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My brain SOOO angled it allows me to actually create cursed but effect designs.


  1. For the overheating engine, u need to put cooling fans and mufflers

  2. Increase the shell length for better muzzle velocity and penitration

  3. oh no the sun is too bright

  4. make a fast light tank next

  5. Phly try adding length to the shells to improve muzzle velocity and pen. Also just press G1/n at the bottom and it auto adjust the gears (I think lol).

  6. Wow, watching Phly play this is painful. Your gear ratios all need to be different, otherwise, you may as well get rid of those gears! And if all your gear ratios are the same, and you’re using 2 transmission steering–you can’t turn. You need different gears on each side to turn. There’s a button below the gear ratios that automatically spaces them out for you. Then, just lower the highest gear ratio until you no longer over rev.

  7. Now, _that_ is one helluva door stopper of an MBT the Swedes would be proud of!

  8. I’m starting to suspect that whoever made this game is a massive phly phan. As iph this is made speciphically for him

  9. Please play more sprocket, I love watching this when I’m on my breaks.

  10. I don’t think a longer gun always means higher muzzle velocity, at some point the amount of gas produced by the shell being fired will not be enough to give it more speed and the shell will just slow down inside the barrel. What matters more is the shell itself because depending on how it is made and the power of the explosion, it’ll propel it faster.

  11. Liking the soul bossa nova in the intro
    haha trombone go brrrrrrrr

  12. Bro just made a shoe 😂

  13. Sprocket, the perfect PhlyDaily thumbnail generator.

  14. *”Waffenjagpenistrackers”* – PhlyDaily

  15. Good job phly, now I can’t sleep

  16. has anyone else noticed this is just PhlyDaily thumbnail generator?

  17. Finley BEVAN-DAVIES

    Imagine going to war and seeing this

  18. “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.” Acts 16:31


  20. Phly you should do the puma at 7.3…. it actually works

  21. I would say it looks a bit like the British senlac 🙂

  22. You should make a tank where it looks like it has a small gun but it’s hiding a very powerful gun

  23. “Waffenjagdpenisträger”

  24. Plot twist:it was the jadgpanther III

  25. Would like to see more shell types like heat and hesh would love to see hesh barn in here

  26. Admiral Pavel Nakhimov

    This looks like something the Swedes would build

  27. This has been a really nice/fun break from WT content! Hoping you carry on with the series! 😀

    Might want to change the game listing though. YT seems to think it’s still WT.

  28. You should do a series where you remake your weirdest tank thumbnails and test them in this game

  29. There is a discussion thread for sprocket called show of your tanks which is screenshots of peoples tanks they created very fun to see other peoples creations. You should check it out.

  30. I game I do research too

    The taiga Scenario was seriously difficult, (However, I was playing at 25% budget to challenge myself), so don’t go straight to it before learning the rest of the game.

  31. Phly, I recommend you check out some tutorials for the game made by youtuber Catequill, they’re actually quite good.

  32. man discover 3d modelling circa 2021

  33. Anyone know why there’s always a 5 sec wait between respawn in war thunder these days?

  34. he should make a race car

  35. Росица Гочева

    Finally phly the perfect tank

  36. Now all the dev needs to do is Add Rounded Edges THEN it would be Cursed af

  37. 6:43 – Starfox Landmaster!

  38. Luca-Leander Neisius

    now build the Maus xD

  39. Hey phly you havent posted a video of the amx 13 ss11 yet (day 15)

  40. Low-mid tier Sweden has some awesome “odd duck” aircraft!

  41. Can u please build the jagdpather 1 or 2?

  42. you could have made the gun on the hull work your gunner loader were in the turret while the gun was in the hull, challenge for the long term tho WW1 tank that can beat all the levels ive done it just before the traction update and was able to beat the last level and the field battle mission with my WW1 tank recently so i know its still possible and is easier than when i did it

  43. target RPM is your shift up (max) and shift down (min) the lower the gear the lower the RPM the engine can reach witch can allow you to go faster but if you only have low gears you struggle with difficult terrain

  44. Крууууууууууууууууууть, обожаю песочницы такого типа

  45. I love the ambiance

  46. Have you thought giving your turret thicker armor. I hear that helps to protect the crew members inside. Just a theory

  47. Do u have a discord?

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