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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks has released the second iteration of Crew 2.0 and it’s looking like an impending disaster for the base – here’s why.


World of Tanks is a Free 2 online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. If you want to make a difference ….. don’t give them one stinkin ruble…. play for free or quit playing…maybe they will wake up

  2. this crew 2.0 is horrid, i have about 200 tanks, it will take an age to rework them, and what of this, i have many crews that fit into more then one tank and some of them have reward crew members too what will happen with them?

  3. The end is nigh

  4. Giannis Triantafillidis

    OMFG … are they for real… Are they want lose player base

  5. Commanders in the premium shop anyone???

  6. I have try this, I think it is trash. But U are good QB, to explain it. 🙂

  7. QB, Most likely your best video 😉 – GJ!

  8. We know why they are doing it, look at World of Warships…there is 1 Captain…he has all the skills, now look at the premium shop….Yeah, they sell skilled Captains with premium ships, except the ships(insert tanks) cost more with a skilled Captain(insert tank commander)…this is what will happen. Premium tanks costing £25…….or with an 80pt commander £45…

  9. Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue…

  10. Wargame are looking to “Monetize” every aspect of everything in this game of World of (Premium) Tanks, everything they possibly can ‘change’ into a (so called) New improved (for WG bank account of course) system of so-called-improvements ~ its called being a money grabbing clever-shit of a Company that only sees the players as nice big fat Cash Cows (and nothing else) ~ new players starting to play WO(P)T do not have a f**cking clue what there getting into to! …….. it will soon if WG gets there way (and they will) become a €2,000 ~ €5,000 a year game to play depending on how keen you are to spend stupid huge amounts of your Cash €€€€ ££££ $$$$ into a long time Brocken game with poor MM and shity Maps

  11. Better idea….Don’t do the complete crew update but instead give every player a free 6th sense which allows you to know when you’re getting spotted AND allowing you to see arty shells without that new skill I don’t remeber the name of

  12. Utterly ridiculous, shitty change.
    WG call it an update, I call it a downgrade

  13. Blizzard 2018: “Do you guys not have phones?”
    WG 2021: “Do you guys not have wallets?”

  14. The moment this comes out, I am out. After 7 years.

  15. Yeah, naw. I’m not playing the game anymore if they do this.

  16. Can you swap your commander into multiple premium tanks?

  17. QB you are right. I am sick and tired too of all of this greedy changes. Maybe it is time to change game!

  18. Austin Gutierrez

    Lol been dealing with this on console for a while now, even with only a couple of crew skills it takes 600K+ crew xp just to upgrade one crew level

  19. I stopped playing 3-4yrs ago when they flooded the game with T8 premiums that were objectively better than the normal T8 tanks.
    I’d played 30K matches.

    I hoped they would avoid making the game more pay to win, seems now it couldn’t get more pay to win unless tank HP was linked directly to Gold.

  20. I wish they just follow the World of Warships skill tree.

  21. To make them listen is just dun pay… then they will hear u loudly… xD

  22. Shit like this is why I quit 2 years ago…. I miss it abs check in occasionally to see if things are any better than they used to be and sadly see WG raises their middle fingers even higher….. sigh

  23. Russia should invade my country, grab my money and put my ass in Gulag…it would be easier than make this complicated new system

  24. I have been band off Wot iam a Aussie as the manger stated and we do not need you.

  25. Yeah, I’ll soon be quitting WoT.

  26. it would be easier to put checkboxes next to “join battle” button. labels ie ‘400 pen’, ‘invisible’, ‘500 armour’ and apropriet gold pricetag

  27. Cancer gaming

  28. Ive had to deal with prammo spammers and crappy mm and bad rng with a sprinkle of lag, now mobile game mechanics with a hint of p2w.

  29. Starting to look they also have to do match making for commander skill. No normal person want to play against these lvl80 commanders. or at least both sides have same amount of them. One more in other side will seal the victory for them.

  30. Why is WG doing this if everyone is against it. It is like they are trying to sabotage their game? Who moron is in charge of this that should be fired?

  31. Do Everything Well

    Tipical Pay to win WG… I will quit if they add this

  32. @QuickyBaby , you should do another poll for the new version of crew 2.0

  33. They what to change the crew system? Simple solution. Add more skills and redo the crew experience grind. Keep everything the same minus the latter. Earn your skills not buy them.

  34. fcking yolocar

  35. Please correct me if I am wrong:
    Every Player will suffer the same drawbacks from the new Crew-System – correct?
    So your 4-skill crew will stay comparable to any similar crew from your opponents which also have 4 crew skills – correct?
    So to say – the new crew skill system will make you worse on a global comparison, but you stay as good as you are compared to others.
    Correct or Wrong?

