CREW 2.0 – GOOD, BAD OR UGLY? World of Tanks

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World of Tanks is testing huge changes to the crew system on the but is Crew 2.0 any good?


World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. I think good ideas behind the mecanichs, but bad monetization scheme (like wg always did)

  2. This is WG ‘fixing’ a problem that doesn’t exist. Again! There are much bigger issues in WOT that need addressing, such as the clown car EBR’s that ruin any game they get into, and have effectively made high tier LTs redundant. They’ve certainly had a huge negative effect on the meta. And with skills such as Need for Speed, and the talent that boosts your whole vehicle when within 50m, they will be even worse! WG are looking at ways to boost profit, which is the driving force behind Crew 2.0, not the gameplay experience for the player base.

    • DistantThunder12 Ck

      They just want to drain and farm accounts of credits and gold. 750 gold magically x 3 per tank from people who have the gold to pay up will become a necessity to get your best crews into your fav tanks, so these people will end up paying Wargaming tens of thousands in gold just to get all their fav tanks crewed up.

  3. Crew 2.0 in a nutshell: „its absolutely disgusting“ (22:34)

  4. Pros: using crew in >1 tank, 6th sense good for new players, good to not have to consider number of crew in tank;
    Cons: pressing people to choose 3 skills in same group, random skill options for instructors, ever increasing skill levels giving more BiA effect rather than having to choose other (less valuable) skills, skill to improve accuracy of wheeled vehicles, too many gimmicky very situational skills, talents that give extra boosts only to better players, people will feel that they are losing skills they have worked hard for (though if it is happening across the board to everyone then that’s not necessarily so bad), instructor skills being able to stack in OP way to various skills

  5. I still don’t understand the proposal for same crew in 3 tanks. I have Leo PTA, Leo 1 and E50 all with different crew (3 skill). If crew 2.0 came into effect, how would I smash all those 3 crew into one commander?

  6. Why are you crying? The game is “free”! Ahaa
    I cry either or I stop. If this shit is introduced I will stop because they fuck it but very much.
    I read on the wotexpress. STB1 was expelled by someone to 5400 DPM for recharging the obj 261 19 sec. That’s great. And the other tanks? What have you sweated and sanctified for months? From now on, I can only swear, I won’t continue.

  7. Stephen Warhurst

    IT’S ALL A SCAM. I don’t ever remember players asking for a new crew system change. This is just a big ploy by Wargaming to make money. Players will know this with in the first week of change and a mass exit of long term players that will just Rage Quit. WG is getting too GREEDY for a fast profit

  8. I have 7 plus on two tanks and 4 that have almost 7 perks Wich means I losing out on that experience

  9. Steven Humphries

    Well after 10years of this game, I have in the past year lost so many friends, due to the constant changes to the game. I have tried to put up with the changes, which for the better part haven’t improved the game. So if these changes come to fruition it might be the end of me also. I have worked hard to build my crews, just to see wot change everything to pander to the new pay players.if it’s wot aim to reduce the player base they are going the right way about it. No wonder there are so many re roll players now, as they gain all the advantages of the new players with the experience of a seasoned player. Well my favourite game is dying, a sad death. Sighs farewell wot.

  10. If i wanted to get mugged by Byelorussian’s I would holiday in Minsk. 39k games, 2yrs premium acct and a couple of prem tanks but I just couldn’t stomach this level of greed, I will find another hobby. I guess there is max 1yr left to enjoy. C’est la vie, I will however take great pleasure in watching WG scuttle there own vessel.

  11. The instructor lootbox system is terrible. Downright awful. This may break my WoT habit.

  12. Crew 2.0 is garbage I may end up quitting the game when it gets released

  13. THIS is a mess. After I head just a little thought about it, how would I improve on the current system?
    1) Do away with the annoying 50% 75% crap.
    2) Make 6. Sense not a skill/perk/whatever but a given base mechanic of every tank.
    Oh wait, poor WG needs money badly and this would just be new player friendly. Sorry, silly me.

  14. I totally agree with your points off view in your video. If this is going through the game will be totally pay to win. WG is a company in for the money – and thats totally understandeble. But if they loose 50 % off the playerbase they dont have a company anyway….

  15. Current crew-system is a slight slash wound on the body of WoT.
    Dr. Wargaming: “How about we just take a knife, cut that part out and thus the wound will be gone?”

  16. Imagine now, how WG is going to evaluate results of SB: free 100% crew (+), free 6th sense(+), new interface look (+), skills and its affect on gameplay (-) = 3 out of 4 = 75% positive results! nice!

  17. Might as well dump all my credits in to my crews to make them as skilled as possible.

  18. I usually buy premium tanks that are interesting. I was going to buy the Renegade and the T77 that were available recently, but I decided not to purchase them. Why? It has become clear that giving WG any more of my money is masochistic. The new equipment in 2.0 was a painful and expensive change for me. Currently I have over 450 tanks in the garage and it has cost me over 14 million credits so far to put equipment back on many of them. I put fresh crews in each tank as I unlocked the tanks and most only have 2 or 3 skills which is fine, but this new system will cost me mi!!ions in credits. It will be much easier to just uninstall.
    This system is too complex and too expensive. Just add 6th sense to all the crews and a few useful skills to the loaders. Possibly a medics skill that reduces stun time and the amount of crew range. Quick reflexes to speed up loading or aiming. Sensible skills that are useful.
    Crew 2.0 will be the final nail in the coffin for me. I almost uninstalled over Equipment 2.0 but was talked into staying by clan members. They won’t talk into staying if Crew 2.0 goes live. A lot of them will be quitting as well.

