CRAZY Reload on Best DPM Medium Tank! | World of Tanks K-91 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

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I will always be providing free entertainment and content for you, but it really helps the channel out!

In this episode I am going to into K-91, a tier 10 Soviet Russian medium tank with the best possible DPM on any medium tank in World of Tanks. This tank fires as fast as some tier 4 vehicle, with a lot bigger alpha damage. The damage output is actually quite scary! 🙂

Also, good luck in another giveaway. This time I am able to give away tier 10 medium tank. Have fun!


  1. K-91, not exactly my cup of tea, but what about you? How do you feel about it?
    Have fun, sexy Beasts! 🙂 Much Love!

    • @Fixt100 The tier 9 was great for me because it bounced a lot, and could sidescrape like a boss. Face hug stopped a lot of damage too. An in-your-face tank, which is very unlike 416 and the K91. I find the K91 good but not versatile; still am going to try to make it work for me.

    • @GamerDad70 bruh,, the hull armor is now 80 since they nerfed it/added the k91 you arnt fighting anyone up close, 180 on the turret means you arnt bouncing there either….
      Also,, facehug? yer kidding right? do that now and they just shoot down into your deck top,,straight through,, (100mm gun=autopen)… if they even bother to aim somewhere other than the paper turret…

    • You should make a video on the t22 med tank

    • Russian bias.

    • @GamerDad70 you must have played the 430II a long time ago, they got rid of its armour but didn’t give it the 416 stealth. It’s also slow and the gun is meh at tier 9. Same with A44. Playing from kv-13, it was a lot of mediocre tanks, one excellent, one terrible and a decent tier X sniper that lacks flexibility but is great on some maps. My 2c

  2. Changes: 1. Regular battles on bigger (frontline) maps. Keep 15v15 teams and make them look for each other on bigger maps, that brings back scouting and need for teamwork will rise. 2. Make artillery deployable area denial weapon. This may require tweaking other arty stats like view range as well. There are actually other vehicles (flak bus and AMX ELC) in the game that could use the deploying mechanics.
    Server: EU
    User name: 8fly8

  3. Milán Szigeti- Pap

    Username: M1L4N1104
    Server: EU
    First, I would somehow reduce the power creep that’s been going on
    Second, I want to find out what is causing these 15-3 games… I miss the old days when You had to fight 2 or 3 vs 1 at the end of the games…

  4. Not here for the giveaway or whatever but I would make Arty not stun but make it more accurate as it is *NOT* fun to play and either buff dmg or find another work around. Arty should never one shot but should never 5 shot light tanks with a 20 second reload as it’s not supportive much anymore though it’s tendency to dmg modules is really good and matches it’s job to support teammates and disable troubling enemies

  5. 1. P2W ammo rebalance. I’d like to see a wows-type thing, choose ammunition that fits the situation. Not just hit 2-key and pen everything..
    2. Wheeled vehicles maneuver like the old t-50-2, which doesn’t fit in the game imo. Balance that, buff their view range.
    monxteri / eu

  6. Username: Scoris81
    Server: EU
    Changes: 1. I would remove the penetration rng
    2. I would create a template for penetration by tier.

  7. Alexandar Grubeša

    Simple, just change crying player base and WG response to those cry’s…;)
    SuddeNStrikes, EU server

  8. Changes:
    1. +1 or -1 mm
    2. No rng
    Ign: Jazz_ba

  9. Username : GGXTREM
    server : EU
    question : i will remove the 105 lefh18b2 and buff the E50 M because it didn’t get any update for too long

  10. Nonene1
    1. Match making with players personal score in mind ( players with almost the same personal score, in the same battle; for example : make a battle with players who have personal score between 5000 and 5500, depending on tier and all of the rest of the MM)
    2. The artyes are useless for the moment ( from the mission point of view, from the strategy and game play point of view) and still, they want to ,, rebalance ” the shells of artyes. Some players can’t finish tank mission because of ,, rebalanced ” artyes. War Gaming : you should take your artyes and put them in your … 😉

  11. Username: mauraja
    Server: EU
    Changes: 1. Premium ammo max amount should be reduced down to 10-20% out of max ammo capacity.
    2. Max number of artys to 1 per team.