  36. Imagine an EBR 105 with all skill points into only cammoflag.

  37. Why the is the crew progression so long? I think Capping it level 40 is enough.

  38. Shitshow W.G. Bye Bye !

  39. Nice vid QB. Claus was right, it’s just a money grab. Still not happy with the instructor concept.

  40. Przemyslaw Chmielecki

    Why not just limit how many skills the crew can have, that way you have to pick whether you want to see whether arty is firing at you or whether you want to fire quicker and so on?

  41. Put this into the game and I’ll leave : I’ve already enough of 1/15 games and gold spam, this will be the end. I’m way better at WoT than LoL but I’ll totaly switch of game

  42. I’ve put about 5 hours into crew 2 so far and there’s a lot of negative concepts in what I prefer it to be called “screw 2.0”.
    1. You convert your current crew into a commander and the amount of xp requires 5 full skills. I can tell you most of my crews are 3.5-4.5 skill crews with the occasional 7-8 skill crew. The problem is most of my tanks will become lvl 50-60. And my tanks could compete just fine because some of the skills were pretty useless. Now just about every skill in this new system is useful and I’m going to need to get all my crews to lvl 80 which is bs.
    2. Now let’s say I’ve got an 80 skill commander, and I go to add 2 of my special instructors that are basically the old Santa crews etc. I screwed up on the sandbox several times when experimenting right, I added perks to my skills like +5 to one skill and +2 to a skill that’s lvl 10 already. After I finished I realize oh no I couldve made it better, let me go and reset this special character, oh wait you can’t they are f’ing locked to the first choice in effect ruining your special instructor.
    3. When you’re picking an instructors skill you can’t see the lvl of skills you already have so errors are easy to make.
    4. Certain tanks are becoming unbelievably broken because of how strong the crew skills are. I.e. ebr 105, chieftain, 279e etc. For example my chieftain on the sandbox goes from a 7.9s reload down to a 7.3s reload. Around 3250+ dpm to 3600 dpm. Not only this but I’ve got the end perks that give me extra 2% gun handling every new tank I shoot. And there’s another perk that gets rid of my +25 -25% rng. A regular skill drops it to +20 -20. And the clean shot perk increases my top end to 30% and my low end to 10%. Basically increasing my effective damage per minute. I was almost never hitting below my alpha of 440. To make matters worse, when I’m shooting your tank for more consistent damage, I’m also having a 30% chance to damage one of your crews/modules with another perk. Yes you can use the perk that negates this by 25% but not every tank type benefits from using this.
    5. The complexity of this means it’s going to take me hours to figure out each tank. I don’t have this kinda time to waste figuring out the best skills to use on every tank. I don’t want to sit in the garage for an hour when I log in before I can play the game.
    6. As QB said 90% of the players aren’t going to have a competitive tank and it’s complete garbage F U wg. I don’t want to destroy players just because I have an 80 skill crew and no one else can get one. They have got to stop making this so pay 2 win. It’s not a competitive game anymore and although I haven’t spent anything since Xmas I will not be spending any money until Screw 2 is scrapped and removed completely from the game.
    Do not spend anymore money on this game please

  43. If this happens I will demand a refund for my KV2, Cromwell B, Anime PZ4, and all the rest of the tanks I got explicitly for their crews.

  44. WOT is ruining this game. They had it where it was fun to play, then they added the following bad idea’s: wheeled vehicles – awful idea, they tweaked the SPG, now I don’t play that gun anymore, now they want to screw with the crew. They changed the ammo and so on and so forth. They are doing nothing but wrecking the game. They should of left it alone now they keep fucking with it and pretty soon no one will be playing it. I saw this happen with Fighter Ace back in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s That got so bad they went belly up. This is what happens when young bucks decide to mess with something that works. LEAVE IT ALONE !!!!!!

  45. I agree with so much of what you have said here. When I went onto the sandbox a couple of days ago I could see there were definite improvements to the system, but then I got to looking closer at some aspects, particularly elite progression, and the options for completely maxing out different tanks and man this system really can be extreme. Some of my testing was at tier 10 with builds like your EBR and a max dpm Strv 103B, but then I also tested some extreme lower tier examples to see what new players may have to come up against. An AMX ELC bis with 75% camo and 500m view range, when some tanks in that tier don’t even have 350m? A VK 30.01 P with almost 3000 dpm, massive ramming potential, 50km/h speed, and 470m view range? Good luck. This could just make some tanks broken OP, while massively increasing the difference between a crew that is competitive, average (I.e. a crew that is currently competitive), and poor. Big improvements needed.

  46. NOpainNOgainJUSTdoIT

    been playing since beta. if 2.0 happens im done. they can stick it

  47. nerfing HE I decided no money for WG…this will get me looking for a new game to play


  49. We can see how much WG hate Free to play player

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