Credit Makin’

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Source: Circonflexes

your replays here: !


  1. Ayy first.. proudest moment of my lifes

  2. Your videos just are so relaxed, just as the streams. Nothing better to calm down after a day of school.

  3. kind of first

  4. Ayeeee 50th ??

  5. im a cheap fucker so i grind at tier 5

  6. Hey circon, are you going to make a comment on the $909.99 bundle on NA?

  7. I wish I had such a good tank. I only have this shitty Defender. Kappa

  8. When you see it then RNGesus is with you 1:28

  9. Good thing that the regular T32 is just as good as this vehicle that is bought for real money 😀

  10. Why do the opposition seem to sit in the open, side on and ignore you while you shoot them over and over again? And why don’t they do that for me 🙂 ?

  11. When i play i got like only 3 top tier battles over 50 bottom tier battles in a day

    On top of that arta focus me 9/10 times

  12. How do you find all these potatoes in your games? I never see anyone that peeks this ridge EVER.

    • e115x525 He is a really, really great player that is going to show a good game for him. I’m sure he might have one off game every year or two… But if you had a YouTube channel wouldn’t you want to show when you win. Which is easy for this guy.

    • Yeah but I see people like, spoon feeding him shots every game. This kind of stuff rarely happens for me.

  13. so Making Credits,first donate some euro to WOT to buy a friking Premium tank+Premium account..we all already know that….:) change Title. to , , Credit Makin in Premium tank””…

  14. I wish I could trade in my T34 🙁

  15. that game wow the easiest match making going not even a challenge

  16. Top tier in a premium tank, hard to believe Lorr 40t gets all Tier 10 matches.

  17. Whilst an awesome replay – If you had that kind of damage in the Jagdtiger 88 (Whilst I’m sure I can agree it would be a lot more difficult to pull off all the shots the Patriot could of done here because of that turret!), you could easily be on the 180-200k profit mark instead of just 108k 🙂

  18. I wish the T32 came as a premium tank with a 90mm that fired the APCR

  19. Whenever I occupy that same position on fishermans I get wrecked so fast. And when he does they ignore him like he’s not even there.

  20. I’m gonna becompletely honest, I’ve never had any luck with that tank. Between it and my T34, ill take the T34 any day. I guess maybe im just doing it wrong, idk… any tips?

    • Matti Meikäläinen

      just bad rng I guess. That can be the reason for bad result sometimes

    • Jacob Tan Jing Hong

      T34 can deal with the newer idiot-proof tanks that you meet at higher tiers that this thing can’t coz it still has the old prem ammo balancing on it (297 APCR pen kappa) and 400 alpha coz alpha is king. Plus T34 has better turret so if you protect your hull well, T34 is still a terror when bottom tier. The T26E5 is better for clubbing lower tier tanks coz it is more well armored in the hull for you to go full autism and also has DPM. Lower pen doesn’t matter then when you are facing less well armored tanks. However in general, T26E5 is probably better in most cases coz it is also more mobile

    • Jacob Tan Jing Hong

      I like my T34 more as well coz I like loading APCR for fags in their retard-proof tanks 🙂

  21. I regret so much getting the clown-tank version of the T26E5. Mistakes were made.

  22. Might buy this tank but would feel filthy having it in my garage

  23. Did anyone notice that hes whole crew memBer is named salt

  24. Never thought I’d see a single mark tank in Circons garage.

  25. T26E5 isn’t op, just really really good. (which pisses people off)
    It’s major and only downside is Alpha dmg, no one really fears you unless they are lower tier or pinned down. Higher tiers will push up on you all day and night because the 180-250 every 5 seconds doesn’t scare anyone when they can ram 400, 700 into you and keep rolling.

  26. Now I want to see you do this in a T32. Please. I need to understand how to play that poor, poor tank.

  27. wow you can actually play WIHTOUT zoom out mod, impressive….

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