Crew 2.0 Postponed, New Marathon, Caliban Buff, Battle Pass Season VI | World of Tanks News

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Source: DezGamez

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World of Marathon Incoming, Crew 2.0 Postponed, New Battle Pass Season 6. World of Tanks Caliban, New Tier 8 Premium Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Update 1.15+ Patch News.

00:00 Introduction
00:30 Crew 2.0 Postponed
02:40 Players Feedback on YouTube
04:15 Announcement
06:06 Announcement Details
07:00 Caliban Penetration Buff
08:08 New Marathon?
09:22 Battle Pass Season 6 Overview
13:19 Extra Styles
13:47 Conclusion

– Faster Car (Ooyy Remix) (Instrumental Version) – Loving Caliber
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– Beauty in the Mundane (Ooyy Remix) (Instrumental Version) – Bird Of Figment
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Coming to you early with some juicy, oven fresh news about World of Tanks… Crew 2.0 is getting pushed back to 2022, Caliban recevied more penetrations for more MEMES, marathon on the horizon battle pass season 6. Let’s talk about that!

Let me know what you think about that!

in action / мир танков :
– VZ.


  1. Early news video for you today! Let me know what you think about all of those hot topics?
    ALso, here are the chapters for better guidance:
    00:00 Introduction
    00:30 Crew 2.0 Postponed
    02:40 Players Feedback on YouTube
    04:15 Announcement
    06:06 Announcement Details
    07:00 Caliban Penetration Buff
    08:08 New Tank Marathon?
    09:22 New Battle Pass Season 6 Overview
    13:19 Extra Styles
    13:47 Conclusion

    • I would like for crews in the same line to keep at least two tanks fully trained. For example, going from Panther II to E50, or E50 to E50M, since you have to pay to retrain (or grind it out), it would be ideal to have the crew 100% trained on both tanks so that we can keep playing both tanks for as long as we want. Alternatively, an option for gold would also be okay if reasonable to have tanks of the same line be fully trained with the same crew.
      Username: JeSuSiN
      Server: NA

    • The only changes on the crews they should apply are on the useless radio operator skills: why not reworking them like they did with intuition? Or at least take some weight out of the commander and giving it to the radio operator
      Username: LucaB0T

    • I want first Crew 1.5 then Crew 2.0
      Username: VSotin
      Server: EU

    • I like it, but it’s not balanced
      Username: sfarnaciucflorin
      Server: EU

    • Username:CHB08
      Crap crew they need to change the whole thing btw great video thanks for the info

  2. I would like for them to change and add new crew skills but not change the current system.
    Sideshowattraction NA server

  3. Username: ostmacka
    Server: EU

    Hope crew 2.0 dont come at all. Just dont want to re-do every tank I have in garage after playing the game close to 9 years..
    Only improvment for crew I like to see is is that the crew remembers how to drive previous tanks when you re-train them for new tanks.

  4. I don’t think the crew system needs a rework. The only thing it needs is balancing
    of the various skills and perks we have, so players will want to use them more (I liked the old intuition, but I love the new intuition perk). Another thing the system needs are some “quality of life” improvements (the things you have in mods). Another great change would be if they made it possible to use e.g. american heavy tank crew on every american heavy. But in order to do that, you would have to collect a certain amount of XP on every crew member on every heavy tank you want to use them on.

    The system does not need the rework they intended to do, it only requires some changes and improvements.

    Nickname: Svalo
    Server: EU

  5. I like some of the changes they made, but over all it’s too powerfull… They should at least make is so that the specials crew can’t boost a skill above 100% and they are just, like they are now, free skill points. That alone will make it a lot better imo.
    Azzara7 – EU

  6. Username: Arddaar
    Server: EU
    Yes, but it must not be just another cash grab

  7. I don’t hate the current crew system, I think is fine. Of course, there is always room to improve and do some tweaks here and there, but I don’t believe that it needs substantial changes, simply by adjusting the XP progression, updating the interface, and, maybe, giving some love to certain skills (?). Overall, it’s a fairly decent system.