  19. if this comes in its the end of wot for me , i think a lot of players liked this game as it was based on real tanks but with slight fantasy graphics now with cars being introduced the game is going total fantasy ,with equ2 i can only afford to equip 40 out of 120 tanks and now with crew 2 ill probably end up with maybe 10 playable tanks , just a massive nerf on crew and tanks

    • DistantThunder12 Ck

      EBRs kind of ruined the game, broke it at tier 10. They seem to want everything faster, games shorter… It is sad, apparently the game was at its best years ago before I even started playing and the likes of Kolobanov medals are very rare today because of the insane game imbalance and game time.

  20. You know its bad when ‘Mr. Sit on the fence’ is unhappy…

    • DistantThunder12 Ck

      He gets a lot of flak but he often criticizes Wargaming, especially the HE changes which is said were awful and garbage.

    • Unfair I feel. He is a nice middle class boy but he doesn’t pander. He never shills (unlike many). His youtube channel is his business – but I have always found his willingness to be deeply critical of Wargaming genuine. He may not be your cup of tea but you can’t call him passive when it comes to speaking out in fairness.

  21. 29:37 you’re practically invisibile wth

  22. Wait what? It’s not even new players. I’m an experienced ebr player (I know I know) and 60 camo will break the game. This would mean 510m vr tanks spot the EBR at what? 240? 220m? Also you will be spoted in bushes only at proxy range.

  23. Very good video. Very useful

  24. Oh God. After the awful skill rework WG released for WoWS, I made thread about how WoT team had learned and was making a good rework. But I was wrong. Another cash grab. I guess I never learn.

  25. Hahaha QB that’s brilliant! Those 2 videos show how slow thinking is development team, I think they don’t play the actual game. That ELC total LOL. I really barely took over EBR’s, 279e, Chittain… But if this go out surely as a coffin nail.

  26. Disgusting, that info gave me cancer

  27. For the instructors, i think its alright for older players to have an advantage compared to new players. I mean we have been playing for years, a small advantage/bonus is nice. But not too big of an advantage of course

  28. Vladimír Palička

    Do someone know what hapened to crew skins?


    QB’s complaints about his E100 crew not being competitive when converted to the new Crew 2.0 system is precisely what I don’t like about this Sandbox Test; most of my favorite tanks have 4-skill crews, with my Emil II having the sole 5-skill crew among my crews. The only good thing I see is the free 6th sense.

  30. Crew 2.0 = garbage

  31. Do NOT like at all, please don’t wreck this game

  32. So this is the path WG has chosen where is that uninstall button ah there it is thanks QB for all this information and effort and time you have put into this video.

  33. It seems to be a chaotic, endless, and insatiable system… By watching this video, I realize the cons are more than the pros.

  34. Everyone have Molotov cocktail ready? Google for WG offices around the world…

  35. imagine playing wot in 2021 throwing ur money away paying for every bit of a rng unbalanced game with op tanks
    these russian dudes are just milking the game and no one cares lol

  36. Should be called SCREW 2.0.

  37. This is nothing but a cash grab by Wargaming and I am concerned that they will not listen to any feedback provided and just push this change through.

    I did try this out on the Sandbox server and was just disgusted with the changes. Everything you want to do cost gold. This is just WG’ing wanting more premium time, more premium ammo and more gold being purchased. All of which contributes to their bottom line. I do not mind a company wanting to make money, but in this instance though it’s just over the top and out of hand.

    These changes could end World of Tanks if implemented in this manner. Go back, rework this and do another Sandbox in another year once that work has been completed.

  38. Felipe Cifuentes

    I said no to this thing

  39. I can’t wait to turn my Turbo’d E50M into a ram beast of epic proportions

  40. I’m seriously thinking of being done with the game if crew 2.0 comes to pass. Really unhappy with the conversion system. I really enjoyed the crew leveling as it is but the skills could just get some polishing and some added versatility for some roles

  41. Premium ammo nerf can wait.

  42. Inexorablehorror

    Thanks for the great video. There is so much wrong with Crew 2.0 in this version (and I was really looking foward when they announced it in the last year with only some basic information). But one thing that another streamer mentioned and is important (bad/ugly): the conversion of your skills/XP is so bad that you are not able to even recreate the skills you had in the old srew system (as far as it is comparable), because you do not get enough points. And this is not only the case for special crews (e.g. female crew members with a zero perk). So, after conversion you have effectively less skills/perks than you already grinded and unlocked. I call this SCrew You 2.0!

  43. This makes me sick :I

  44. Oh, man… I agree with you… totally. Quo Vadis Wargaming???

  45. They aren’t compensating the xp of the crew 🧐

  46. This seems pretty similar to what WG did to WoT console that made most of the player base delete it for good. I know they are two different studios but they should look at what happened there and think about this one.

  47. I hate these big changes, quite frankly it’s not world of tanks

  48. Is it possible to quit the game twice?

  49. I bet wg developers are competing who can destroy game the most

  50. I feel as though theyll still implement this. The majority of Youtubers and players tended to not like the HE changes but according to wargaming everyone loved them and they decided to go forward with it. I feel the same will happen with this where everyone hates it but theyll say we love and shove it down our throats.

  51. I see by reading the comments that I am not alone in my feelings toward Wargaming and their behaviour regarding this game.

    10 years of participation has seen the pleasure of playing decline and the pressure to spend money increase. As Wargaming have gotten bigger and bigger the pressure has grown. This is their only truly successful title and they are throttling the playerbase to pay for their grandiose ambitions.

    I won’t pay anymore. I have reached my limit. And I have never spent more money on any leisure activity ever.

    It’s a shame because in the early days the game had a spirit of fun – but now its spirit is simply one of revenue maximisation. If this comes to pass I will no longer be contributing.

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