to those 2 and put the SOMUA int there and be one of the most fun lineup in French tech tree.

  16. Hey dollar, I just want to say thank you for constantly posting your videos. They make my day from work all the more better when I get home. And they also motivate me to keep grinding on war thunder, lol. Hope you have a wonderful week, and stay safe.


    I’m starting to think “fire and forget” doesn’t apply to the gunner, but to the missile. It fires, then it forgets it’s target and explodes mid air lmao.


    Is it me, or do French and Italian tanks just burn way faster than other nations’ tanks? Seriously, whenever I play France or Italy, FPE takes forever to work and by the time it puts out the fire, my crew is all red, if it actually is able to put out the fire in time. Its kind of bull.


  20. I watch these videos just becase the good music he puts on his videos , i rreally dont care about wt

  21. Csenger Becse Simon

    as a Hungarian i am happy that they put hungarian tanks and voice lines in the game also
    nice vid

  22. What is that music in intro? :[

  23. The Lynx does have an APS system. And a pretty good one, the Strike. Simply just the Gaijin programmers can’t even programme a logic gate door in Scrap Mechanic.

  24. Sight on gun barrel option should be removed from all tanks in realistic battles

  25. The music and shooting of that thing in the map at 12:36 were at almost the same speed, and the bass was at the same time as the cadence of your shots… Amazing!

  26. Could you play the char 2C (tech tree version) had lot of fun with that 10 beast… Basically a maus in 2.3

  27. 9:30 he deserves that ..

  28. Can you do a swedish HE boi vodeo with VIdar Bkan Meatballlauncher and maybe bt42

  29. Muchas risas 😂

  30. Breach Thunder. Also thing is POS.

  31. Very nice video 👍

  32. Yess im on the killfeed XD

  33. I think warthunder should update the game So when you’re driving an IFV or any type of APC. You should be able to drop off the troops that are inside the vehicle on spawn points and flags and have them lock the flag down for you. And you take off to go walk down another flag. That’d be pretty cool, and once they die, they die.

  34. Give the Puma missiles

  35. is it because you move your cursor up so high before firing?

  36. Can we see an M-51 used at top tier? I’m sure 400mm pen HEAT is comparable to some shells at that BR.

  37. this intro never get burn

  38. I am 2 days late for watching our beloved Dollar but never lasted it ,Great Edited rehabilitation videos on air thank you bro

  39. It’s made in hungary in rheinmetal Zalaegerszeg plant and hungary is the first to order/use it. Wait until hungary gets the Leopard2A7+HU aswell

  40. Next time dollar you should check the wiki for this vehicle

  41. Whats with those dancing trees? It has to simulate wind ? Looks more like bug to me

  42. 17:50 hello let me introduce myself it’s a me SubmarineFighter

  43. “i want to fire and forget somebody” me too dollar me too.

  44. EZEK A MIEINK! 😀

  45. This is probably the one exception to the SPIKE rule gaijin has right now. The fact it only gets 2, and they’re bad, makes me think gaijin should them be allowed to be manually guided post-launch. I’m scared for that can of worms to open though

  46. the missiles explode because sometimes the target you are shooting at has a anti missile defence system, it auto locates the missile and disables it before it reaches the target

  47. The missile function as advertized; It *fires* at the target, then *forgets* the target.

    Truly the missile of all time.


  49. How russia thinks german equipment is irl compared to theirs:

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