Crazy good World of Tanks news??

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  1. I did not expect this many changes, specially the stats/map part. I am cautious
    ly hyped for it.
    Been asking for 90% of these changes for years. What’s your thoughts on all of this?

    • The game is in serious decline: numbers don’t lie. My friends and I abandoned the game after 6/7 years as MM killed the platoon and thereby the social aspect. Some of these changes would bring us back as paying customers. Change and survive, WG!

    • The main problem of wot lies within the +2 -2 matchmaking. In the old days before the power creep and buffed to hell tanks, the MM was fine. But especially now its not really pleasant to meet +2 tanks. For me it got to the point where i asked myself why i play this game, because my mood went really bad when i got bottom tier game after game and couldnt do anything. So i stopped playing.

      I know some of you will think: Play tier 10 or 9 and so on, but you know, if you want to progress some trees, you need to play a variety of tanks. No way arround it.

      The news sounds like WG will move a bit, but it wouldnt get me back in the game because of the +2 MM still staying. I don’t know why they are so eagerly protecting the MM, for me a queue time of a minute wouldnt be a problem when this is they concern.

      I know that a lot of you really love the game, i did (And maybe do). But if you take a break and play some other games, you will see that playing games can be pleasant, without having to bear with the WG things.

      Maybe they will get it right in the future, but knowing WG for years, i don’t get my hopes up to high.

      For all of who still play WOT, happy tanking!

    • I mean they’re 100% about to fuck up prem ammo in a negative way. All of the ideas presented in the video sound great. Fuck Mines. The thing is Circon… I just literally can’t believe them on basically any of this. I’ll be surprised if they give us any of those things.

    • I’m very sure they will manage to eff up the only thing there that matters, the mm issue. They don’t need many more templates, need change the weight of them and seed of players to the teams

    • I play on the SEA server… and the mm is basically garbage. My biggest frustration is how many battles are completely unbalanced. It is normal to see games that end 15-3, 15-4 or 15-5. Completely one sided. Either one side has most of the premium tanks, or all the good players. Seeing games where half of a team does 0 dmg is far too common. I think mm needs to consider player skill and or games played. Ppl with 3k games under thier belt should not be on a team where some players have 22k games. Thats why games blow out. I have been on both ends – wins and losses, and neither is ok

  2. As an ANZ server player I can tell you the new Asia MM is superb. Absolutely superb. I played almost five hours on my Skorp G recently and encountered Tier 10s ONCE. In almost five hours of gameplay. For below average players like me the game feels playable and is a hell of a lot more fun than when I started over a year ago.

  3. “nerfing” gold ammo, eh? so won’t this just mean players will just fire more gold ammo? Win for WG!

  4. Justin Raug Veggerby

    Goodbye Province and Widepark 😀

  5. Another thought on the final tease – if Nicknames are gone how will reporting abuse work? Say there are three Maus’s on your team and one of them spends the entire game driving in front of you and blocking your shots. How do you report him without knowing his Nickname? Just report all three and let WG sort it out? Seems weird.
    Also the hiding player stats thing: I actually like looking at the stats of players who have bested me because it shows me how good they are and where I need to improve. I say keep the player stats (and this is from a below average (47%) player).

  6. If they do this correctly I actually would start playing this more consistently again.

  7. Most of this has happened on world of tanks blitz like a year ago

  8. Wont mind the map voting and game mode if they did it like mechwarrior online.

  9. What’s if you rebuy the old t50/2 at tier 5 when better speed and stuff. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  10. Oh you don’t even wanna know what they’re planning for 2020. I mean, just look at what they sponsored 😉

    Flying Tank Project

  11. I need my aweful panther back pls, saddest day when that was removed

  12. Wow just came from qb’s video on what he would change and straight onto this. Lots of good ideas well done wg


  14. They’ve been testing the new matchmaking system on the ASIA servers, and it’s a massive improvement over the old MM. You rarely get 3-5-7 games, there’s a lot more 5-10 or 6-9/7-8 battles with occasional 5-5-5 battles. That alone is was a nice improvement in spite of everything else.

  15. Leo1 and stb1 buffs finally.
    I hope tiger 2 and panther 8.8 will get some too

  16. O

  17. “Special ammo”, so they are calling it the retarded ammo?

  18. Imo, the people matched in a battle to be bottom and mid should be compensated, like ALOT.Especially the bottom ones.For me that’s my biggest frustration, I can’t do dick in my stock tier 6-8’s against the damn top tiers, on top of losing plenty of credits when I got no time to “farm”.

