CRAZY BURST DAMAGE!!! World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

In of Tanks burst damage can have an unsurprisingly huge impact and there’s no better vehicle for the job than the TVP T /51


of Tanks is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. is that a stick-on goatee?

  2. I do love this tank! It is also wickedly fast!

  3. Yay wow I look soo good with that style

  4. I think you said in the video that this tank has 1,603 DPM. Of course it has 2,603 base DPM and you can get that up to 2,935 DPM with a fully trained crew, BIA and food.

  5. Word of the day: monstrous

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  6. Just the look of the TVP T 50/51 in action makes the introduction of Czech heavies feel like doomsday.

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  8. The improved rotation device does not improve the actual aim time of the gun. It just covers the increasement of the dispersion due to the improved turret and hull traverse. So you might be able to point your gun faster at the target and therefore to shoot it. But the aimtime itself stays the same!!!

  9. I always learn something new, thank you.

  10. how much s**t can you put on a tank…..ask wg

  11. is this video for no bounty playforfree players?? ofc not

  12. This came out in 2015?! 6 YEARS ago?!?!

    Mouth on floor

  13. Would love to have the 1.5 sec intra clip back on console but wg console just doesn’t what they are doing

  14. Just remember, when doubling up on the gun handling equipment, you loose something else. My STB-1 has 511m VR (521 with directive) and that’s without bond or bounty gear.

  15. equipment cancer bs + everything new after French autos

  16. OP noob tank

  17. What do you think about Improved aiming instead of improved turret rotation module?

  18. hey QB
    any collab with some streamer soon?

  19. I dare say. It is op and should be nerfed. Its like a bat chat but better. I have most of my best games in this tank.

  20. So bounty p2w equipment is normalised in wot now ?

  21. QB you played like a little bitch in this match . I hate players like that in my team , you didn’t spot , and you didn’t back up any of your teammates , you did a lot of selfish dmg .

  22. Love this tank, but sadly never was able to get this 3D style, since I’m not playing too much anymore to be able to grind it out…

  23. QB: This tank is made for snapshots
    15 seconds later: Misses an is-7 while trying to snapshot 😉 RNG

  24. I have never seen autoloader with HE work as well as it did with that 105

  25. Le Frenchmen love pushing the bush.

  26. Hamzita's Channel

    Thumbs up QB, u flexed well this time. Clean and polite. Keep up the good work ☺️

  27. damn this tanks 3d style…. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I hope that wg continues this business model. I’m buying all the skins that come out if it’s not “clown style”

  28. Why does your voice like whistle when you say „hey EVERYONE“???

  29. Dnes anyone know if there will ever be the 3D style available again? I’m craving it so much

  30. Thanks to the the 5x first victory and free premium this weekend, I am finally making progress in the TVP VTU . Which feels like the worst tier VIII medium in the game…

  31. 7:41 i think you got like 30 gifted subs in the stream

  32. I stopped playing because of this. What is it for other than to ruin the game? An overly powerful tank on one side and clay pigeons on the other

  33. 7:22 QuckyBaby spitting bars!

  34. I did +8K damage with this beast in this map a month ago. The tank is awesome!

  35. make a video about illegal modes ..

  36. lets watch wargaming completely screw up even further than they already have

  37. Don’t you just hate it when your TVP VTU performs like this

  38. versus drifting on blitz

    Try out wot blitz

  39. im so bad at playing this tank lol

  40. “I’m not usually that disciplined when I pull… play World of Tanks”
    Good save, a close one, but a good one

  41. The Skoda T25 is the first one to open player to the TVP gameplay.
    and i enjoy it. Too bad the crew and tank gameplaychange so much to T7 and T8.

  42. Make sure none of you are competing streamers or QB will ban you from his stream…lol. Negative Nacy… But Skilllll

  43. I like the TVP T50/51. It’s my third favorite tier 10 after the STB-1 and the Obj 261.

  44. Am I the only one who kept on looking at the HUD looking for the health bar of the team to see if the one tank difference was actually that important or if it was the amx who had shot the tank capping or if it had just left?

  45. Ralph Cesar Yabut

    B.C. needs a buff. Like real bad

  46. look at this you will laugh all time


  47. When could we expect the Czech heavies to come out? I already grinded 57k xp on the Skoda T25 for the tier 7

  48. So what equipment do you use?

  49. 40/43 Tons of Fun!

  50. Autoloaders are cancer, along with wheeled vehicles. Need removed.

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