    Danistk1 (NA Server).

  8. I would only change 2 things:
    1) there shouldn’t be 50 or 75% crews.
    2) the crew shouldn’t forget the previous tank after retraining.
    User: Patriik_HUN_
    Server: EU

  9. olssona
    server EU
    i like it , no big monny changes

  10. I have been playing with this system for a long time and I am not used to it. I don’t see what’s going on. It’s really ok from my point of view with the new system let the crew be so compatible with others who have 6 skills. If they still want to introduce it, do it in such a way that you don’t lose exp at all or be the same
    Username: vuduagiio
    Server: EU.

  11. I like crew 2.0 cause it has different builds so non tank crew will be same in battlefield, but with the same system as it now same number of crew same number of perks possible ( top 9 skills but from 2.0 perks)
    Username: Vladimir_se_zovem
    Server: EU

  12. The only changes I’d like to the crew is if they can make it so that we always have 100% crews rather than 50 to 75% and that 6th sense comes as a standard rather than to research it.
    Username: Darkrai_Dark_Void
    Server: Na

  13. No, i don’t like 2.0 crew because knowing wargaming, they will start selling crews for real currency and it will be bad for free to play players
    Server EU

  14. It would be nice to use crews in different tanks and it should not matter how much crew members each tank have. But the “old” crew skills should remain. (NO new skills/perks).
    Server: EU
    Username: Soulreaver1904

  15. It would be nice to see some changes to the crew system. It is a bit dated now and really needs a facelift, just as long as it doesn’t break the game balance lol.
    Username: warlegacy
    Server: NA

  16. No changes in Crews needed. I see this desaster at Console. No, thanks! “FLATBASEBULLET” EU Server

  17. I feel the Crew Skill UI in 2.0 Is Beautiful apart from that is really broke the game and I am glad it is not be implemented in to the game
    Username: HideousAssassin
    Server: EU

  18. They must rework it anyway. Current system has some flaws and very weak areas (grinding, new skills are useless). The new one (as a direction of changes) is a good one but need to be TESTED before sandboxing:D It looks like they create a system, tested it with common scenario and sent it to the sandbox server.


  19. I dont want to see crew changes, the game sucks even now, if they will add this one, the game will die… hopefully


  20. Branislav Jablanovic

    Nope crew 2.0 is apsollute bullshit
    Server eu,

  21. I hope they never put Crew 2.0. in the game. I can see some tweeks to current crew skills or adding one or two, giving sixth sense to all crews from the beginning is good for new players and free to play players, which is a good idea. I do think that WG is just waiting to hit us with the Crew 2.0. hammer though. I think they are postponing Crew 2.0. right now because of the problems they are having at WOW with the CC walkout. Those same CCs are saying WOT’s Crew 2.0. is a far worse version of their Captain skill rework which was very disliked in WOW and added a lot of grinding for captains skills. Once the CC PR problem is behind them WG will be at it again and Crew 2.0. will be on its way, though I hope not.
    User name: Nightshield_
    Server: NA

  22. Absolutely no to crew 2.0
    In game name: Quickunforgivable

  23. I think the crew system could use a refresher, but not in the way they wanted to do crew 2.0.
    Username: I_Muttley_I
    Server: EU

  24. Changing the crew skills system, sure why not, changing it to crew 2.0 hell nah
    sidalistrike (EU)

  25. No Thx for new crew

  26. I’d love it if the crew didn’t suddenly forget how to use the tank they were in earlier. Definitely no crew 2.0 though.
    Waff, EU

  27. No changes to the crew, I think Crew 2.0 will break the game.
    Username: 191A_PBN
    Server: EU

  28. I’m happy to see crew 2.0 postponed….
    Eu server

  29. To be honest, I’m satisfied with the crew system as it is, it is not over-complicated, easy to use. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy some changes. Maybe something to make it more likely to have more skills, because in its current state, it’s very hard to get above 5+ skills.
    Nickname: Charmelade
    Server: EU
    Cheers from Transcarpathya! Keep up the good content!

