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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today Zico is going to demonstrate all the skills needed to DOMINATE in the Cromwell!


World of Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. this is skill even whit the gold spam doesnt matter beeing bottom tier not those assholes that spam full gold in tier 10 tanks…gg dude!

  2. Zeeeecoooooo, is when youre eco but you buy a ZEUS!!!!

  3. Pan down “ We have bush!”

  4. That’s crazy. It doesn’t even have a camo net and he doesnt get spotted by the enemy crowmwell while moving backwards. I need to revisit my Crom B…

  5. The B is clearly the better tank, don’t give me traverse speed crap Quicky.

  6. Not worth bragging about when it’s done in an OP vehicle like the Cromwell.
    Quickybaby sucks.
    Subscribe to Claus Kellerman instead.

    • Nah. I prefer to get some real information about the game and not listen to some boomer who has no idea what he is talking about.

  7. davidrobertson12345

    Every time this clown says “shuts him/her/it/them/zir down” God kills a kitten. How many kittens have to die? HOW MANY?

  8. Great game but I personally hated the Cromwell and would rather play the vk3001p or type 64 I just thought that the cromwells dispersion was too bad to play with

  9. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Any advice works if your shots never lands. And sometimes in this game the shots simply never lands on, even fully aimed shots.

  10. Epic carry = red line bush wanking firing gold.

  11. Take a shot every time he says “the boosh” for a fun rest of your day

  12. I like normal… Not pay to win and brilliant.

  13. I still regularly get spotted when firing through one one 2 layers of opaque bushes. As far as I am concerned opaque bushes are no guarantee that you wont be spotted!!. Sometimes I go back and check the bushes for holes etc. usually there arent any. There must be more to it than just “opaque bushes will stop you from being spoted”.

  14. Is cromwell B better than regular cromwell?

  15. Perfect camouflage’s mechanic ever

  16. I have the Cromwell B but buggered if i can play it , im usually dead in the first minute , seems just light tank , which can be easily killed by enemy LT’s tbh .

  17. THAT was Great!

  18. If I can perform every game in my Cromwell like this then the marathon should be a breeze lol

  19. We need more maps like Prokhorovka where play like this is possible. Too many city maps.

  20. Sad thing is he would not have had this result if he didn’t pay to win with gold ammo.

  21. Derp or nothing

  22. Great game! I only have one question. He had a clear line of sight at 10:28 (twice) to that other cromwell and momentarily had no bush cover…how was he not spotted, even if the other crom had a dead commander?

  23. Bush bush bush bush bush bush bush

  24. Ik Zico won. But does anyone remember when quickybaby used to out in the title and thumbnail if it was a heartbreak or a win?

  25. I think it’s worth noting that he probably had a very skilled crew, which allowed him to spot enemies at distances that most people would not have been able to. Still, extremely well played.

    • To get the maximum viewrange on Cromwell B you only need 2 skills for the crew (3 if you want to get 6th sense).
      Cromwell B came with a 0-skill crew meaning that the first skill was free so you only needed 2 skills for the commander. I would say 2 skill crew is the minimum I’m going to play with.

  26. Gotta love that BUSH!!!!!

  27. Will you be posting a video about the togpocolypse?

  28. 12:30 classic curry XD

  29. Anyone knows how many mammoth games we had so far?

  30. That 600k subs! Congrats

  31. I like the Cromwell.

  32. 0:01 As you can see, this dude carries more APCR than AP. I know enough now. Bye

  33. pramo spam

  34. I love reading about the comments about “muh too much pramo” or “more gold than standard bye”

    Its his money, and it he wants to spend gold or a shit-ton of silver, then that’s his decision and he can just watch it burn. God people like this piss me off. I’ve had gold slung at my more times than I will ever be able to count and I just laugh at how much money they waste. Clearly there are a lot of people who just can’t take a joke. There are so many more problems in the game such as broken premiums or the joke we know as SPG “gameplay”. Grow up. Seriously.

    On a brighter note, great video! I love the Crom so much. The best “Medium” tank that the Brits have for sure. Solid and reliable tank with some great gameplay on a Sunday night. Thanks QB!

  35. This guy made all the right plays, but I can’t upvote this video. Because at the end of the day, this was a completely unfair fight with the massive spotting advantage from premium crew, equipment, and consumables. If this was a level playing field, the enemy cromwell and him would have spotted each other and Zico would have died a few minutes into the game.

    • Cromwell B doesn’t get any spotting advantages. Both tanks have 360m viewrange and both can use the same equipment. Its fair

    • Honestly, you made a great point. Thanks for not being brain dead and making a comment that was enjoyable to read. I’ll think about that from now on.

  36. QB I got a video request or idea I would love to see. Can you break down a stock grind of a tank with nets, binos, and tools vs free exp of a tank vs free exp and mountable equipment. Would love to see the results in wins and losses over 10 to 20 games of each.

  37. u need to trim your bushes

  38. stater stater stater

  39. What I hate about WoT….. Using 200+ pen APCR on a Cromwell with at most like 80mm of armour ?. 5 standard rounds fired in the first 10 mins the rest gold…….

    • Why do you hate that?
      If the armor is mostly 80mm then what does it matter if he shoots AP or APCR? He can spend his money any way he likes.

    • @Stubbari I am not too bothered about the cost factor, anyone can fire full gold, it doesn’t make them a good player. My annoyance is two fold:

      1) Gold is particularly expensive and requires things like premium tanks, premium account, and/or credit boosters to be able to spam them like this player does. To illustrate my point QB averaged 5k credits a game profit during the mission marathon he completed on his free to play account, to get the amount that this player fired would take around 35 games, and that is assuming you are as experienced as QB.

      2) RNG, RNG, RNG: This game is heavily based around RNG, now granted the example provided isn’t really the best, but “good” players fire a significant amount of gold purely to either reduce the RNG of damage/pen, or to increase the shell velocity to reduce the chance of a miss. Two things that require a significant investment into the game to achieve.

      I guess my point is that the game shouldn’t be balanced around shells that require cold hard cash, or an interminable grind to obtain.

  40. Brilliant awareness! … but we all know this means nothing if RNG is not on your side…. I can`t even count how many games I`ve lost because RNG decided I`ll lose that game no matter what 😀 the latest was in my JGPZE100… EBR approaching… I fire, bounce 😀 lol… yeah…. reload 😀 fire again…. 0 dmg critical into a wheel…. ok… of course the EBR did a great job later on spotting the team and we lost… or when the fully aimed shots fire into the ground or up in the sky, nowhere near where you aim… 😀

  41. Why can’t I find this player on any stats website???

  42. He shot only 5% gold ammo….???

  43. @0:57 I don’t mind people paying for a “free2play” game, I mind when it’s pay2win or free2lose
    I expect Cromwells, especially the wallet one, to carry. Particularly when they carry “competitive” pay2win loadouts

  44. Quickybaby can you do a review of the Tier 7 British TD – Challenger? It’s based on your favorite tanks chassis but with a bigger gun and profile. Would love your thoughts on it!

  45. Don’t you just hate the map clickers at the end

  46. Half of ammo loadout was gold, shooting everything left and right just from the beginning. Yes, indeed, that’s world-of-tanks-101…
    Very good concealment and visibility control, that’s for sure. As for the gold rain? No.


  47. Everyone : Cromwell Berlin
    Quickybaby: Cromwell Blin??

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