CRAZY Looking New Tank | HSTV 75mm Auto Loader (War Thunder 1.99)

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CRAZY Looking New Tank | HSTV 75 Auto Loader (War Thunder 1.99)



  1. Do the type 93

  2. We still need Submarines in normal Naval Battles, i would love it😂

    PS: Nice Vids Dude

  3. I hope they change the reload speed to historic values, 1 sec.

  4. Politbüro UDSSR

    Play f104 or Mirage

  5. Please can you play whit me and you yes and no

  6. bruh test that type 93 next video!!

  7. american 2k?

  8. this thing is so fkin over-rated, this thing can be at 9.7 with the real reload stat…. just give it the 0.6 reload(9.7) .. or just keep its 5.5 sec reload but without the ammo replenishment(then 9.3)…..Just compare it with stf90c and lvlkv 90c and otomatic and stuffs like that

  9. No one noticed that the HSTV-L is the most depressed american tank.

  10. Leonardo Arie wibowo

    War thunder should add toyota hilux technical

  11. TMW WT says that the real relode should be 1-0,6 sec buts the devs are like:Yeeeaaaaahhhhh, we will give you 5,5 sec relode and also less gun depresion cuz we can

  12. “imagine if we spent more money on this thing and gave it an autocannon”

    well that’s the thing, it actually did IRL, in fact, it had up to 17 degrees of depression frontally and a mind blowing -30 to the sides


    the 5,5s reload seems more like the time it would take to restock a round into the drum (which was also automated, because this is a technology demonstrator, money no object)

  13. how do you get on the dev server?

  14. Now Gaijin just needs to fix the velocity, armor, gun depression, reload rate, vehicle model, and the ammo designation. So it’ll be like 2-3 years

  15. Morning Phinlivet. Thanks for the early upload. GG.

  16. This thing looks fun

  17. can you also check it’s armor with obj279s ammo and 3bm15 and 3bm22?


  19. That jeep looks like something outta Halo franchise lol

  20. wait is that an isis truck

  21. nice vids phly

  22. HSTV stands for High Survivability Terrain Vehicle lol

  23. Redesigned Kursk is kinda lit

  24. I think war thunder should make the tier up to 13.0 and added more modern day vehicles, battle ships and jets

  25. Well,im only here just want to hear if there are any BR fix and Grinding problems solved

  26. I’d say the XM 885 (they mislabeled the ammo in game) is missing about 75mm of pen. It should be much closer to the pen of M774, around 350mm

  27. Phly, what happened to the PO-2-OP shirts that you were going to make?
    (Times this question was asked) #5

  28. If you use the depression on that HSTV nothing is gonna be able to pen you.

  29. Phly daily make my day daily.

  30. Can u bring back the challenge serious pls. Can u try 2 get an ace using a reserve tank(any nation) at 9.0


  32. Bruh im waiting for the ICBM Trucks.

  33. HSTV cruising along, with its awesome 75 auto loader.

    Wait, why do I hear boss music…?

  34. Bruh Japan got a AAM turret on a truck?

  35. MrCrazybadbastard

    Read up on it after spooks video on it… it’s severely underpowered compared to it’s real life counterpart. 1 shot every second. Poor gun depression, speed, mobility, penetration, slow speed on rounds, slow turret… it is completely fucked up compared to how it is supposed to be.

  36. *adds 75mm Ares ETC gun to game*

    *botches reload rate in game*
    It should have a reload rate of 1-0.6 seconds per shot and a heck of a lot more gun depression

  37. 6kms might be a good way to yeet a round or two at a helo.

  38. The mirage finally come?!

  39. Andhika Mahendra


  40. The HSTV-L is supposed to have a 1.0 second reload

  41. I am certainly happy about the new map designs now

  42. I was already thinking to gajin putting some jeeps xd

  43. Waho wtf ?

  44. Bring back the unloved series phly

  45. Dont worry bois this year is warthogs and f22 raptors and su27

  46. Damn you, YouTube compression! This gameplay looks like potato!

  47. This type 93 IS insane !

  48. Alessandro Nazzaro

    Finally Challenger 2 Megatron

  49. Hey Phly look up an Avenger A1 and A2 same as the type 98 just us version you think it’ll make the game since the type 98 is in?

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