  19. Yugoslavija as a new nation man .

  20. Less dmg on premium? Great, now I’ll have to spend EVEN MORE on killing overarmoured tanks…

  21. I don’t think they should nerf the damage on gold ammo, I think it’s perfectly reasonable for gold ammo to pen more, CONDITIONALLY, and do the same amount of damage as per the tank gun caliber just like damage is usually scaled by. When I say pen conditionally, it means HEAT should not be able to pen 85 degree angles. It means that APCR should actually lose significant pen at longer ranges, and that ultimately you on the receiving end can still work a way to use your armor against it instead of just still having to eat shit but “not as much” by 25-30%. HEAT should autobounce at 65 degrees or “fail to fuse” if you want to say it more realistically, and maybe do with some slower shell velocities too so that AP is still favorable in more conditions.

  22. The T95/FV4201 is not the Chieftan. It’s a hybrid tank

  23. A big tnx to all big streamers you done this no WG you are our voice with flag leader sirfoch

  24. Cant wait to see how they fuck this up.

  25. Oh lawd have mercy of the “poor souls” that still belive the shit that WG says.

  26. Re:Friendly Fire. I think that they should make no damage to the target BUT the Shooter gets the damage he would have inflicted. That should stop arty shooting the face huggers

  27. Now it realy sounds like Wot blitz is the ginny pig for Wot XD

  28. WG can’t implement changes soon enough, in my opinion. The game just seems so broken right now. World of Premium Tanks, spamming gold in effed up, imbalanced MM.

    I think 5/5/5 would be even worse for low tier tanks than 3/5/7. There’s two more top tier tanks and two fewer same (low) tier tanks….seems like a really bad template, to me.

  29. Why can’t I find circons mod pack

  30. ill actually play the game ONCE when this update drops, i quit because of xvm focus and it drove me into extreme rage and i just ended up by quiting the game. Ill see how much this update IN 2019 does but hopefully it will bring me back because i love the concept of this game.

  31. LOL at the 4:20 on the blacklisted maps screen. Really subtle…

  32. Asian server is already enjoying a very good mm. 2 months of playing and I only encountered tier 10 twice with my tier 8 tanks

  33. The gold ammo change seems the same as in Blitz, it was a great change, I prefer to get hit with gold ammo in my Leopard

    “Yeah spam that 25% less damage gold at me when your standard never would have bounced you cock jockey”

    Actual quote from a game this morning 🙂

  34. Been waiting for 7 years


  36. imo thats a shitty nerf to Prem ammo. what about tanks like SU-100y and deathstarts… but w8 Nerf dont effect prem tanks? hope not

  37. Like in world of tanks blitz

  38. Am I dreaming?

  39. There’s no way they’re going to do this. You can’t nerf the damage of Premium ammo without nerfing premium tanks, and WG won’t nerf a premium tank no matter how toxic it is. Or they will only nerf tech tree tanks. This isn’t going to happen.

  40. They need to go further these changes are not enough

  41. Hello? Is this real life?

  42. Unbelievable how many of you respond in one CC’s Youtube channel by mentioning another, because he made a vid…. This is Circonflexes YT channel, if you want to give someone else a compliment because he already knew the info / changes coming up, may I suggest you do that on their channel?

  43. Finally indeed, better late then never…

  44. Just few questions, if they nerf the premium shell DMG how are we supposed to stop overpowered tanks anymore(like Defender and shit) if only chance for pen is premium, but you don’t have the DPM anymore?!? (Dont get me wrong i don’t like gold ammo but the things are connected.)

  45. I’ve not played WoT since September of 2017 and nothing major was changed in the mean time, but here we are, December of 2018, getting hyped about some possible positive changes that annoyed us for years!
    I guess it is possible to make an old dog learn new tricks, if you hit the profits margin!

  46. And hiding nicknames, why?!? So they could put bots to fill in the MM and you couldn’t know?!? Who wants to play with/vs bots???

  47. Die XVM, DIE! ?

  48. so type 5 got more power nice w he tank who got 100% chance to ding and u have 0% to do same

  49. man i wise Gaijin was this open with their community

  50. 25% less damage wont stop people from firing them for guaranteed damage. AP will still only be used when flanking or against idiots rushing in open field without cover. All you will get is maybe you survive 2-3 more shots and comes in every 6s. better fix the heavy emphasis on armor then fix the excess pen on premium rounds, they should not give extra 100 pen

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