Crazy Mobility! – WZ-132-1

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Love this LT

    Only if the grind wasn’t painful to go through

  2. Is the wz 132 1 worth grinding

  3. Awesome drive!

  4. what’s with the 11/31 on the right side of the screen? is circon on some mission or requests?

    • potato911 no, he’s keeping track of the bullshit matchmaking he gets put into to demonstrate how bullshit it is. 8/31 top tier games. feels good.

    • Bryan Ribey yeah, the MM right now is completely broken. Their bullshit excuse of pref MM tier 8s is just a fabrication they put together to justify getting rid of preferential mechanic. As far as the arty counter- I’ve got to say, Circ really is a bit of a crybaby when it comes to arty. They’re the least powerful class in the game and still get nothing but nerfs but he doesn’t like them because they make him think too hard and keep him from exploiting OP positioning.

  5. Unbelievable that the blocked by armor counter didn’t ticked higher than 240, that’s a ripoff, it should at least have said 1K. circTin

    • Ognarb I’ve noticed that since 1.0 HEAT bounces don’t always get counted as blocked by armor. I guess because it’s HIGH EXPLOSIVE Anti-Tank, but before 1.0 as long as it wasn’t normal HE it was always counted.

    • dragonstable54 skorpion has heat?

    • dragonstable54 Scorp doesn’t have heat. AP, APCR and HE

    • it must have been HEAT from the BC, my mistake, the noise kind off confused me. It still applies that the Skorpions shell most likely went through his spaced armor

      Edit: hm the bc was firing APCR so maybe the skorp was firing HE because it makes the same hissing sound that HEAT makes, i honestly dont know otherwise

    • nothing except the progetto actually hit his tank

  6. My fav in the line (so far) has been the WZ-132. The gun deals with shit mm better than all it’s same tier competition, it’s stealthy, shoots well on the move and has a bit of armor to troll 155 mil guns. Best game I ever had in the thing was me doing 5k damage while bouncing an Obj. 704 twice 🙂

    • Heeeeeeerm
      It cant troll a 155mm gun, its maximum armor is 50mm, which means any gun 151mm or higher can overmatch right through it

    • No, its 55 on teh turret

      I know how the overmatch system works btw

    • WZ 132 is my most favorite LT from all nation lines (have played every LT lines except Germans that is still at mid tier). Might change after I put the crew in my T-100 tho.

  7. Crazy mobility for a 30 ton light tank

  8. That tank misses SO often at medium and long range, very frustrating.

  9. Chinese lights have been a blast from tier VI onward with the 59-16. Totally worth the grind! (Stuart is good too)
    Been playing this game since the beginning, and I’ve never had more fun “grinding” a tank line.
    The only problem I had with the Chinese lights was that I earned the experience for next tank too quickly!
    #1 favorite line absolutely, I might re-buy the tier 7 and 6, or the Type 62 if it ever returns to the store.
    Glad to see you’re having fun with them too, Circon!

    • Stealthy Icytail

      yeah bring back 59-16 autoloader pls the only tank i go full premium shell and it superfun

    • Aron Vanhaeverbeke

      Lol, WZ-132 is my fav LT in the game, has always been. Prefered the old version tho.. The 250alpha, decent gun handling (certainly for a LT) and good speed make it a lot of fun for me.

    • Abraham amen brother! I sure do miss that autoloader

    • zeroyuki922 WZ-132 is so much better than the LTTB & and the Bulldog (since they took away my autoloader)

    • the only bad one is the tier 9. That one is underwhelming, worse than any other T9 light (which are all pretty strong and fun to play). other than that, I’d also say it’s pretty good

  10. hey circon what is ur system

  11. my first video of circon is something about t14
    fuck you t14 fuck you t14 ahahahhahahahaha

  12. Hey circon what’s your crew skill Loadout and Equipment load out on your Weezy one from this video as I have just recently gotten mine and I’m hoping to know a bit more of how to play it well with the correct load out

  13. There are quite a few bushes that don’t work in the game.

  14. seal clubber is sealclubber, no matter tier he is 🙂

  15. I do not think it was the bush not working i think one of the tds in the base was spotting you when you fired though the crack in the two big rocks.

