Crazy Expensive Skin in World of Tanks 💲 | WZ-111 Qilin – Under The Hammer

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks WZ-111 Qilin, 10 Chines Heavy . World of Tanks New Under The Hammer Auction Event 2022 – Black Market Style Offers – Auctions, Rare Tanks, Unique Tanks, Premium Tanks for Credits – 113 Beijing Opera, Object 268 Version 5, AMBT, WZ-111 Qilin.

In the 4th day in the Under The Hammer auction event get the first tank which we already have in the game – The WZ-111 Qilin. This is one very expensive skin, what spits fire, that's it. In all the other aspects it is identical the WZ-111 Model 5A.

What do you think about it?


  1. Imagine paying a lot of money for pixels

  2. We were laughing to Chinese server, and EU server becomes just like that: paying ridiculous amounts for mediocre tanks and skins.

  3. So who was “lucky” enough to get this tank from the previous black market event for credits and can sit this one out?
    Are you going for it or not?

  4. Great vid as always Dez. I am not going to bother as it is a lot of gold for a tank that will sit in my garage like all my other T10 tanks (including the WZ-111 5A)

  5. Dez be Netflix and Quilin

  6. Can’t believe some (over)paid the equivalent of 125k gold for this…

  7. Stun HE did 1.1k damage and with a fire, arty is obviously NERFED

  8. This is shame for WG,they treat us like monkeys these days…thay couldn’t think of anything new for very long time,just COPY-PASTE,big shame…

  9. Mike spielt irgendwas

    it’s not too expensive because there are people who willingly pay it. The bad thing is that there are enough players who waste money on such digital nonsense and no longer have any connection to what money is worth. if you are too bored and have no connection to money and its value, buy something like this. An WG says: Give me more of this people.

  10. Lol I take the 6.1M WZ-111 5A and put a mod with that skin and that’s it (like all the other 3D styles in a mod)

  11. WG destroy the game

  12. Wg is drinking too much if they believe that People gonna buy IT great vid Dez

  13. The only problem I have with the gold auctions is there is no competitive bid showing. I will bid for the Qilin as I missed the BM last year.. Hopefully those with plenty of gold will be saving it for the Type 59 G.

  14. i bid 30k… hope its enough….

  15. On SEA server or Asian server its starting price is 220,000 xp and 2000 units available.

  16. Hahaha T 92 still hitting like it’s 2013

  17. Guys don’t buy this. It’s a really good tank (same as 5A) but you can’t play it. The playerbase is so salty and envious you just get focused all game. I like mine but the amount of tanks that just stupidly rushed me just to fuck up my game is mind blowing. Even arties focus you. Sometimes arties even waited 1-2 minutes for me to get spotted so they can shoot me. I got it for free (26 million credits) while skipping the whole 5A line and still thinking it was not worth it because of this. 20-25k gold is an insane amount just to get focused and trolled.

  18. $73 minimum bid this event is my daily morning laugh.

  19. Imagine buying it when it was for credits

  20. Why are you advertising WG $72 ugly skin scam ?

  21. The Dislike Button

    glad I’m out of the abusive relationship with this crackden. Play destiny 2, better if you have game pass. You’ll get almost all of the dlc’s, with the exception of the new ones. Don’t worry, they’ll become free with game pass in about a year

  22. dead -2400 hp

  23. Dez’s Qilin Commander “We’re on fire! Put it OUT!”
    Dez’s Qilin Radio Operator: “Uh…..he’s running food, sir! We CAN’T put it out!”
    Dez’s Qilin Commander: “……….”

  24. Does anyone knows how gold AMBT finally costed?

  25. This start was just amazing XD

  26. Disagree, fundamentally you get more with the 113 Opera, a slick skin with BIA crew. Besides, the qilin looks like a complete clown tank. I don’t want fire and rainbows coming out of tanks.

  27. This event has been pretty underwhelming so far.

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