  12. User: Shibui
    1st, i would nerf EBR line,spoils a game a lot,broken vehicles, team in tier 10 battles that have EBR vs all other lights in my team allways win,keeping us pinholed at the begining of battle.
    2nd, matchmaking, yesterday i played about 70 battles with tier 8,grinding maraton, i saw tier 6 ONCE and tier 7 tanks TWICE, all time tier 10 battles

  13. Username: franklin98
    Server: EU
    Changes: 1. be able to carry only 20% gold ammo.
    2. Increase the skill level of crew bought for free/with silver

  14. Hi DezGames
    The two main things i would change in World of Tanks.
    1) Latency – if there was a way that every player could get sub-50 ping. I am in South Africa and when i joined it automatically put me on the NA server which gives me a ping of over 250. Unfortunately by the time I realised what ping was and how important it was i had progressed too far to bother starting a new account on the european servers. As well as having a community from south africa on the same server keeps me fixed.
    2) Overpowered tanks – In particular the 279e and the T95. as well as being played by exceptionally good players these tanks are not balanced for their regular counterparts at tier X.
    thank you

    NA Server

  15. Username: BigKev91
    Server: EU
    Changes: 1. Reduce RNG to 10% – 2. reduce Dmg for Gold Ammo by 25% for a 25% increase in Penetration.

  16. 1. Well i would recommend to add voice to different crew skins with their role like , sports crew should go with voice over normal crew voice for destroyed vehical – got them to goal for soccer like that stuff and for nations also
    2. Would like change the earnings system of credits

  17. remove arty missions so people are not forced to play that class. and nerf arty so it’s useless. that is the only premium tank i have that is not a tier 3:P

  18. Nickname: lucablasterpro864
    Server: EU

    First of all i would re-balance arty: i would reduce dmg and remove stun effect, couse taking 500 dmg and 20+ seconds stun in not funny at all.
    Second i would change the overall gameplay ( even if it’s impossible) becouse nowaday you’re forced to play passivly due to arty spam and intense camping in basicly every map… Back in the days it was way funnier, with more dinamic and aggressive play style.

  19. Username: Ruen1991
    Server: EU
    I would like to change the matchmaker to only +/- one tier.

  20. szoszo77 , EU server , 1: Remove stun mechanics, 2: Increase the acuracy like it was in the old days.

  21. Username :benpippen
    I would buff british lights(maybe the alpha dmg) and buff german heavies(dpm or armor) and the rheinmetall Panzerwagen

  22. Player :Nhilux
    Server : EU
    1. For anyone playing arty i would put a pop up message “you are an idiot” during the game, or “get a real tank to play, dumbass ”
    2. Reduce track heath on the wheeled vehicle and delete arty class?

  23. Username:Amokk1
    2 things i would change:make every tank in the game balanced, but campaign vehicles a little bit better and return some of the old legendary tanks in the game.

  24. Username : hoooooooooooooooooo
    Serveur : EU
    I would make the tech tree t8 better than premium t8.
    And nerf progetto 46, I hate this thing in t8 XD

  25. 8alibo5 SEA server. change arty back to how it was initially before the stun . removed wheeled vehicles.

  26. Server , Sea
    Ingame name : dhiraa
    1. Tilt reset for tanks cause when u tilt on side u neither die nor useful to team and if team is blind then u have to exit match without any contribution
    2. Match maker….

  27. Username: BlackBloodBandit
    Server: EU
    Two things I would change for sure: withdraw the change to make premium ammo available for credits, because premium spam made this game a lot less enjoyable. Also I would change artillery class back to the “old” way it used to be, because the stun effect is pure annoying and the chance to receive huge hits was not that big and back then better artillery players got rewarded for better playing. These days relocating for a good angle has not much meaning, as WG took out a lot of open maps from the rotation.

  28. Spodoba1106
    Eu server
    I would change wield mosscitos…
    They are too fast for this game..

  29. IG Name: Shinja2468
    Server: NA
    1: Remove arty.. or just allow them AP round so they need to earn their damage.
    2: The test server change incoming are really nice in my opinion.. Screw the gold spammer.

