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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

Good day, soldiers! The future is here… well, almost. It’s still not the year 2077, clearly, but the Future Technology still brings a highly advanced futuristic Minotaur tank into the game! This is a modular vehicle, so it’s going to be pretty easy to manufacture: you just have to get the right materials and turn them into parts. Lucky us, future engineers really streamlined this process. Basically, the only thing you need to do to get a Minotaur is to play War Thunder. Here’s how it works.



  1. i tried this, got the ammo rack and i realised that i need to craft all the parts and theres 18 hours left this event is a joke how am i going to be lucky enough to get the composite materials in time and then get a jet

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  3. So as always you can have fun for the first Time in warthunder or sell your soul and grond for the event

  4. TheUnswatableMidge

    How long does the event last for?

  5. U half to grind so much bro

  6. How long before the event viecles Are gone?

  7. CovenantSlayer Gaming

    “The F-4F used by the luftwaffe!” wait a minute, it couldn’t have been since the aim-9e and j were never purchased by the luftwaffe!

    top tier event vehicles were a mistake, change my mind
    (but the war thunder 2077 and tailspin events were really cool so credit where credit is due)

  8. Bullshiittt, fix your game.

  9. Hey gajin add armor chose option for xm8 before delploy in battle lol

  10. Ricardo Carvalho

    No ballistics computer!
    Get the F*** out!

  11. This is literally tf2 mvm Mann up

  12. Do i need to build the minotaur 3 times to get the xm8 or the phantom?

  13. Im a very big noob so I probably won’t be able to get it

  14. This is just sad, forcing players with not much free time to waste money to obtain something no where near the money you paid, or get players to just repeatedly grind and fail inevitably

  15. Is it a virus I don’t understand my virus protection stoped a doggy connection is it safe or am I fucked if so why is it on steam?

  16. 1:43 the best part of the vid xd

  17. I crafted the German Vietnam jet and I never got it when I crafted it and I also crafted the technology tent and I never got anything and I did it before the event ended so can you try to fix some thing because I crafted it and nothing it didn’t give me anything not even the futuristic tank that I cracked it

  18. more suffer nice

    im starting to like that is that normal?

  19. actually thought the crafting was the actual haha gotcha April Fools…. Turns out it’s not…..

  20. None of these are unique tho? Maybe the US tank but the rest are barely different than other vehicles in the game

    A suggestion: remove the rng. Make it so crates drop one of each. It makes it more attractive and less pain, I think.

  21. I was expecting franxx to be honest but ok

  22. This game =shit dont Play and pay

  23. I can t access the marketplace

  24. Until the end of the event, I can assemble the minotaur that I won’t even use.

  25. I can tell u i must got 0 vehicle due this event!! u know why? Tofu tank, paper plane, peanut shell u give me!!

  26. For console it says “Ammunition Replenishment”. What does it do an how long does it last?

  27. I don’t know man this stuff feels like it encourages a bad lifestyle

  28. Gaijin please help my warthunder wont let me log in and please fix ur game i cant spawn and leave the game and cant enter my game T-T

  29. When you say simulator battles. Is that like assault Ground Arcade?

  30. Well I won’t be bothering with this.
    It’s not often I don’t bother with warthunder but recently it’s been pretty bad…

  31. Me or is it hard to get Composite Materials?

  32. GIVE ME A COUPLE MORE DAYS, EXTEND THE EVENT PLEASE. I’m on my last minotaur, have the ammo rack yet not enough composite and steel, and one day available to grind for them.

  33. I have the full ammo rack and it won’t let me assemble the tank, why’s that?

  34. Can we earn a part of the blueprint of the minotaur if we are first with a Tier I plane?

  35. How long is the event

  36. wait so i need to get 3 minotaurs to get the xm 8 ?????? Wtf

  37. how im going to get 3 cupons, it was already painfull to get one minotaur, and i dont even know how many day i got

    This is so bullshit, now that the event is out, “suddenly” the average players get so much “better” – ahcker infested game! just give it a quick search and you find pathetic videos on youtube promoting hacks for war thunder, with hundreds of people liking the video and commenting on that they will buy the hacks. And gaijin doesn’t care, they even ban the topic of hackers on their forum. Which makes me believe claims from firends that gaijin is in on the hack selling

  39. Why do you need so much of our free time and money?

  40. elecrtic puffer63

    So I need to craft three of these tanks to get a plane or tank

  41. Battlefield memer

    can somebody help it doesnt give me my materials

  42. Yes gajin copy paste a phantom and call it early version and give it to germans….wow thats so cool….

  43. So spend whole lifetime to get these

  44. i must ask the manitor cause i just got everything for do i get to keep keep it or is it only for the event?

  45. ScienceDiscoverer

    1:32 “If you lack something…” And yea, you WILL lack something! We made sure of that by making one of materials drop rate minuscule so that you won’t get it from 10 crates in a row!

  46. Until when is it going?

  47. When does this event end

  48. 0:13 i have that skin it looks cool

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