  16. I just played a game in the wz-123-1 as I watched this.. got 9k combined 2mins ago.. true story

  17. So… probably a stupid question, but when you fire while double bushed you don’t lose the camo from the bush, obviously, but your camovalue gets lowered when you fire in general. Do you still lose your “base” camo when firing double bushed? I don’t think you do, but I’m not entirely sure

  18. what is this statistic on the right with +2 and with arty

    • They are how many games he’s played that stream, so 11 out of the 31 games he played that stream he was in a match that was +2 in tier along with at least 1 arty.

    • dragonstable54 So? Why is he counting games with arty?

  19. Is it just me or is tier 9 and 10 way easier than lower tiers??

    • Michael Janicki ain’t that the truth!

    • No it’s not, play a T67 with a half decent crew and half a brain, that is easy mode. Basically if you have a good crew on lower tiers, there are so many bad players, stock tanks, low view ranges that it’s just simple. Getting like 70% win rate solo is not that hard, whereas you’d need like tier 10 platoon of 3 unicums to get that sort of win rate regularly.

      Just look at most players, their win rates at tier 9 and 10 are a lot worse than their win rates at tiers 5-7

    • It is easier i had a lot of fun with my t-10 so much so that i 3 marked it with ease and i have 4.5k dmg average per game in about 400 battles now

    • tajj7 well you see mister not every free to play player has time to seal club and olay thousands of battles in a tier 5 td to just get a good crew

    • Well in lower tiers you get people like DidiDora who has played (prepare yourselves) 17k battles in a m44 spg
      Yes people like that guy exist

  20. I’m just about to unlock the tier 9 Chinese light tank, and NOT looking forward to it, looks like an absolute piece of shit

  21. Arty is still a thing and scouting is not or at least it’s dying hard

  22. Right now still on the tier 9 and I find the this is the weakest tier 9 scout. I loved the tier 8 WZ-132 but it looks like I might enjoy the tier 10.

  23. Pls 3mark this tank

  24. Can you guys recommend the 132-1?
    I am at the tier 8 currently and i really enjoy it. Or should i go to the 121? (because i also like mediums)

    • Marcel A its sort of the same story for both lines. The t9s suck (bad gun handling and depression in particular) but both the t10s are fun (even if the 121 is a bit powercreeped)

  25. Ilmari Miettinen

    First match isn’t always +2 on your side, today I had a +1 game on my side playing for the first time in the Ikv 65 alt II. I was pretty surprised tbh

  26. Wat does that text mean above minimap?

  27. A treat to watch.

  28. OnceBittenTwiceShy

    Got this thing yesterday – sold my T-100 for it. Worth !

  29. I have also met the “No Camo” bushes several times :-/

  30. Mastery for that? Come on World of Tanks LOL

  31. Bert The Avenger

    65 on boggy ground, that thing is rapid!

  32. AMX 13 105 cries in a corner with its mobility.

  33. 5:40 maybe it isn’t the bush, maybe the rock is fake *shrugs*

  34. my first game in the shielded i got 1 shot by su-152

  35. Done 10k plus in all tier ten multiple times, still no ace, feelsbadman.

  36. Wow, so many bounces, when did the Russians get another tier 10 light tank?

  37. the bush didn’t work, because you were still too close. maybe the t95 had cov ops

  38. The bush works. Bushes have different camo value, from 10% to 50% (last time i checked… years ago). The range you shot the T95 was close enough so when you lost your tank camo when firing, the bush didn’t have enough camo value for you to remain unspotted. That’s why “dobbel bushing” is a term, and how you can shoot someone from 51m and still remain unspotted.
    How big each bush camo value is, is not revealed by WG. But a general rule of thumb is that maps with dry or cold climate, bushes and trees have lower value. On “lushly” maps their camo is generally higher.
    I’m kinda surprised you didn’t know that.

  39. yeah well,,, the game is pretty much FUCKED UP currently…. I hear a lot of complaints about GHOST tanks and invisible hit boxes and bushes that are not working…. I think you found one… LOL

  40. When your spotting mechanics confuse even top-tier veteran players…

    You might be developing World of Tanks.

  41. Even with the best bush and 15m away, your camo will drop after firing.
    I would say: a medium bush + shot = no bush

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