  30. User: NastyDogg
    Server: EU
    I would nerf/remove premium ammo.

  31. Username : DOGNISSSS
    Server : NA
    Just remove the arties who needs them am i rite
    Remove the chance of getting a tier 10 game only

  32. IGN: zlagad1974
    Server: EU
    Answer: I would decrease dmg of gold ammo but the pen is the same, and i would remove the stun effect.

  33. Username: Retkin
    Server: EU
    2 things I would change:
    #1 remove stun mechanics
    #2 bring back old Light tanks :(((

  34. Username :Puscasul99
    Server : EU
    I would change the matchmaker to take the statistics of the player in consideration and definitely lower the price of improved equipment.

  35. Sakari Lamsijärvi

    Username: TiisseliPoweri
    Server: EU
    1. Max 2 arty per battle.
    2. Skill based mm. +/- 3k PR?

  36. i would remove arty and remove soft stats so that stats ACTUALLY matter
    Username : Pancake_handshake
    Server : EU

  37. I would change arty and the russian bias ?

  38. 2 Changes in Wot:

    1. Matchmaker can be tweaked a bit as matches like 15:3 or 15:4 have become common.

    2. I guess artillery still needs some shell rebalancing as I’ve seen them deal 700-800 damage per shot to some tier 10 mediums.

    First point I guess is rather most important for the game’s health at current time because many players will be returning back to game.

    Username: RadioActive789
    Server: Asia

  39. Username: Nil_80
    Server: Asia

    1) Wheeled tanks are not suit for WOT. Sometimes they kill LT without taking a shot due to their speed.
    2) WOT should create new tech tree in new country rather than premium tank. New tech tree increase players interest in game.

  40. Answer: I would add the ability to switch servers. I play on NA but the ping for me is 350 ms which is awful. Some days I really feel it and would like to change to EU (not permanently as I play with some NA friends). The other thing I would change is the crew skills: there are so many “pointless” skills and a few “necessary” skills. I would rework all the skills to allow for some variation.
    Username: I_did_not_zi_that_coming
    Server: NA

  41. 2 things I would change in world of tanks: switch arty back to how it used to be; a lot of damage, low accuracy but nerf the damage a bit so it can’t 1 shot people.
    And I would change t110e5 to get some buffs bc it needs it.


  42. 1 I would make map rotation to give diverse maps that dont get repetitive.
    2 I would nerf arty b.cuz are annoying !
    Anetheron92 EU

  43. Username: KingSholym
    Server: EU
    Q1: rebalance artas, max 2 artas in game with no stun shells
    Q2: i would try to make more balanced teams to minimaze chance for 15-1 battles

  44. EU server / scukp78

    Artillery and wheeled vehicles.

    Thanks for your work Dez.

  45. User: Birdy4specs server : EU Arty nerfs need to be reversed maybe just 2 per game per side the arty missions are now unattainable in current setup. With the wheelies in the game and the current 2 min game time arty is not worth playin. The other thing that needs addressed are the tank classifications within the matchmaker. The French AMX heavy auto loaders need reclassified to heavy meds. With so many super heavy and OP reward heavies if one teams get 279e etc and another team gets Amx50 whatever it’s an auto lose 90% of the time. Xvm needs to be banned completely from the game also…..

  46. Username: WildJoe
    Server: EU
    I would remove artillery and change mm from -+2 to -+1

  47. Hi Dez, only 2 things? Well it has to be changing wheeled vehicles to the place where they can be less annoying and not taking LTs job, and the second one is more skill based RNG? I mean implementing a script i MM to pick more similar players skill wise on oposite team to avoid being picked up with a bunch of looneys vs super unicums. Nick Reguslav server EU.

  48. Username: Andrew_R
    Server: EU
    1. Crew recruitment 100% with credits.
    2. Ban the XVM mod.

    Best regards

  49. User: lacusta
    Server: EU
    If I could change something in WOT
    Number 1 – change the dmg between normal and gold ammo, more penetration=less skill and tanks knowledge so make them do less dmg then the regula ammo.
    Number 2 – do something about the mm to prevent those 15-0 to 15-4, wins….those are just totally unballanced teams, and remove XVM put it in the list of the ban modes.

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