  30. Balázs Szentgyörgyi

    yes i would like to see a rework of the crew system, i especially like the free 6th sense, since i dont even have that on some tanks.
    also, it feels like having reward crew members will be more valuable and you can customize your tanks more.
    username: szbalazs2004
    server: EU

  31. The Intuition skill change was very good. Id support WG taking a look at the useless/underused skills and adjusting them. That is as far as they should go. Maybe allow a crew to drive multiple tanks but I can’t really imagine any variation of crew 2.0 that wouldn’t be a huge problem.
    ic3dcoffee; NA

  32. Louise Hamilton is still a better driver than Mazespin!

  33. Remade crew would be nice, however not, as it stands right now

    9Blackdog9, EU

  34. I only want WG to allow us to use our crews on multiple tech tree tanks… Oh and to make sixth sense free from the get go.
    User: AdmiralPride

  35. SanguineMalcontent

    Glad 2.0 is postponed, it needs serious work, not least of all the nerfing of highly-skilled crews currently possessed.

    The Caliban is going to be toxic, not necessarily even good let alone OP, but toxic.

    IGN: InfiniteSingularity
    Server: NA

  36. I really don’t want the crew to change, it’s good as is and works fine. the only thing I might want different is I did really like that 6th sense came as default and that your crew could be used in 3 different vehicles of the same nation without retraining the crew.
    user: JoeR99
    server: NA(USC)

  37. Well, the marathon is STRV K! like so ppl can c

  38. i think they just need to: remove 6th sense from all crews and give it as default, then reset all commanders and let people chose the skills again since they dont need 6th sense anymore and put crew books with 100k and 250k of xp for individual crew members avaible to purchase, with that if we have a crew member that has no skill in a 4 skill crew you can make him be at a similar level to the rest of the crew and also stop doing thing like the rinoceronte line with the t10 having one crew member less
    usr: alejandrozapataq
    server: NA

  39. I’m honestly fine with the current crew system… Yes it could be better, but the chances of them messing it up are just too great so I wouldn’t risk asking for a rework. 6th sense for everyone would be nice tho
    Username: MrTrashCanOfficial
    Server: EU

  40. Crew does need an update, allowing a crew to be put into multiple tanks without being penalized would be nice. NA server Bdoggkill

  41. Crew 2.0 has a lot of cool new stuff, yet its very confusing for even a player like me (i dont have many battles i think 15K), but the commander or whatever itll be being always 100% is something that sould be a standard. They could make the Crew Books (like 2 mil version for gold idk).
    Name: Gurkensalat_2016 [SM_AR] | Server: EU

  42. Crew rework is totally pointless. I would rather have 5 or 6 new maps

  43. There is upgrade needed, not new system, when we talk ”crew”. A lot of perks are dull or insignificant, so we need new ones… Examples:
    1. Driver – ”Hands of gold” 100% (There is 50% chance that tracks will be fixed 30% faster)
    2. Commander – ”Back-brief” 100% (There is 15% chance that crew receives double exp. after battle; WIN only) etc.
    Username: ETALON
    Server: EU

  44. I like it, but it’s not balanced
    Username: sfarnaciucflorin
    Server: EU

  45. Actuallly…. I don’t give a F*** about crew 2.0
    User: BalgassRefuge
    Server: RU

  46. I would like to leave the crew system as it is. Crew 2.0 is no go for me. user : FIFO_26, server:EU

  47. I woludn’t mind some changes to the new crew system, but nothing as radical as crew 2.0. The only thing that needs to happen is: Sixth sense & arty sixth sense free for everyone and rework some of the useless skillsm particularly the ones for the radio operator. The basics of the current crew system are still good.

    Wokkes from EU

  48. Lets just cancel crew 2.0

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