Correcting “What a War Thunder Cheater Looks Like”

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Source: Bruce Leeroy

Here is the link. Also, please don’t throw any hate at him.
Here are the old videos. I didn’t take them down, but I figured it wouldn’t be right completely erase them.

Obviously the end of the video joke (: Don’t take it too seriously.


  1. No way… that’s me in the AGS. Sorry to do you like that lmao. I do play on Xbox on a controller though, and I think I recorded the clip from my pov. Although the feature helps a ton with tracking aircraft while on controller, it is pretty nasty that you can do it through rocks and buildings, especially if you hook up a mouse and keyboard. Great video, I think that it’s a feature not many know about that needs some adjustments. I still can’t believe I just happened to stumble on this video, and sorry again about killing you that way lol.

    • You’re not wrong, the one who put the blame is gaijin, how on earth they didn’t implement same feature on pc. They should already know that console able to use mouse right.
      Please add the console tracking to pc ,gaijin

    • i cant even believe they let people with console’s have literal game cheap aimbot on the game lmfao, i mean follow it maybe yeah but tracking it for the player? its just unfair at that point.

    • @Bruce Leeroy I saw in the settings somewhere a target lock thing that is not assigned on pc. I might have fuzzy memory, but i’m sure i saw something like that recently in there.

    • I play on Xbox and I can confirm. It’s pretty broken how easy it is to spot aircraft. It’s also broken how easy it is to take them out with atgm’s using this feature.

    • u can track aircraft in air RB aswell

  2. wiredunit's war clips

    I say that’s even considering computer players can use the low Graphics even with a good computer and look cross the map across the map and threw most of the Clutter of bushes and trees that are usually there and snipe

  3. You can tell that it’s a console player beus when he fires both the main gun and the secondary armament go’s of at the same time

  4. Guy using ultra low graphics settings complaining about other game abusers, what a joke!

  5. This is why I just stopped playing, takes all the skill out of the game and puts a major divide simply because PC players can’t do this. Not only that, but how many players have been accused and banned (falsely) over this?

  6. I use a morse and keyboard and I am a consolé player. Sorry for misunderstanding… but pc player have some advantages. And we are not but hurt. Fyi… I’ve been playing with since 2014 and with keyboard and mouse

  7. Well him being on console is a big flag that tells you said person isn’t hacking because it’s not possible. we’d get banned instantly there’s no way to hide custom firmware from xbox nor Sony yet.

  8. that is so unfair man

  9. gaijin given console players benifits

  10. Players that use hacks: GET BANNED | Console player including me who use mouse and tracking to win battles: no no no we arnt hacking we useing gaijins gift to us console players

  11. so this why i got shoot down from 3km high by the wz305

  12. no wander some people have fast reaction

  13. I have seen some real cheater but there is no way to report

  14. This is why Sony didnt like cross platform for a wile.

  15. Bruh I play on console and I thought everyone could do this I’ve probably been reported so many times because I’ve did this in realistic battles alot of times

  16. I can see how people can see that as hacking

  17. New gen Xbox series S/X loads in like PC players I load in early September hell on my new Xbox

  18. I thought everyone on console knew about this, it works in aircraft too to an extent

    I play console mainly and I get a lot of use from this feature with AA tanks and I don’t think it should track targets this well

  19. I play on ps4 and I thought pc had this lol

  20. He’s talking about my favorite thing for Xbox I love to just track aircraft

  21. I always thought the pad icon next to their gamertag meant they were console players. Is that not so?

  22. No wonder military use Xbox controller for their predators

  23. Liam Kurt Yhñigo V

    Ohhhhh now I remember, yea I used that on my AA once (I play on PC) and I thought it was useless since I honestly could track better than that

  24. My favorite part was when you were talking about a war thunder match.

  25. + you can actually tag the enemy, using commands T 1 7 / T 4 7 , you can see what plane/heli he is using and mark his position like this but its not available for PC

  26. Thats so broken. Theres literally no reason why that should be a feature. They can still make find adjustments with a controller, and arguably its easier to make fine adjustments with a controller.

  27. And a pc player can use a console controller

  28. I’ve always known about the tracking feature on console but I don’t use it bc I have the button bound for Mg’s. I have used the little gray box that you pops up around aircraft and when you press A which in and of itself is pretty nasty. Just a couple days ago I selected a heli and shot him through a whole forest bc of the box.

  29. Hello from PS player 🙂

  30. And all pc players are forced to play crossplay with console players.. I’ve already posted on the forums and requested a simple switch in the settings to turn off crossplay.. no hate to console players, but we are never gonna be on a level playing field.

  31. Console players have other stuff they can do in many games
    In wotb for example u can normaly look around when ur in zoomed or aiming mode to see enemies before u can shoot them but on switch ur cam only rotates as fast as ur turret does

  32. i laughed so hard at the end! XD
    I highly respect you for putting this right! I didn’t see the previous video(s) just got this one suggested by YT, but out of the respect i’m gonna subscribe anyways 🙂

  33. giving console players ghetto aimbot in RB is a garbage decision

  34. You wanna know the fun part? The solution to this problem is a simple raycast check, to see if there are any obstacles in the direction of the vehicle that is being tracked.
    Raycast – a ray, a stright line from one point to a direction and a given distance. Detects hitboxes, and possible collisions. returns true or false if there is a obstacle or not. But gaijin will take their sweet time to patch this problem.

    It’s 2 lines of code.

  35. I’m on console I’m amazed that the Huey didn’t get his head blown off

  36. I’m on Condong is the maze your AA didn’t kill the Huey

  37. Once, like a year ago, gaijined made something on pc, you could literally track a plane with a tank ( no aaa with radar) on ground realistic. It was very strange

  38. I’ve been killed by that many PC Master race K 50 pilots

  39. Console is the best

  40. Typical Squad Newbie

    i think we can also do that with a mouse in arcade by holding right mouse (default) after selecting the target

  41. If they have a controler plugged in then the mouse should be absolutly disabled untill they disconnect the controller. Or just remove the lock on bullshit entirely.

  42. Yup I knew this about console, I do this.

  43. This is literal aimbot. Theres no valid excuse for it to be allowed in game.

  44. I play on console and i have this turned off mainly because it will lock onto a nearby aircraft even though im fighting a tank

  45. 》China best country《

    The way I have my controller set up I lose this feature so it is capable of being turned (on/ off) and honestly I didn’t like it because it thrown me off every time.

  46. Funny how crossplay always seem to have this kind of problem in shooters, consoles get…. well basically cheats and makes it near impossible to tell if he is a an actual hacker or just part of the game ‘balance”. Cause there shouldn’t be any locking on until the heli is out from behind the wall, yet it is tracking though walls, even in arcade pc aimlock isn’t that strong, yet it is that hard in realistic? Jesus that isnt fair.

  47. Only Gaijin would be dumb enough to code a wall hack straight into their own game. Please stop giving them money until they actually give a crap.

  48. am perfek pleyır man!

    Araştırmacı gazeteci bruce

  49. I do not think PC players are in much position to berate console players, as PC is in another league, and such an advantage, when it comes to cross platform gameplay. Though, for once it is actually justified.

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